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Eurythemis to Hecale

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone

Eurythemis. Daughter of Cleoboea and mother of Thestius 1's children: Althaea, Leda, Hypermnestra 2, Iphiclus 2, Evippus 1, Plexippus 1, Eurypylus 2, Prothous 5, Cometes 5 [Apd.1.7.10; Pau.8.45.7].

Eurytion 1 participated in the games held by Aeneas in Sicily. He was son of Lycaon 3 [Vir.Aen.5.495].


Eurytion 3. See CENTAURS.

Eurytion 4. Herdsman of Geryon killed by Heracles 1 [see HERACLES 1'S LABOURS] [Apd.2.5.10].

Eurytion 5. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Parthenopaeus [Stat.Theb.9.749].

Eurytius. Son of Sparton 3 and father of Galatea 2 [Lib.Met.17].



Eurytus 3. Father of Hippasus 1, one of the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS.

Eurytus 4. This is the prince of Oechalia who received a bow from Apollo, that became, through Iphitus 1, Odysseus' bow. He was son of Melaneus 5, and his mother was either Oechalia or Stratonice 3. By his first wife he had a most beautiful girl called Dryope 1. Then he married Antiope 2, daughter of Pylo, son of Naubolus 4, having many children by her: Iphitus 1, Clytius 1, Toxeus 4, Molion 1, Didaeon, and Deioneus 4. Eurytus 4 was a skilful archer, and believing himself invincible he challenged Apollo, but the god, angry at his arrogance slew him. But others say that Eurytus 4 was killed by Heracles 1, being so punished perhaps for not having accepted the compensation for the death of Iphitus 1 that Heracles 1 had offered him. So Heracles 1 pillaged Oechalia, killed Eurytus 4 (the man that had once trained him in archery), and took his daughter Iole captive. It is also told that after Heracles 1 finished his LABOURS, he came to Oechalia to compete in archery for the hand of Iole; he won and yet he was refused the bride by Eurytus 4 and his sons (except Iphitus 1 who said that Iole should be given to Heracles 1), on the ground that he could once more kill his offspring as he had done to his children by Megara. Shortly after some cattle were stolen by the notorious thief Autolycus 1, and Heracles 1 was held responsible; but Iphitus 1 did not believe it and, having gone to meet him, he invited him to seek the cattle with him. Heracles 1 promised to do so but suddenly he went mad again and he threw Iphitus 1 from the walls of Tiryns killing him. He later offered compensation for this death but Eurytus 4 rejected it [Apd.2.6.1, 2.7.7; Arg.1.86; Dio.4.37.5; Hes.CWE.79; Hom.Od.8.224, 21.10ff.; Hyg.Fab.14, 31; Ov.Met.9.329; Pau.4.3.10, 4.33.5; Plu.The.8.3].


Eurytus 6. Son of Hippocoon 2. Like many of his brothers he was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.7.3, 3.10.5].

Eurytus 7. See GIANTS.

Eurytus 8. See CENTAURS.

Eurytus 9, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS, was in the court of Cepheus 1 during the fight between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1, and having fought against the latter was killed by him. He was son of Actor 9 [Ov.Met.5.79ff.].

Eurytus 10. King of Caria (southwestern region of Asia Minor), and father of Eidothea 3 [Lib.Met.30].

Eurytus 11. Father of Clonus [Vir.Aen.10.499].

Eusiros. Son of Poseidon, and father by the nymph Eidothea 2, of Cerambus [Lib.Met.22].

Eusorus. Father of Acamas 2, Aenete, and Cyzicus [Apd.Ep.3.34; Arg.1.949; Hyg.Fab.16].

Eustyoche. Wife of Phyleus 1 (one of the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS), and mother of Meges 1 (counted among the ACHAEAN LEADERS) [Hyg.Fab.97].

Euterpe. See MUSES.

Euthymus. The pugilist who defeated Polites 2 [Strab.6.1.5].

Euthys. Father of the Spartan Charmidas [Pau.3.2.7].

Eutiches. Son of Hippocoon 2. Like many of his brothers he was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.7.3, 3.10.5].

Euxanthius. Son of Minos 2 and Dexithea 1 [Apd.3.1.2].

Evadne 1. Daughter of Strymon 1 (one of the RIVER GODS) and Neaera 1. Wife of Argus 5 (king of what became Argos), and mother of his children: Ecbasus, Piras 1, Epidaurus, Criasus 1, and Phorbas 1 [Apd.2.1.2; Pau.2.16.1].

