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Ergeus to Eurytele

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone

Ergeus. Father of Celaeno 2, one of the PLEIADES [Hyg.Fab.157].

Erginus 1 is the king of the Minyans who imposed a tribute to the Thebans after his father was killed by Perieres 2. It was Heracles 1 who, leading the Thebans, freed them from that opression and killed Erginus 1. Erginus 1 is son of Clymenus 2, son of Presbon, son of Phrixus 1, son of Athamas 1. He married a young wife and had by her sons, Trophonius and Agamedes 1, said to have been the builders of the fourth temple of Apollo at Delphi [Apd.2.4.11; Dio.4.10.3; Pau.9.17.2, 9.37.5].

Erginus 2. See ARGONAUTS.

Erginus 3. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Hippomedon 1 [Stat.Theb.9.305].

Erginus 4 was a descendant of Diomedes 2. He was persuaded by Temenus 2 (one of the HERACLIDES) to steal the Palladium from Argos, which he did with the help of Leagrus, who was one of Temenus 2's friends [Plu.GQ.48].

Eriboea 1 (see Periboea 2) [Dio.4.72.7; Hyg.Fab.97; Soph.Aj.569].

Eriboea 2. See AMAZONS.

Eribotes. See ARGONAUTS.

Erichaetes. A soldier of Aeneas. He was killed by Messapus, an ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.749].

Erichthonius 1. King of the Dardanians, who became, as they say, the richest of men, since he inherited both the kingdom of his father and that of his maternal grandfather. He was son of Dardanus 1, son of Zeus and Electra 3 (one of the PLEIADES); his mother was Batia 1, daughter of Teucer 2, son of Scamander 1 (one of the RIVER GODS). Others have said that his mother was Olizone, daughter of Phineus 2. Erichthonius 1 is father of Tros 1, after whom the Trojans were called. Tros 1's mother was either Astyoche 3, daughter of Simois (one of the RIVER GODS), or Callirrhoe 3, daughter of Scamander 1 [see also Troy] [Apd.3.12.2; DH.1.62.1-2; Dictys 4.22; Hom.Il.20.219; Ov.Fast.4.33].

Erichthonius 2. The lower part of Erichthonius 2's body was snake formed, as it was the case with King Cecrops 1 of Athens. Erichthonius 2 became king of Athens after having expelled Amphictyon. Some say that Erichthonius 2 was not a son of the soil bu that his father was Hephaestus, and some call his mother Atthis (daughter of King Cranaus of Athens), others Gaia, and still others Athena. These add that Athena brought him up unknown to the other gods, and that when Erichthonius 2 died he was buried in the same precinct of Athena where he had been brought up by the goddess [see more details at Envy]. Erichthonius 2 married the Naiad Praxithea 2 and their son was Pandion 2, who became King of Athens after the death of his father [see also Athens] [Apd.3.14.6-7; Eur.Ion.21; Hyg.Ast.2.13; Hyg.Fab.48, 166; Pau.1.2.6].


Erigbolus. A dancer and warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was killed by Morrheus 1, a general in the Indian army [Nonn.32.223].

Erigenia (see Eos). The Early-born [Hes.The.381].

Erigone 1. Daughter of Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra. She is said to have brought Orestes 2 to trial for the death of her parents. Yet she also consorted with Orestes 2, and they had a bastard son Penthilus 1. According to some she was so grieved because of the acquittal of Orestes 2 that she hanged herself [Apd.Ep.6.25; Dictys 6.4; Pau.2.18.6].

Erigone 2. Daughter of Icarius 2. Her father received the wine, the vine and the grape from Dionysus 2, so that he could teach men how to plant and how to use what was produced.When Icarius 2, they say, had planted the vine and had made it flourish, a goat broke into the vineyard nibbling the tenderest leaves. So Icarius 2 killed the goat, made a sack from the skin and, blowing it up, cast it among his friends, instructing them to dance around it. It is also told that when Icarius 2 showed his wagon full of wine to some shepherds, they, having drunk the wine in large quantities, were intoxicated. Other shepherds then, witnessing the unseemly behaviour that the excess of wine caused in their comrades, thought that Icarius 2 had given them poison. Because of this suspicion they killed him and threw his body into a well, although some say that they buried near a certain tree. However when the drunken party woke up, they said that they never had rested better and asked for Icarius 2, wishing to offer him a reward; but the murderers, having understood their mistake, at once took to flight. Later, when Icarius 2's daughter Erigone 2 was longing for her father, the dog of Icarius 2, called Maera 2, having come to her with howls and lamentations, took hold of her dress with its teeth and led her to her father's body. Having thus discovered what had happened to her father, Erigone 2, overcome with loneliness and poverty, hanged herself from the tree beneath which her father was buried. And after her even the dog left this life, casting itself into a well. Zeus or Dionysus 2, they say, put them all among the stars: Icarius 2 in Bootes, Erigone 2 in the Virgin, and the dog in Procyon [see also CONSTELLATIONS] [Apd.3.14.7; Hyg.Ast.2.4, 2.25; Hyg.Fab.224; Nonn.47.219ff.].