Evadne 2. Daughter either of King Iphis 1 of Argos, or of Phylacus 1, son of Deion, son of Aeolus 1. She was married to Capaneus, one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES, with whom she had a son Sthenelus 2, later found among the EPIGONI, the SUITORS OF HELEN, the ACHAEAN LEADERS, and among those who hid inside the WOODEN HORSE. In a remembered gesture of heroic love, Evadne 2 threw herself on the pyre of her husband and was burned with him [Apd.3.7.1; Eur.Supp.1070 and passim; Hyg.Fab.97, 243; Prop.1.15.21; QS.10.481].

Evadne 3. Daughter of Poseidon and Pitana, but brought up by King Aepytus 3 of Arcadia. Evadne 3 consorted with Apollo and had, by this god, a son Iamus, one of the SEERS [Pin.Oly.6.28ff.].

Evaechme 1. Daughter of Megareus 2 and Iphinoe 3, daughter of King Nisus 1 of Megara. Evaechme 1 is the second wife of Alcathous 3, son of Pelops 1 [for their offspring see Alcathous 3] [Pau.1.39.6, 1.43.4].

Evaechme 2. Daughter of Hyllus 1 (son of Heracles 1) and Iole. She was married to Polycaon 2, son of Butes 1, the one of the ARGONAUTS whom Aphrodite loved [Pau.4.2.1].

Evaemon 1. Son of Ormenus 3, son of Cercaphus 2, son of Aeolus 1. He is father of Eurypylus 1 (one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS) by Opis 2 [Apd.3.10.8; Hyg.Fab.97; Strab.9.5.18].

Evaemon 2. Son of impious Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Evaemon 3. See Atlantis.

Evagoras 1. Son of Priam 1 [Apd.3.12.5; Hyg.Fab.90].

Evagoras 2. Son of Neleus and Chloris 1 killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.1.9.9, 2.7.3].

Evagore. See NEREIDS.

Evander 1. Son of Priam 1 [Apd.3.12.5; Hyg.Fab.90].

Evander 2. This man, called the wisest among the Arcadians, emigrated to Italy where he founded a city Pallantium, on the banks of the river Tiber. He was the son of Hermes and Carmentis, a nymph skilled in the art of divination. Evander 2 married Carmenta and had a son Pallas 6 who became an ally of Aeneas in Italy. He also had a daughter Lavinia 1 who bore Heracles 1 a son Pallas 7 who died before he reached puberty and after whom Pallantium was called [DH.1.32.1; Ov.Fast.1.471ff., 1.521, 4.65, 5.90; Pau.8.43.2; Vir.Aen.8.52, 8.104, 8.336, 8.511].

Evander 3 succeeded his father Sarpedon 1, son of Zeus, in the kingship of Lycia. He married Deidamia 2, daughter of Bellerophon, and had by her a son Sarpedon 3 [Dio.5.79.3].

Evandre. See AMAZONS.

Evanippe. Mother, by Hippomedon 1, of Polydorus 1, counted among the EPIGONI [Hyg.Fab.71].

Evanthes 1. Son of Oenopion 1, son of Ariadne. He had a son Maron 1 [Dio.5.79.2; Hes.CWE.86; Hom.Od.9.197; Pau.7.4.8].

Evanthes 2. A Phrygian who fought on Aeneas' side in Italy. He was killed by Mezentius, king of the Etruscans [Vir.Aen.10.697].

Evarete. Daughter of King Acrisius of Argos. She married King Oenomaus 1 of Pisa and had a daughter Hippodamia 3 who became the wife of Pelops 1 [Hyg.Fab.84].

Evarne. See NEREIDS.

Evenor 1. Father of Liocritus 2, one of the SUITORS OF PENELOPE [Hom.Od.2.242].

Evenor 2. See ACHAEANS.

Evenor 3. See TROJANS.

Evenor 4. See Atlantis and AUTOCHTHONOUS.

Evenorides 1. See SUITORS OF PENELOPE.

Evenorides 2. See SUITORS OF PENELOPE.

Evenus 1. See RIVER GODS.

Evenus 2. Son either of Ares and Demonice (daughter of Agenor 6, son of Peluron, son of Aetolus 2, son of Endymion, king of Elis); or of Ares and Sterope 3, one of the PLEIADES; or of Heracles 1. He had, by Alcippe 5 (daughter of King Oenomaus 1 of Pisa, and therefore sister of Hippodamia 3, the wife of Pelops 1) a daughter Marpessa 1, whom King Idas 2 of Messenia abducted and married. When Evenus 2 could not catch Idas 2, who had carried off Marpessa 1, he threw himself into the river Lycormas which is called Evenus after him [Apd.1.7.7-8; Hyg.Fab.242; Plu.PS.40; Prop.1.3.18].

Evenus 3. King of Lyrnessus after Selepus, his father. He had two sons: Mynes 2 and Epistrophus 3 [see also Briseis] [Hom.Il.2.690].