Eriopis 1. Mother, by Oileus 1, of Ajax 2 [Hom.Il.13.695ff.].

Eriopis 2. Daughter of Jason and Medea [Pau.2.3.9].

Eriopis 3. Daughter of Apollo and Arsinoe 2, daughter of Leucippus 2, son of Perieres 1, son of Aeolus 1 [Hes.CWE.63].

Eripha. See BESTIARY.

Eriphe (Eriphia). See MAENADS and NYMPHS DODONIDES at NYMPHS [Hyg.Fab.182; Nonn.21.81].

Eriphia (see Eriphe) [Hyg.Fab.182].

Eriphyle. Polynices, son of Oedipus, gave Eriphyle the necklace of Harmonia 1 as a bribe, begging her to persuade her husband Amphiaraus to join Adrastus 1 in his war against Thebes. The decision lay with her because once before, when a difference arose between Amphiaraus and Adrastus 1, her husband had sworn to let Eriphyle decide any future dispute he might have with Adrastus 1. Accordingly, when war against Thebes was proposed, being advocated by Adrastus 1, father-in-law of Polynices, and opposed by Amphiaraus, Eriphyle accepted the necklace and persuaded her husband to march with Adrastus 1 to the war known as the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. In a similar way Eriphyle received the robe of Harmonia 1 from Thersander 1, son of Polynices, and persuaded her sons to go to the second war, called of the EPIGONI [see Robe & Necklace of Harmonia 1]. Eriphyle was daughter of Talaus [see Argos] and of Lysimache 1, daughter of Abas 3, son of Melampus 1 [see Argos]. By Amphiaraus, she had children: Alcmaeon 1, Amphilochus 1, Eurydice 9, and Demonassa 4. She was killed by her son Alcmaeon 1, alone or in conjunction with his brother Amphilochus 1 [see Robe & Necklace of Harmonia 1]. Eriphyle was seen in Hades both by Odysseus and Aeneas [see Map of the Underworld] [Apd.1.9.13, 3.6.2, 3.7.2, 3.7.5; Dio.4.32.3; Hom.Od.11.326; Hyg.Fab.73; Pau.5.17.7, 9.5.15; Pin.Nem.9.16; Stat.Theb.4.211; Vir.Aen.6.446].

Eris (Discord).


Erodius. Son of Autonous 3, son of Melaneus 6, and Hippodamia 7. It was he who took care of the horses that attacked and devoured his brother Anthus 1. Erodius was turned into a bird by the pity of Zeus and Apollo, as were all members of the family: mother, father, brothers (Anthus 1, Schoeneus 3, and Acanthus) and sister (Acanthis) [Lib.Met.7].

Eros (Love).

Erulus. The interesting thing about Erulus is that he had three lives and had to be killed thrice. He was the son of Feronia and was finally killed by Evander 2, the Arcadian who emigrated to Italy and founded a city Pallantium, on the banks of the river Tiber [Vir.Aen.8.563].

Erylaus. See TROJANS.

Erymanthe. Mother, by Berosus, of Sabbe, a Hebrew seeress [Pau.10.12.9].

Erymanthus 1. Son of Aristas, son of Parthaon 1, son of Periphetes 4, son of Nyctimus, son of impious Lycaon 2. Erymanthus 1 was father of Arrhon 2 [Pau.8.24.1].

Erymanthus 2. Son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. He was father of Xanthus 7 [Pau.8.24.1].

Erymas 1. See TROJANS.

Erymas 2. See TROJANS.

Erymas 3. A companion of Aeneas. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.702].

Erymas 4. See TROJANS.

Erymus. One of the Dolionians, the people of northwestern Asia Minor visited by the ARGONAUTS [Val.3.194].

Erysichthon 1. Son of King Cecrops 1 of Athens and Aglaurus 1, daughter of Actaeus 1, the first king of Attica. Erysichthon 1 died childless and did not inherit the kingdom either, since his father survived him [Apd.3.14.2; Pau.1.2.6].

Erysichthon 2. Son of Triopas 2 and Hiscilla. He once cut down a sacred oak, and for that Demeter sent Famine to him, in such a persistent way that he could never be satisfied regardless of how much he ate; so finally he ate himself and died. Erysichthon 2 had a daughter [see below] [Cal.Dem.65ff.; Ov.Met.8.738ff.].

Erysichthon 2's Daughter. was sold by her own father; for his greed for food was so great that, at last, when all his fortunes had been swallowed up, he had to sell her. Finding herself in such a plight the girl prayed to Poseidon, who consorted with her and gave her the power to change her form. She first assumed the features of a man and the garments of a fisherman, recovering her former shape when her master went away. But when Erysichthon 2 discovered his daughter's wonderful powers, he determined to sell her more often and to many masters. And with each new master she changed into a new form [Ov.Met.8.843ff.].

Erytheis. See HESPERIDES.

Erythia 1. See HESPERIDES.

Erythia 2. Mother, by Hermes, of Norax, the man who led the Iberians to Sardinia. Erythia 2 was daughter of Geryon, who owned the cattle that Heracles 1 took away [see HERACLES 1'S LABOURS] [Pau.10.17.5].

Erythras 1. Son of Heracles 1 and Exole, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Erythras 2. Son of Leucon 1, son of Athamas 1. He is counted among the SUITORS OF HIPPODAMIA 3, and was killed, as other suitors, by the bride's father Oenomaus 1. After Erythras 2 Erythrae in Boeotia was named [but see also Erythrus below] [Pau.6.21.11].

Erythrius. Son of Athamas 1 and Themisto 2 [Apd.1.9.2].

Erythrus. Son of Rhadamanthys, son of Europa, and founder of Erythrae in Boeotia [Dio.5.84.3; Pau.7.3.7].

Erytus (see Eurytus 2) [Arg.1.52; Pin.Pyth.4.179].

Eryx 1. King over the Elymi in Italy, who challenged Heracles 1 to wrestle for the sake of a bull and was killed by him. Eryx 1 is son either of Poseidon, or of Butes 1 (one of the ARGONAUTS) and Aphrodite [Apd.2.5.10; Dio.4.23.2; Pau.4.36.4].

Eryx 2, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS, was in the court of Cepheus 1 at the moment of the fight between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1, and was turned into a stone when Perseus 1 showed him the head of Medusa 1 [Ov.Met.5.196].

Eryx 3. A despot in Sicania (Sicily), father of Psophis 3 [Pau.8.24.1].

Eryx 4. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Hippomedon 1 [Stat.Theb.9.128].

Eteocles 1. King of Thebes after Oedipus who would not hand over the kingdom to his brother Polynices as agreed. Polynices made an alliance with Argive chiefs and the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES broke up. In that war Eteocles 1 defended the Seventh Gate of Thebes, and the SEVEN were defeated; but since the brothers slew each other Eteocles 1 obtained what is called a "Cadmean victory". He was son of Oedipus, either by Jocasta or, as others say, by Eurygania, daughter of Hyperphas. Eteocles 1 had a son Laodamas 2 [see also Oedipus and SEVEN AGAINST THEBES] [Aes.Sev.203, 655, 811; Apd.3.5.8-9, 3.6.1, 3.7.3; Eur.Phoe. passim; Hyg.Fab.67; Stat.Theb.2.465, 11.552ff.].

Eteocles 2. A king in Boeotia, son of Andreus 1 (son of Peneus, one of the RIVER GODS), and of Evippe 3, daughter of Leucon 1, son of Athamas 1. Others say that he was son of the river god Cephisus. Eteocles 2 died childless, so the family of Almus received the kingdom [Pau.9.34.9, 9.36.1].



Eteoneus 2. This is the man who took care of Menelaus' horses in Lacedaemon. He was son of Boethous [Hom.Od.4.22, 4.31].

Ethemea. See NYMPHS.

Ethemon, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS, was an Arabian who was at the court of Cepheus 1 at the moment of the fight between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1. He was killed by Perseus 1 [Ov.Met.5.163].

Ethionome. Daughter of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS are those who were involved in the battle that followed the quarrel between Perseus 1 and Phineus 1, at the court of Cepheus 1. These were: Abaris 1, Abas 6, Aconteus 1, Aethion 1, Agyrtes 1, Ammon 2, Amphimedon 2, Ampycus 2, Ampyx 2, Astreus, Astyages 1, Athis, Broteas 3, Celadon 2, Chromis 2, Clanis 2, Clymenus 6, Clytius 10, Clytus 1, Corythus 2, Dorylas 2, Emathion 2, Eryx 2, Ethemon, Eurytus 9, Halcyoneus, Helices, Hodites 2, Hypseus 2, Idas 4, Lampetides, Lycabas 3, Lycetus 1, Lycormas, Lyncides, Melaneus 4, Molpeus, Nileus, Pedasus 3, Pelates 2, Phlegyas 2, Phorbas 5, Polydegmon, Prothoenor 2, Rhoetus 2, Thescelus, and Thoactes.

Ethodaia (see Neaera 2). See NIOBIDS.