Everes 1. Father, by the nymph Chariclo 1, of Tiresias [Apd.3.6.7; Cal.BP.81].

Everes 2. Son of Heracles 1 and Parthenope 1, daughter of Stymphalus 1, son of Elatus 2, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto [Apd.2.7.8].

Everes 3. The only one to survive among the sons of King Pterelaus of Taphos, who was at war with Mycenae [Apd.2.4.5].

Evidea. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Evippe 1. See DANAIDS.

Evippe 2. See DANAIDS.

Evippe 3. Daughter of Leucon 1, son of Athamas 1. Mother, by Andreus 1 (son of Peneus, one of the RIVER GODS), of Eteocles 2, a Boeotian king [Pau.9.34.8ff.].

Evippe 4. Woman from Paeonia, the region in Macedonia. Mother by King Pierus of Pella, of the PIERIDES, the nine sisters who defied the MUSES in a contest of song and were defeated [Ov.Met.5.303ff.].

Evippe 5. Woman from Epirus (the Adriatic coastal region of Greece between the Ambracian Gulf and Illyria), daughter of Tyrimmas and mother, by Odysseus, of Euryalus 9 [Parth.3.1].


Evippus 2. See TROJANS.

Evippus 3. Son of Megareus 2 and Iphinoe 3. Evippus 3 was killed by the Cithaeronian lion [Pau.1.39.6, 1.41.3].

Evopis. Daughter of Troezen 2 and wife of Dimoetes. She hanged herself when her husband informed her father that she consorted with her own brother [Parth.31].

Exadius. A Lapith who fought against the CENTAURS at Pirithous' wedding [Hes.SH.180; Ov.Met.12.266].

Exole. One of the many daughters of Thespius Megamede. She had, by Heracles 1, a son Erythras 1 [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Fadus. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Euryalus 7 [Vir.Aen.9.343].

Faunus 1 (Phaunus 1). A half-goat god. Faunus 1 is sometimes identified with Pan, or else regarded as one of the SATYRS. Otherwise Faunus 1 is called king of Latium (Italy). He is counted among those who joined Dionysus 2 in his Indian campaign. Faunus 1 is son of Picus & Canens, or of someone unknown and Circe. Faunus is father of Acis by a nymph (Nymph 2 Symaethian) [see also NYMPHS and Polyphemus 2]. By Marica he fathered Latinus 1 [see also NYMPHS. Latinus 1 is the king of Latium who was succeeded by Aeneas, who also married his daughter Lavinia 2]. By Dryope 2 he became father of Tarquitus [see also NYMPHS. Tarquitus was an ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy]. By Ismenis he had a son Crenaeus 4 who was a defender of Thebes against the SEVEN [see also NYMPHS]. By someone unknown he fathered Eurymedon 6, defender of the Hypsistan gate at Thebes during the war of the SEVEN. Faunus 1 also consorted with a Hyperborean Girl [DH.1.43.1; Nonn.13.328, 37.11, 37.56; Ov.Fast.2.268ff., 5.99; Ov.Met.14.450ff., 13.750; Plu.Num.15.3; Stat.Theb.7.262, 9.319; Vir.Aen.7.48, 10.550ff.].

Faunus 2. A king in Italy who was wont to sacrifice his guests to the god that was his father Hermes. He was killed by Heracles 1 [Plu.PS.38].

Faustulus (Faustus) is the servant of Amulius who was ordered to expose the twins Romulus and Remus 1, but together with his wife Acca 2 took care of them. Otherwise he is said to be the shepherd who found the exposed twins. Faustulus was killed in the battle that followed the conflict between Romulus and Remus 1 [DH.1.87.2; Ov.Fast.5.453ff.; Plu.PS.36; Plu.Rom.3.4, 10.2; Strab.5.3.2].

Faustus (see Faustulus) [Plu.PS.36].

Feronia gave three lives to her son Erulus, who had to be killed thrice [Vir.Aen.8.563].


Fox Teumessian (see Vixen Cadmean). See BESTIARY and Amphitryon.

Gadeirus (see Eumelus 8) [Pla.Cri.113Dff.].

Gadfly. See BESTIARY.



Galaesus. A rich man from Latium who tried to mediate between the Trojan and Italian combattants (at the time when Aeneas came to Italy). He was killed in battle [Vir.Aen.7.535].

Galanthis (Galinthias, Historis) was Alcmena's attendant at the birth of Heracles 1. She deceived those who came to prevent Alcmena from giving birth and was turned into a weasel either by Ilithyia or by the MOERAE. Galanthis was daughter either of Proetus 3, a Theban, or of Tiresias [see also Alcmena] [Lib.Met.29; Ov.Met.9.306; Pau.9.11.3].