Etias. Daughter of Aeneas. It is said that he, after the Trojan War, named the city of Etis in Laconia after his daughter Etias [see also Aeneas' Daughter 1 and Aeneas' Daughter 2] [Pau.3.22.11].

Euagrus is one of the LAPITHS. He attended Pirithous' wedding and, during the fight against the CENTAURS on that occasion, he was killed by Rhoetus 1 [Ov.Met.12.290ff.].

Eubius. See TROJANS.

Euboea 1. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had a son Olympus [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Euboea 2 was, along with her sisters Prosymna and Acraea, a nurse of Hera. Her father was Asterion 2, one of the RIVER GODS [Pau.2.17.1].

Euboea 3. It is after this heroine that the island of Euboea, off the eastern coast of Boeotia and Locris, was named [Strab.10.1.3].

Eubote. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had a son Eurypylus 8 [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Eubotes. A Theban warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was a companion of Actaeon. Eubotes was killed by Morrheus 1, an Indian general [Nonn.32.227].

Eubule. See DANAIDS.

Eubuleus. Son either of Trochilus and an Eleusinian woman (Woman 6 Eleusinian), or of Dysaules. Trochilus was a priest of Demeter, said to be the father of Triptolemus as well. Dysaules could be the brother of Celeus 1, king of Eleusis [see also Demeter] [Pau.1.14.2-3].

Eubulus. Son of Carmanor and Demeter, and father of Carme [Dio.5.76.3; Pau.2.30.3].

Euchenor 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS [Apd.2.1.5].

Euchenor 2. See ACHAEANS.

Euchenor 3. Son of Coeranus 1, son of Abas 3, son of Melampus 1, son of Amythaon 1, son of Cretheus 1, son of Aeolus 1 [Pau.1.43.5].

Eucrante. See NEREIDS.

Euctemon. Father of Damon 1 and Philogenes, two Athenians who provided ships for the voyage of the Ionians to Asia [Pau.7.2.4].

Eudaemon. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS [Hyg.Fab.168, 170].


Eudore 2. See NEREIDS.

Eudore 3. See OCEANIDS.

Eudorus. See ACHAEANS.

Eudoxa. See NIOBIDS.

Eudromus. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Eugeneios. One of the PANS who came to join Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India. The PANS are the offspring of Pan [Nonn.14.67ff.].

Eugnotus. A Theban, father of Eumelus 6 [Lib.Met.18].

Euhenus. Son of Heracles 1 [Hyg.Fab.162].

Eulaeus had recently died when his sons Agraeus 2 and Phlogius 3 armed themselves against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.26.45].

Eulimene 1. See NEREIDS.

Eulimene 2 was daughter of Cydon 1, the man who migrated to Crete where the city Cydonia was called after him. Eulimene 2 consorted with Lycastus 2 though her father had already betrothed her to Apterus. Being at war, her father consulted an oracle asking how he could get better results against his enemies, and the oracle answered that he must sacrifice a virgin. Following the oracle, Cydon 1 let cast lots upon all virgins of his people, and the fatal lot fell upon his own daughter. In order to save her, Lycastus 2 then confessed that he had been her lover, but the assembly nevertheless decided that she must die. After her death the examination of her body showed that she was pregnant [Parth.36].

Eumaeus 1.

Eumaeus 2. See TROJANS.

Eumedes 1. Son of Heracles 1 and Lyse, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Eumedes 2. Son of Melas 1, brother of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon. Eumedes 2 was killed by Diomedes 2's father Tydeus 2 for plotting against Oeneus 2 [Apd.1.8.5].

Eumedes 3 (see Eumelus 3) [Hom.Il.10.314].

Eumedes 4. Son of Hippocoon 2 [see also Sparta]. He might have been killed by Heracles 1 [Pau.3.14.6].

Eumedes 5. Son of Dolon 1 [see TROJANS]. Eumedes 5 was a companion of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.12.346ff.].

Eumedes 6. Father of Acallaris [DH.1.62.2].



Eumelus 3 (Eumedes 3) was a herald. He was the father of Dolon 1 and five girls [Apd.Ep.4.4; Hom.Il.10.314ff.].

Eumelus 4 was the first to settle in the land of Patrae in Achaea. He founded Antheia in memory of his son Antheias, who fell off the car of Triptolemus and died [Pau.7.18.3].

Eumelus 5. Son of King Merops 3 of Cos, one of the Sporades islands (now Dodecanese) off the southwestern coast of Asia Minor. Eumelus 5 had arrogant children (Byssa, Meropis, and Agron 1) who despised the gods, saying for example that they would not honour Hermes because he was a thief, nor Athena because they disliked her eyes, nor Artemis because she was out at night. So these gods came disguised to them and when the children of Eumelus 5 showed their arrogance they turned them into birds. And when Eumelus 5 protested, he was himself turned into a raven by Hermes [Lib.Met.15].

Eumelus 6, son of Eugnotus, killed his son Botres for having eaten the brains of a sheep that had been sacrificed before it had been put on the altar [Lib.Met.18; Ov.Met.7.390].

Eumelus 7. This is the man who brought the news that the fleet of Aeneas in Sicily was on fire [Vir.Aen.5.665].

Eumelus 8 (Gadeirus). See Atlantis.

EUMENIDES (see ERINYES) [Aes.Eum. passim; Eur.Ore.38; Nonn.10.33; Pau.8.34.1; Soph.OC.42].

Eumetes. Son of impious Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Eumolpe. See NEREIDS.

Eumolpus 1. Son of Poseidon and Chione 1, daughter of Boreas 1 [see WINDS]. Eumolpus 1 was thrown into the sea by his mother and brought up by Benthesicyme, daughter of Poseidon. Later he cleansed Heracles 1 for having slaughtered the CENTAURS and initiated him at Eleusis. Benthesicyme's husband gave him one of his two daughters, and Ismarus 2 and Ceryx are his sons perhaps by this girl. He fought on the side of the Eleusinians in their war against the Athenians, being killed in battle by Erechtheus. It was Naus, a grandson of Eumolpus 1, who introduced the Eleusinian Mysteries in Arcadia [Apd.2.5.12, 3.15.4; Hyg.Fab.46; Pau.1.38.3].

Eumolpus 2 is the flute player who falsely witnessed against Tenes, when he was accused of seducing his father's second wife. For this reason Tenes was banished, but when later the truth was discovered Tenes' father Cycnus 1 had Eumolpus 2 stoned to death [Apd.Ep.3.24].

Eumon. Son of impious Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Eunaeus. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Capaneus [Stat.Theb.7.649ff.].

Euneus 1. King of Lemnos remembered for having sent cargoes of wine for the Achaeans during the Trojan War. He is also said to have taken part in the chariot-race at Opheltes 1's funeral games [see SEVEN AGAINST THEBES]. Euneus 1 is son of Jason and Hypsipyle [Apd.1.9.17; Hom.Il.7.465ff.; QS.4.383; Stat.Theb.6.343, 6.464; Strab.1.2.38].

Euneus 2. Son of Clytius 12, son of Aeolus 4. He was a warrior in Aeneas' army in Italy. He was killed by Camilla [Vir.Aen.11.666].

Euneus 3. An Athenian, brother of Thoas 11 and Solois [see also Solois] [Plu.The.26.3-5].

Eunice. See NEREIDS.

Eunomia. See HORAE.

Eunomus 1 (Eurynomus 4) is remembered for having been accidentally killed by Heracles 1, with a blow of his knuckles. He was son of Architeles 2 [Apd.2.7.6].

Eunomus 2. King of Sparta after his father Prytanis 2, son of Eurypon. He was father of Polydectes 2 [see also Sparta] [Pau.3.7.2].

Eupalamus. Son either of Metion 1, or of King Erechtheus of Athens and Praxithea 4. Daedalus is sometimes called son of Eupalamus and Alcippe 2. Eupalamus is also called father of Metiadusa and Perdix, and at other times father of Metion 1, otherwise known as his own father [Apd.3.15.5, 3.15.8; Dio.4.76.1].

Eupeithes accused Odysseus of the death of his son Antinous 2 and the SUITORS OF PENELOPE, and having risen in arms against him was killed by Laertes [Hom.Od.1.383, 24.422, 24.520].

Eupetale. One of the nurses of Dionysus 2 who followed him in his Indian campaign [Nonn.14.219ff., 20.30].

Eupheme 1. One of the nurses of Zeus and the nurse of the MUSES [see also CONSTELLATIONS]. Eupheme 1 is mother, by Pan, of Crotus [Hyg.Ast.2.27; Hyg.Fab.224; Pau.9.29.5].

Eupheme 2. See DANAIDS.


Euphemus 2. See TROJAN LEADERS.

Euphemus 3. Father of Eurybatus [Lib.Met.8].

Euphemus 4. Son of Poseidon and Celaeno 2, one of the PLEIADES [Hyg.Fab.157].

Euphetes. King from Ephyre (a place near the river Selleis in the Troad) who received Phyleus 1 and gave him a corselet as a present, which later saved Meges 1's life at Troy [Hom.Il.15.532ff.].

Euphorbus. See TROJANS.

Euphorion (see Phormion) [Hdt.6.127].

Euphranor is (approaching historical times) the grandfather of the celebrated sage Pythagoras. He was son of Hippasus 8 and father of Mnesarchus [Pau.2.13.2].

Euphrates. See RIVER GODS.

Euphrosyne. See CHARITES.

Eupinytus. See NIOBIDS.