Galatea 1. See NEREIDS and Polyphemus 2.

Galatea 2. Daughter of Eurytius, son of Sparton 3. Her husband Lamprus wished to have a son and told her to expose the child if it turned out to be a girl. So when she gave birth to a girl she asked the gods to change her sex, and Leto turned her into a boy (Leucippus 6) [Lib.Met.17].

Galates, they say, accomplished great feats in war; he then became king of his land and later the Galatae or Gauls were called after him. He was son of Heracles 1 and a Celtic woman (Woman 9 Celtic) [Dio.5.24.2].

Galaxaure. See OCEANIDS.

Galene. See NEREIDS.

Galenus. See TROJANS.

Galinthias (see Galanthis) [Lib.Met.29].

Ganyctor. One of the followers of Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.40.226].

Ganymeda (see Hebe) [Pau.2.13.3].


Garamas (see Amphithemis 1) [Arg.4.1490ff.].

Gargettus. Father of Ion 2, after whom the Ionides Nymphs in Elis were called [Pau.6.22.7].

Gavius. See TROJANS.

Gela. A warrior in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Castor 1, one of the DIOSCURI [Val.6.208].

Gelanor. This is the king of Argos against whom Danaus 1 sailed from Egypt. He surrendered the kingdom to Danaus 1. Gelanor was son of Sthenelas, son of Crotopus, son of Agenor 12, son of Triopas 1 [see also Argos and DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.4; Pau.2.16.1].

Gelonus. Son of Heracles 1 and a Scythian Monster [Hdt.4.10].

Gemon. See SATYRS.

Genetor. Son of impious Lycaon 2.

Genysus. A Dolionian killed by the ARGONAUTS, when these visited that people living in northwestern Asia Minor [Val.3.114].

Gephyrus. One of the Dolionians, a people living in northwestern Asia Minor. He was killed by Peleus when the ARGONAUTS came to the country [Arg.1.1042].

Geras (Old Age).

Geres. A Boeotian who led the Ionians into Caria (southwestern Asia Minor) [see also Ionia] [Pau.7.3.6; Strab.14.1.3].

Geryon had the body of three men grown together and joined in one at the waist, but parted in three from the flanks and thighs. One of HERACLES 1'S LABOURS consisted in stealing Geryon's cattle away. Geryon was son of Chrysaor (the king of Iberia said to be the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa 1), and of Callirrhoe 1, one of the OCEANIDS. Geryon had a daughter Erythia 2 who consorted with Hermes. He was killed by Heracles 1 when the latter came to fetch the cattle [Aes.Aga.870; Apd.2.5.10; DH.1.39.1; Dio.5.17.4; Hdt.4.8; Hes.The.287, 979; Hyg.Fab.151; Pau.10.17.5; Vir.Aen.6.289].

Gesander. A warrior in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by the AMAZONS who were allies of Aeetes. Gesander was son of Voraptus [Val.6.303, 6.377ff.].

Gessithous. A warrior in the army of Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Colaxes [Val.6.637].


Gigarto. See MAENADS.

Ginglon. A chieftain of the Arachotes and Dersaioi, who armed themselves against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.26.146].

Glauce 1. See DANAIDS.

Glauce 2. Daughter of Cychreus, son of Poseidon and Salamis. Some say that Glauce 2 married Actaeus 2 and had by him a son Telamon, but others say that Telamon was her husband and that, at her death, he married Periboea 2, mother of Ajax 1 [Apd.3.12.6; Dio.4.72.7].

Glauce 3. See NEREIDS.

Glauce 4 (Creusa 4). This is the daughter of King Creon 3 of Corinth whom Jason wished to marry. But Medea sent her a bridal robe steeped in poison and she died; some say that she threw herself into a well in the belief that its water would be a remedy against the poison [see also Jason and Medea] [Apd.1.9.28; Eur.Med.19; Pau.2.3.6].

Glauce 5. One of the nurses of Zeus. See NYMPHS.

Glauce 6. See AMAZONS.

Glauce 7. Mother, by Ajax 1, of Aeantides [Dictys 5.16].

Glaucia is the Trojan girl who fell in love with Deimachus 4 when he was fighting against the Trojans at the time of Heracles 1's expedition against Troy. After Deimachus 4's death in battle Glaucia, fearing detection, fled for refuge and told Heracles 1 of her association with Deimachus 4. Later, when she gave birth to a son (Scamander 2), Heracles 1 delivered both the child and the mother to Eleon in Boeotia. Glaucia was daughter of Scamander 1 (one of the RIVER GODS) and Idaea 1 (one of the NYMPHS) [Plu.GQ.41].

Glaucippe. See DANAIDS.