Eupolemia. Daughter of Myrmidon, and mother by Hermes of Aethalides 1 [Hyg.Fab.14].

Eupompe. See NEREIDS.

Euporia. See HORAE.


Europas is remembered for having made, with his brothers, hero-shrines of his ancestors. He was son of Hyraeus, son of Aegeus 2, son of Oeolycus, son of Theras, son of Autesion 1, son of Tisamenus 1, son of Thersander 1, son of Polynices, son of Oedipus [Pau.3.15.8].

Europe 1. Mother by Danaus 1, of Automate, Amymone 1, Agave 3, and Scaea [see DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

Europe 2. Daughter of Tityus, son either of Zeus and Elare, or of Gaia. She is mother, by Poseidon, of Euphemus 1 [Hyg.Fab.14; Pin.Oly.4.46].

Europe 3. See OCEANIDS.

Europome. See DANAIDS.

Europs 1. Son of Aegialeus 2, the first inhabitant of Sicyon. Europs 1 is father of Telchis and Hermion [see also Europs 2] [Pau.2.5.6, 2.34.4].

Europs 2. Son of Phoroneus, either by Cerdo, or by Teledice, or by Cinna. He is called father of Hermion [see also Europs 1] [Apd.2.1.1;Hyg.Fab.145; Pau.2.21.1, 2.34.4].

Eurotas succeeded Myles as king of the Lacedaemonians and was himself succeeded by Lacedaemon. Some have said that Myles was his father, but others say that Eurotas was son of Lelex 2 and Cleocharia. Eurotas is father of Sparta and Tiasa [see also the city of Sparta] [Apd.3.10.3; Pau.3.1.1, 3.18.6].

Eurus. See WINDS.


Euryale 1. One of the GORGONS, daughters either of Phorcus and Ceto 1 or of Gorgon and Ceto 1. Euryale 1 was immortal [see also Medusa 1] [Apd.1.2.6, 2.4.2; Hyg.Fab.Pre; Nonn.25.58].

Euryale 2. Daughter of Minos 2, and mother, by Poseidon, of Orion [Apd.1.4.3; Hes.Ast.4; Hyg.Ast.2.34].

Euryale 3. See AMAZONS.




Euryalus 4. Son of Melas 1, brother of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon. Euryalus 4 was killed by Diomedes 2's father Tydeus 2 for plotting against Oeneus 2 [Apd.1.8.5].

Euryalus 5. A young Phaeacian nobleman, who competed in the games arranged to honour Odysseus when he visited the Phaeacians. Euryalus 5 was son of Naubolus 2 [Hom.Od.8.111].

Euryalus 6 was the third suitor of Hippodamia 3. Like other SUITORS OF HIPPODAMIA 3, he was killed by the bride's father Oenomaus 1 [see also Pelops 1] [Pau.6.21.10].

Euryalus 7. Euryalus 7 was son of Opheltes 4, an experienced soldier. He is known for being the lover of Nisus 3 and for having participated in the games held by Aeneas in Sicily. He was killed by Volscens, one of the Rutulians, soldiers of Turnus, the man who resisted Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.5.294, 9.201, 9.433].

Euryalus 8. See CYCLOPES.

Euryalus 9. Son of Odysseus and Evippe 5, a woman of Epirus (the Adriatic coastal region of Greece between the Ambracian Gulf and Illyria [Albania]). When he was a grown-up man his mother sent him to Ithaca to meet his father, but Penelope, having learned of her husband's affair with Evippe 5, persuaded Odysseus, before he knew the facts of the case, to kill Euryalus 9, whom Odysseus thought to be engaged in a plot against him [Parth.3.1-3].

Euryanassa 1. Daughter of Hyperphas, and mother, by Minyas, of Clymene 3 [Hes.CWE.84].

Euryanassa 2. Mother by Tantalus 1 of Pelops 1 [Plu.PS.33].


Eurybatus offered himself to be sacrificed to Lamia 2 (a monster devastating the country of the Delphians) in the place of Alcyoneus 2, and killed the beast. He was the son of Euphemus 3 [Lib.Met.8].

Eurybia 1. Daughter of Pontus and Gaia, and mother by Crius 1 of Astraeus 1, Pallas 1, and Perses 1 [see also TITANS] [Apd.1.2.2-6; Hes.The.239, 375].

Eurybia 2. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had a son Polylaus [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Eurybia 3. See AMAZONS.

Eurybius 1. Son of Neleus and Chloris 1. He was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.1.9.9, 2.7.3].

Eurybius 2. Son of Eurystheus and Antimache. He was killed in battle by the Athenians [Apd.2.8.1, 3.9.2].

Eurybius 3. One of the commanders of the CENTAURS HORNED who joined Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India [see also BESTIARY] [Nonn.14.186ff.].

Eurycapys. Son of Heracles 1 and Clytippe, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Euryclia. The servant whom Laertes had procured for the price of twenty oxen. She was the nurse of Odysseus and Telemachus. Euryclia was daughter of Ops 2, son of Pisenor 4 [Hom.Od.1.429ff.; Strab.14.1.23].

Eurycoon. See TROJANS.

Eurycyda. Daughter of Endymion, either by Asterodia 2, or by Chromia, or by Hyperippe 2. Eurycyda consorted with Poseidon, and had a son Eleius 1 by the god [see also Elis] [Pau.5.1.4, 5.1.8-9].

Eurydamas 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS [Apd.2.1.5].

Eurydamas 2. See ARGONAUTS.

Eurydamas 3. A reader of dreams and an old man at the time of the Trojan War. He was the father of Polyidus 3 and Abas 5 [Hom.Il.5.148].


Eurydamas 5. See TROJANS.

Eurydamas 6. See ACHAEANS and WOODEN HORSE.

Eurydice 1. Mother by King Lycurgus 3 of Nemea, of Opheltes 1 [see also SEVEN AGAINST THEBES] [Apd.1.9.14; Stat.Theb.4.136].

Eurydice 2. Daughter of Lacedaemon and mother, by Acrisius, of Danae [Apd.2.2.2].

Eurydice 3. See DANAIDS.

Eurydice 4. See NEREIDS.

Eurydice 5. Wife of Orpheus and mother by him of Musaeus. When Eurydice 5 died, bitten by a snake, Orpheus went down to the Underworld to bring her up. Hades promised to let her go if on the way Orpheus would not turn round. But since he disobeyed and turn round seeing his wife, she turned back to the Underworld [Apd.1.3.2; Dio.4.25.1].

Eurydice 6. Daughter of Adrastus 2 and mother by Ilus 2 of King Laomedon 1 of Troy [Apd.3.12.3].

Eurydice 7. Mother, by Neleus, of Thrasymedes 2 [Hyg.Fab.97].

Eurydice 8. The eldest of Clymenus 4's daughters. She is the wife of Nestor and therefore should be the mother of his children: Pisidice 3, Polycaste 2, Perseus 2, Stratichus, Aretus 2, Echephron 2, Pisistratus 1, Antilochus, and Thrasymedes 1 [Apd.1.9.9; Hom.Od.3.452].

Eurydice 9. Daughter of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle [Pau.5.17.7].

Eurydice 10. Mother, by Aeneas, of Ascanius 2 and Etias [Pau.3.22.10, 10.26.2].

Eurydice 11. Daughter of Pelops 1 and Hippodamia 3, and mother, by Electryon 1, of Alcmena [Dio.4.9.1].

Eurydice 12. Wife of Creon 2 and mother, by him, of Haemon 1 and Megareus 1. She committed suicide on learning of Haemon 1's death [Soph.Ant.1180, 1300 and passim].

Eurygania. Daughter of Hyperphas and, according to some, wife of Oedipus and mother of his children: Ismene 2, Antigone 2, Polynices, and Eteocles 1 [Apd.3.5.8-9].

Euryleon 1 (see Ascanius 2). Euryleon 1 was renamed Ascanius 2 [DH.1.65.1].

Euryleon 2. Son of Aeneas [but see also Euryleon 1] [DH.1.72.1].

Eurylochus 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS [Apd.2.1.4-5].

Eurylochus 2. See SUITORS OF PENELOPE.

Eurylochus 3. This is the companion of Odysseus who reported to him the enchantments of Circe [Apd.Ep.7.15ff.; Hom.Od.10.232ff.; Pau.10.29.1].

Eurymachus 1. The fourth suitor of Hippodamia 3. Like other SUITORS OF HIPPODAMIA 3 he was killed by the bride's father Oenomaus 1 [see also Pelops 1] [Pau.6.21.10].

Eurymachus 2. See SUITORS OF PENELOPE.

Eurymachus 3. Son of Antenor 1 and Theano 2. He was Polyxena 1's betrothed [Pau.10.27.3; QS.11.130, 14.323].

Eurymachus 4. See ACHAEANS.

Eurymachus 5. See ACHAEANS and WOODEN HORSE.

Eurymede 1. Mother by Glaucus 1 of Bellerophon and Deliades [Apd.1.9.3, 2.3.1].

Eurymede 2. Daughter of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon and Althaea. This is one of the sisters of Meleager that are called MELEAGRIDS and who, grieving much the death of their brother, were turned into birds by Artemis [Lib.Met.2].

Eurymedon 1. See ARGONAUTS.

Eurymedon 2 is said to have once been king of the GIANTS. But he brought destruction on his people and was himself destroyed. He had a daughter Periboea 1 [Hom.Od.7.56ff.].