Glauconome. See NEREIDS.

Glaucus 1. Son of Sisyphus and Merope 1. He married Eurymede 1 and had sons by her: Bellerophon and Deliades. Glaucus 1 was killed by his horses during a contest [Apd.1.9.3, 2.3.1; Hom.Il.6.154; Hyg.Ast.2.21; Hyg.Fab.250; Nonn.11.143; Pau.6.20.19; Vir.Geo.3.267].

Glaucus 2. Son of Priam 1 [Apd.3.12.5].

Glaucus 3. See TROJAN LEADERS.

Glaucus 4. See SEERS.


Glaucus 6. See TROJANS.

Glaucus 7 had once been a mortal fisherman (although some call him son of Nereus and Doris 1, the parents of the NEREIDS), but after chewing a plant became a sea-deity. He later fell in love with Scylla 1, who refused him. Glaucus 7 had a daughter Deiphobe who became priestess of Apollo and Artemis [see Scylla 1] [Eur.Ore.362; Nonn.13.75; Ov.Met.13.898ff.; Pau.9.22.7; Vir.Aen.6.36].

Glaucus 8 suceeded his father Aepytus 2 (son of Cresphontes, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1) on the throne of Messenia. He had a son Isthmius 2 [see also Messenia] [Pau.4.3.9, 4.3.10].

Glaucus 9. One of the PANS who came to join Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India. The PANS are the offspring of Pan [Nonn.14.67ff.].

Glaucus 10 joined Deriades, along with his father and brothers, against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War. He was the son of Aretus 4 and Laobie [Nonn.26.250ff.].

Glaucus 11. One of the Dolionians, a people living in northwestern Asia Minor. He was killed by Jason when the ARGONAUTS came to the country [Val.1.153].

Gleneus 1 (see Glenus) [Dio.4.37.2].

Gleneus 2. One of the commanders of the CENTAURS HORNED who joined Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India [see also BESTIARY] [Nonn.14.186ff.].

Glenus (Gleneus 1). Son of Heracles 1 and Deianira 1 [Apd.2.7.8].

Glychatas. A Sicanian general in Sicily who opposed Heracles 1, being killed by him [Dio.4.23.5].

Gordius. Father of Midas [Pau.1.4.5].

Gorgasus. Son of Machaon, son of Asclepius. His mother was Anticlia 3, daughter of Diocles 1, son of Orsilochus 1, son of Alpheus (one of the RIVER GODS) [Pau.4.30.3].

Gorge 1. See DANAIDS.

Gorge 2. Daughter of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon and Althaea. She married Andraemon 1 and had by him a son Thoas 2, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS. It is said that Oeneus 2 fell in love with his own daughter and had a son Tydeus 2 by her. At her death Gorge 2 was buried together with Andraemon 1 [Apd.1.8.1, 1.8.5; Apd.Ep.3.11ff.; Hes.CWE.98; Lib.Met.2; Pau.10.38.5].

Gorge 3. See MAENADS.

Gorge 4. This is one of the Lemnian women who killed all the men in Lemnos. She died when she stabbed Elymus 2 through his side from behind, till the point touched her own breast [Stat.Theb.5.207].

Gorgo 1. Wife of Aegyptus 1 and mother of Periphas 1, Oeneus 1, Aegyptus 2, Menalcas 3, Lampus 1, and Idmon 1 [see also DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

Gorgo 2. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Gorgon. Offspring of Typhon and Echidna and begetter, by Ceto 1 or by Poseidon, of the GORGONS [see also Medusa 1 and BESTIARY] [Hyg.Fab.151; Hyg.Fab.Pre].

GORGONS. See Medusa 1 and BESTIARY.

Gorgophone 1. See DANAIDS.

Gorgophone 2. This woman who is buried in Argos was, they say, the first to marry a second time. She was daughter of Perseus 1 and Andromeda. She married first Perieres 1 giving birth to Tyndareus, Icarius 1, Aphareus 1, Leucippus 2, Borus 1, Polydora 2, and Pisus. After his death she married Oebalus 1, having a daughter Arene and, some say, a son Tyndareus, who otherwise is called son of Perieres 1 [Apd.2.4.5, 3.10.3, 3.13.4; Pau.2.21.6-7, 3.1.4, 4.2.4, 5.17.9].

Gorgophonus. Son of King Electryon 1 of Mycenae and Anaxo 1. Like many of his brothers he was killed by the sons of King Pterelaus of Taphos [Apd.2.4.5-6].

Gorgus. Son of Eetion 4. He was uncle of King Periander of Corinth [Hdt.1.14; Lib.Met.4].

Gorgyra. Mother by Acheron (one of the RIVER GODS) of Ascalaphus 2, who betrayed Persephone [Apd.1.5.3].

Gorgythion. See TROJANS.

Gortys 1. Founder of the city Gortys in Arcadia. He was son of Stymphalus 1, son of Elatus 2, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto [Pau.8.4.8].

Gortys 2 migrated to Crete where the city Gortyna was called after him. He was son either of Tegeates (son of Lycaon 2) and Maera 3 (daughter of Atlas), or of Rhadamanthys, son of Europa [Pau.8.53.4].

GRAEAE (PHORCIDES). These are Dino, Enyo 1 and Pephredo, sisters of the GORGONS (daughters of Phorcus and Ceto 1) and old women from birth. The three had but one eye and one tooth, and these they passed to each other in turn [see also Perseus 1] [Aes.Pro.794; Apd.2.4.2; Nonn.25.63].

Graecus. Son of Zeus and Pandora 2, daughter of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. Those who followed Hellenic customs were called Greeks after him [Hes.CWE.2].

Granicus. See RIVER GODS.

Gras occupied the land called Aeolis in Asia Minor. He was son of Echelas, son of Penthilus 1, son of Orestes 2 [Pau.3.2.1].

Gration. See GIANTS.

Gryneus. See CENTAURS.

Guneus 1. Father of Laonome, mother of Amphitryon [Apd.2.4.5].


Gyas 1. A companion of the exiled Aeneas and captain of one of the ships [Vir.Aen.1.223, 5.118].

Gyas 2. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy; he was killed by Aeneas. Gyas 2 was son of Melampus 3 [Vir.Aen.10.318ff.].

Gyas 3. One of the Thebans who laid an ambush for Tydeus 2 when he returned from Thebes on the eve of the war of the SEVEN. Like many others in that ambush he was killed by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.2.610].

Gyas 4. A man from Lemnos, killed by the Lemnian women when these murdered all the men in the island. He was Hypsipyle's betrothed [Stat.Theb.5.223].

Gyas 5. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Amphiaraus [Stat.Theb.7.715].

Gyas 6. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Hippomedon 1 [Stat.Theb.9.305].


Gyges. One of the companions of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.762].

Gyliphus. The shepherd who found the exposed twin children Lycastus 3 and Parrhasius (sons of Phylonome, daughter of Nyctimus, son of Lycaon 2) and reared them as his own [Plu.PS.36].

Gylippus. An Arcadian whose nine sons followed Aeneas to Italy. He was married to an Etruscan woman [Woman 12 Etruscan) [Vir.Aen.12.272].

Gymnastica. See HORAE.

Gyrtius. Father of Hyrtius [see also TROJANS] [Hom.Il.14.511ff.].

Habrathoos. Reluctantly, Habrathoos joined Deriades against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War. He nursed resentment against king Deriades, because the monarch, in a fit of folly, had cut off his hair, an insult to every Indian. He joined the fight in daytime but in the hours of the night he would send a messenger to Dionysus 2 and tell him the plans of Deriades [Nonn.26.152ff.].

Habrote. A Boeotian woman, daughter of Onchestus 2, son of Poseidon. She was married to King Nisus 1 of Megara, and should be the mother of his daughters: Scylla 2, Iphinoe 3, Eurynome 6. At her death she was mourned by the Megarians [Plu.GQ.16].

Hades (Pluto 2, Orcus, Aedoneus).

Haemon 1. Son of Creon 2 and Eurydice 12. Some have said that Haemon 1 was killed by the Sphinx, but others tell that he was alive, being Antigone 2's bethrothed at the time of the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He killed himself at Antigone 2's tomb, or perhaps both he and the girl, having survived, married and had a son Maeon 1 [see also Creon 2, and Antigone 2 including additional notes about Maeon 1] [Apd.3.5.8; Hom.Il.4.394; Hyg.Fab.72; OED.3; Prop.2.8.21; Soph.Ant.1175, 1180 and passim; Stat.Theb.8.497].

Haemon 2. Son of Thoas 2, son of Gorge 2, daughter of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon. He was father of Oxylus 2 [see HERACLIDES] and Thermius [Pau.5.3.6].

Haemon 3. Founder of the city of Haemoniae in Arcadia. Son of Lycaon 2 [Pau.8.44.1].

Haemon 4. A soldier of Turnus routed by the troops of Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.685].

Haemon 5. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Haemon 6. Father of Elasippus 1 [see also ACHAEANS] [QS.1.230].

Haemon 7. The region later renamed Thessaly was called Haemonia after him. He is father of Thessalus 3 [Strab.9.5.23].

Haemonius. Father of Amalthea [for this girl see also NYMPHS, Zeus, CONSTELLATIONS, and BESTIARY] [Apd.2.7.5].