Eurymedon 3. Son of Minos 2 and his concubine Paria. He lived in the island of Paros (one of the Cyclades islands well known for its marble) and was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.5.9, 3.1.2].

Eurymedon 4. See ACHAEANS.

Eurymedon 5 fought in the Indian War and fled when attacked by Orontes 2. He is the son of Hephaestus and Cabiro, daughter of Proteus 2. Eurymedon 5 is counted among the CABIROI [see CORYBANTES] [Nonn.14.21, 17.195].

Eurymedon 6. Defender of the Hypsistan gate at Thebes during the war of the SEVEN. He is the son of Faunus 1 (sometimes identified with Pan) [Stat.Theb.7.262, 8.356, 11.32].

Eurymedusa 1. The chambermaid from Aperaea who looked after Nausicaa [Hom.Od.7.8].

Eurymedusa 2. Daughter of Cletor. Zeus consorted with her in the shape of an ant, and she gave birth to Myrmidon [Clem.EG.2.34p.].

Eurymenes 1. Son of Neleus and Chloris 1. He was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.1.9.9, 2.7.3].

Eurymenes 2. See TROJANS.

Eurymus. Father of Telemus, one of the SEERS [Hom.Od.9.509].

Eurynome 1. Mother by King Lycurgus 2 of Arcadia of Amphidamas 1, Epochus, Ancaeus 1, and Iasus 1 [Apd.3.9.2].

Eurynome 2. Daughter of Iphitus 3 and mother, by Talaus, of Adrastus 1, the leader of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES [Hyg.Fab.70].

Eurynome 3. See OCEANIDS.

Eurynome 4. A housekeeper of Odysseus, who wished death to the SUITORS OF PENELOPE [Hom.Od.17.495].

Eurynome 5. Mother by the Persian Orchamus of Leucothoe 2, whom Helius loved [Ov.Met.4.208ff.].

Eurynome 6. Daughter of King Nisus 1 of Megara. She consorted with Poseidon and gave birth to Bellerophon [Hes.CWE.7; Hyg.Fab.157].

Eurynome 7. A woman from Lemnos, whom Pheme, in the shape of Neaera 5, visited, telling her that her husband Codrus 2 had taken a Thracian wife [Val.2.136ff.].


Eurynomus 2. See CENTAURS.

Eurynomus 3. One of the demons in Hades, who eats off all the flesh of the corpses, leaving only the bones [see also Underworld] [Pau.10.28.7].

Eurynomus 4 (see Eunomus 1) [Dio.4.36.2].

Eurynomus 5. Father of Orsinome [Dio.4.69.2].

Eurynomus 6. See TROJANS.

Euryopes. Son of Heracles 1 and Terpsicrate, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Euryphaessa (see Thia) [Hom.Hel.31.4].

Eurypon. King of Sparta. He reached such renown that his house changed name from Proclides to Eurypontides. He is the son either of Sous or of Procles 2. Sous himself is son of Procles 2, son of Aristodemus, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1. Eurypon had a son Prytanis 2 [Pau.3.7.1; Strab.8.5.5].

Eurypyle 1. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She became mother, by Heracles 1, of Archedicus [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Eurypyle 2. See MAENADS.




Eurypylus 4. Son of Poseidon and Astypalea, and father of Chalciope 3. He was King of Cos and was slain by Heracles 1 when the latter, on his return from Troy, attacked the island, taking the city by night [Apd.2.7.1; 2.7.7ff.].

Eurypylus 5. See HERACLIDES.

Eurypylus 6. See TROJAN LEADERS.

Eurypylus 7 is said to have been the one who received the cursed chest under the expedition of Heracles 1 against Troy, otherwise attributed to Eurypylus 1. Eurypylus 7 is son of Dexamenus 1 [Pau.7.19.9].

Eurypylus 8. Son of Heracles 1 and Eubote, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Eurysaces was an infant at the time of the Trojan War. Later he became an Athenian. He is the son of Ajax 1 and Tecmessa 1, daughter of Teleutas. Eurysaces is father of Philaeus 1 [Pau.1.35.2; Plu.Alc.1.1; Plu.Sol.10.2; Soph.Aj.341 and passim].

Eurysthenes 1. See HERACLIDES.

Eurysthenes 2. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS [Hyg.Fab.168, 170].



Euryte 1. See NYMPHS.

Euryte 2. Daughter of Hippodamas 1, son of Achelous, one of the RIVER GODS. She was wife of Porthaon and mother of Oeneus 2, Agrius 3, Alcathous 1, Melas 1, Leucopeus, Sterope 2, and Lacoon [Apd.1.7.10; Hyg.Fab.14].

Eurytele. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had a son Leucippus 3 [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].