Haemus 1 is said to have offended the gods, and for that reason turned into a mountain in Thrace [Ov.Met.6.83].

Haemus 2. Defender of Thebes during the war of the SEVEN [Stat.Theb.7.644].

Hages. One of the Dolionians, a people living in northwestern Asia Minor. He was killed by Polydeuces (one of the DIOSCURI) during the battle between the Dolionians and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.191].


Hagnias. Father of Tiphys, one of the ARGONAUTS [Apd.1.9.16].

Hagno. See NYMPHS.

Halcyoneus, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS, was the Bactrian, who killed Dorylas 2 during the fight at the court of Cepheus 1, between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1. He was himself slain by Perseus 1 [Ov.Met.5.134].

Halesus 1 is one of the LAPITHS who, having attended Pirithous' wedding, fought against the CENTAURS. He was killed by Latreus [Ov.Met.12.462].

Halesus 2. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. Halesus 2, son of Agamemnon, was killed by Pallas 6 [Ov.Fast.4.73; Vir.Aen.7.723, 10.425].

Halia (Leucothea). Daughter of Thalatta and sister of the TELCHINES [see CORYBANTES]. She consorted with Poseidon giving birth to a daughter Rhode 2 and six sons. Later, having been raped by her sons, she cast herself into the sea and was given the name of Leucothea, which otherwise is given to Ino, wife of Athamas 1 [Dio.5.55.4-7].

Haliacmon. See RIVER GODS.

Haliartus. Son of Thersander 2, son of Sisyphus. Haliartus and his brother Coronus 3 were adopted by Sisyphus' brother Athamas 1 after the latter had killed his own sons. From Athamas 1 they also received a share of land (the territories of Coroneia and Haliartus in Boeotia) [Pau.9.34.7].

Halie 1. See NEREIDS.

Halie 2. Daughter of Tyllus, an autochthon. She was wife of Cotys 2, son of Manes, the first king of Lydia; by him she had sons, Asies and Atys 3, also king of Lydia [DH.1.27.1].

Halimede. See NEREIDS.

Halimedes. See CYCLOPES.

Halirrhothius. Son of Poseidon and Euryte 1, one of the NYMPHS. Halirrhothius was killed by Ares while attempting to violate Alcippe 1, daughter of the god. Ares was impeached by Poseidon and tried in the Areopagus (Athens) before the twelve gods, who acquitted him [Apd.3.14.2; Eur.Ele.1260].

Halitherses. See SEERS.

Halius 1. Son of King Alcinous of the Phaeacians and Arete [Hom.Od.6.15, 8.20].


Halius 3. See TROJANS.

Halius 4. One of the companions of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.767].

Halocrates. Son of Heracles 1 and Olympusa, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Halys 1. One of the companions of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.765].

Halys 2. One of the Dolionians, a people living in northwestern Asia Minor. He was killed by Jason in a battle between the Dolionians and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.157].

Halys 3. One of the Thebans who laid an ambush for Tydeus 2 when he returned from Thebes on the eve of the war of the SEVEN. Like many others in that ambush he was killed by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.2.574].


Hare. This hare is always fleeing the hunter Orion in the sky [see BESTIARY and CONSTELLATIONS] [Hyg.Ast.2.33].

Harmon 1. Father of Tecton 1, father of Phereclus 1, who died at Troy [see also TROJANS] [Hom.Il.5.59ff.].

Harmon 2. See TROJANS.

Harmonia 1. Daughter either of Ares and Aphrodite, or of Zeus and Electra 3. Some say however, that Electra 3, one of the PLEIADES, only nursed Harmonia 1, her parents being Ares and Aphrodite. All the gods celebrated her marriage with Cadmus, who gave her the famous Robe & Necklace as a wedding present. Before dying Harmonia 1, like her husband, was turned into a serpent and sent away by Zeus to the Elysian Fields. Her children by Cadmus are Autonoe 2, Ino, Semele, Agave 2, and Polydorus 2 [see also Robe & Necklance of Harmonia 1, Cadmus, Thebes, Actaeon, Athamas 1, and Pentheus 1] [Apd.3.4.2, 3.5.4; Dio.5.48.2; Eur.Bacc.1357; Hes.The.975; Nonn.3.375ff., 4.61, 5.101].

Harmonia 2. See NYMPHS.


Harmothoe. See AMAZONS.

Harpaleus. Son of Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Harpalicus. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Harpalion 1. See TROJANS.

Harpalion 2. A man from Lemnos, famous for his wines. He was father of Alcimacheia, one of the MAENADS [Nonn.30.194].

Harpalion 3. See ACHAEANS.

Harpalus 1. Ancestor of Patreus. He was son of Amyclas 1, son of Lacedaemon, son of Zeus and Taygete, one of the PLEIADES. Harpalus 1 was father of Dereites, father of Aeginetes 1, father of Pelias 2, father of Ampyx 3, father of Areus, father of Agenor 9, father of Preugenes, father of Patreus, founder of Patrae, the city in Achaea [Pau.7.18.5].

Harpalus 2. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Harpalyce 1. Daughter of Harpalycus 2. She was fed from the teats of cows and mares and trained in arms like a man since her father intended to have her as successor. When later Harpalycus 2 was attacked and wounded by Neoptolemus, on the latter's return from Troy, she succeeded in putting the enemy to flight, thus saving her father. Some time later Harpalycus 2 was killed during an insurrection against him; and Harpalyce 1 then hid in the woods and survived by plundering the herds of cattle until she perished during an attack by the herdsmen [Hyg.Fab.193].

Harpalyce 2. Daughter of Clymenus 9, son either of Schoeneus 4, an Arcadian, or of Teleus, an Argive. It is said that her father fell in love and lay with her and, as a result, she gave birth to a child, which she, avenging herself, killed and served as a meal to her father. Others have said that she served her father the flesh of her younger brother, whom she had killed and cut in pieces. Before this she had been betrothed to Alastor 1, son of Neleus and their marriage had been celebrated with magnificence. But when the couple was half-way on their journey Clymenus 9, changing his mind, came after them and, seizing his daughter, took her back to Argos where he lived with her openly as his wife. It is because of this outrageous treatment that Harpalyce 2 did what she did, after which she prayed Heaven that she might be taken away from mankind, being transformed into the bird called the Chalcis [Hyg.Fab.206, 238, 239; Parth.13.1-4].

Harpalycus 1. Son of impious Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Harpalycus 2. Father of Harpalyce 1 [see above]. This Thracian king educated his daughter as a man, training her in arms, since he expected her to be his successor. He was severely wounded when Neoptolemus, returning from Troy, attacked the country, but was saved through the intrevention of his daughter, who put the enemy to flight. Later Harpalycus 2 was killed during an insurrection of the citizens [Hyg.Fab.193].

Harpalycus 3. One of Aeneas' warriors in Italy. He was killed by Camilla [Vir.Aen.11.675].

Harpasus. Son of Clinis and Harpe 1. Harpasus, together with his brother Lycius 2, wished to sacrifice asses against Apollo's will and against the will of their father and siblings. But when they had taken them to the altar, the god maddened the asses, which started to devour the impious brothers, the pious ones and also Clinis. Poseidon, they say, feeling pity of Harpe 1 turned her into a bird, while Leto and Artemis, authorized by Apollo, decided to save those who were not responsible of impiety: Ortygius 1, Artemiche, and Clinis. Harpasus was devoured by his father's asses and Lycius 2 was turned into a white raven that became black at once by the will of Apollo [Lib.Met.20].

Harpe 1. Wife of Clinis and mother of Lycius 2, Ortygius 1, Harpasus, and Artemiche. A tragedy affected her family when her sons Harpasus [see above] and Lycius 2 wished to sacrifice asses against Apollo's will. The impious brothers were devoured by the asses but Poseidon, they say, feeling pity of Harpe 1 turned her into a bird [see also Clinis] [Lib.Met.20].

Harpe 2. One of the nurses of Dionysus 2 who followed him in his Indian campaign [Nonn.14.219ff.].

Harpe 3. See AMAZONS.


Harpina. Daughter of Asopus (one of the RIVER GODS) and Metope 1. She is mother, by Ares, of Oenomaus 1, whom Pelops 1 slew [Dio.4.73.1; Pau.5.22.6].

Harpocrates. The god of silence enjoining it with his finger on his lips. He was worshipped by the Egyptians. This is one of the gods in the vision of Telethusa. Harpocrates is son of Isis, sometimes identified with Io [Hyg.Fab.277; Ov.Met.9.692].

Harpyia. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Hebe (Ganymeda).

Hebrus 1, son of Dolichaon, fought on Aeneas' side and was killed by the Etruscan king Mezentius, an ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.697].

Hebrus 2. One of the Dolionians, a people living in northwestern Asia Minor. He was killed by Polydeuces (one of the DIOSCURI) during the battle between the Dolionians and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.149].

Hebrus 3. A warrior fighting in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Jason [Val.6.618].

Hebrus 4. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Danaus 2 [Stat.Theb.10.315].

Hecabe 1.

Hecabe 2. See DANAIDS.

Hecaerge. See NYMPHS.

Hecale. A priestess of Zeus in Athens. She had offered to sacrifice to Zeus if Theseus would come back safe after meeting the Marathonian Bull, but she died before Theseus' return [Plu.The.14.3].