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Nyctimus to Orthosie

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone

Nyctimus was the youngest son of Lycaon 2 or perhaps the eldest. He succeeded his father on the throne and was himself succeeded by Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. Yet others have said that it was he who was cut up by his father and served to Zeus as a meal. By an unknown woman Nyctimus had a son Periphetes 4; and by Arcadia 2 he had a daughter Phylonome [Apd.3.8.1; Nonn.18.22; Pau.8.3.1ff., 8.4.1, 8.24.1; Plu.PS.36].

Nymph 1 Meliad. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 2 Symaethian. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 3 (and 4) Hamadryads.

Nymph 5. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 6 Tritonian. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 7. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 8 Sithnid. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 9 Chian. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 10. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 11. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 12 Tarentine. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 13 African. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 14 Sicilian. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 15 Gygaean. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 16. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 17 Indian. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 18. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 19 Heliconian. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 20. See NYMPHS.

Nymph 21. See NYMPHS.

Nymphe 1. See HORAE.

Nymphe 2. Mother, by Zeus, of Saon 2, a Samothracian [Dio.5.48.1].







Nysus 1. A nurse of Dionysus 2. When the god went to India, he took the Theban kingdom for himself, but was captured by Dionysus 2 some years later [Hyg.Fab.131, 167, 179].

Nysus 2 (see Nisus 1) [Hyg.Fab.157].



Obriareus (see Briareus) [Hes.The.617].

Obrimus 1. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Obrimus 2. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Ocealus. A young Phaeacian nobleman, who competed in the games arranged by the Phaeacians to honour Odysseus [Hom.Od.8.111].

Oceanid. See OCEANIDS.



Ocelas. A Trojan. In company of Antenor 1 and his children crossed over to Italy after the Trojan War and founded a city Opsicella in Cantabria [Strab.3.4.3].

Ochesius. Father of Periphas 3, one of the ACHAEANS [Hom.Il.5.842].

Ocheus. A warrior in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed in battle [Val.6.200].

Ochimus. See HELIADES 2 at Helius.

Ochus. A Dolionian killed by Phlias during the battle between the Dolionians (people of northwestern Asia Minor) and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.148].

Ocitus. An Argive, father by Aurophites of Cycnus 4 [Hyg.Fab.97].

Ocnus 1. Of Ocnus 1 it has been reported that everything he earned was quickly spent by his wife [Pau.10.29.1].

Ocnus 2. Ally of Aeneas in Italy and founder of the city of Mantua. Ocnus 2 was son of Mincius (one of the RIVER GODS) and Manto 1, daughter of Tiresias [Vir.Aen.10.198].

Ocresia. Mother, by Hephaestus, of Servius Tullius, king of Rome after Tarquinius Priscus [Ov.Fast.6.627].

Ocreus. A warrior in the army of Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Ambenus [Val.6.251].

Ocyale. See AMAZONS.

Ocydrome. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Ocydromus. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Ocynoe. One of the nurses of Dionysus 2 who followed him in his Indian campaign [Nonn.14.219ff.].

Ocypete 1. See DANAIDS.

Ocypete 2. One of the HARPIES. See BESTIARY, ARGONAUTS and Phineus 2.

Ocypete 3. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Ocyrrhoe 1. See OCEANIDS.

Ocyrrhoe 2. Daughter of Chiron and Chariclo 2 that turned into a horse, as heaven disliked her gift of prophecy [Ov.Met.2.636-675].

Ocyrrhoe 3. See NYMPHS.

Ocythous 1. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Ocythous 2. See TROJANS.

Ocythous 3. See CORYBANTES.

Ocytus. Father of Guneus 2, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS [Apd.Ep.3.11ff.].

Odites (see Onites 1) [Hes.CWE.98].


Odius 2. See ACHAEANS and HERALDS.

Odrussa. A Colchian [Val.5.591].


ODYSSEUS IN HADES. See Map of the Underworld.

Oeagrus joined Dionysus 2 in his Indian campaign at the time Orpheus was still a little child. But this Thracian king is best remembered for being the father of the great minstrel Orpheus, whom Calliope, the eldest of the MUSES, bore him; by her he was also father of Linus 4, who taught Heracles 1 to play the lyre and was killed by his disciple with a blow of the lyre. Oeagrus, some say, was also father of Marsyas, whom he had by Hyagnis, the inventor of the music of the double pipes. Oeagrus was son either of Ares or of Charops 4, the man who told Dionysus 2 of the plot of Lycurgus 1 against him [Apd.1.3.2; Dio.3.65.6; Hyg.Fab.14, 165; Nonn.10.233, 13.428, 22.190].

Oeax. Son of Nauplius 1, his mother being either Clymene 5, or Philyra 2, or Hesione 1. Oeax, brother of Palamedes, is the man who told Clytaemnestra that Cassandra was being brought by Agamemnon from Troy as a concubine to her house [Apd.2.1.5; Hyg.Fab.117].

Oebalus 1. King of Lacedaemon and Sparta. He was son either of King Perieres 1 of Messenia (son either of Aeolus 1 or of Cynortes), or of Cynortes. His wife was either Batia 2 or Gorgophone 2. According to some his children by Batia 2 were: Arene, Tyndareus (father of Helen), Hippocoon 2, Icarius 1, and Pirene 2; but others say that he had Tyndareus, Arene, and Hippocoon 2 by Gorgophone 2 (daughter of Perseus 1) [see also Sparta] [Apd.3.10.4; Pau.2.2.3, 3.1.4, 4.2.4].

Oebalus 2. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was son of Telon and Sebethis (one of the NYMPHS) [Vir.Aen.7.733].

Oebalus 3. A Spartan in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He was killed in battle at Thebes [Stat.Theb.10.498].

Oebasus. A warrior in the army of Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Phalces 3 [Val.6.245].

Oeceus. Father of Dexamenus 1 [Cal.Del.102].

Oechalia. This is the woman after whom the country later called Carnasium was named. She married the archer Melaneus 5, and gave birth to Eurytus 4 [Pau.4.2.2, 4.3.10].

Oecleus (see Oicles) [Hyg.Fab.70, 72.]


Oeme. See DANAIDS.

Oenarus. When Theseus left Ariadne she was conveyed by sailors to Naxos (one of the Cyclades Islands) where she lived with Oenarus, the priest of Dionysus 2 [Plu.The.20.1].

Oeneus 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Oeneus 2. When Oeneus 2 was King of Calydon in Aetolia he received a vine-plant from Dionysus 2 but, while sacrificing the first fruits of the annual crops of the country to all the gods Oeneus 2 forgot Artemis. Then the goddess, angry at his negligence, sent a boar (now known as the Calydonian Boar) of a huge size and strength, which prevented the land from being sown and destroyed the cattle and the people. In order to get rid of this ravaging beast, King Oeneus 2 assembled the noblest men of Hellas, who are now known as the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS, and promised to give the boar's skin as a prize to him who should kill it. Later, after the death of his son Tydeus 2 during the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES, Oeneus 2, now bereft of children, saw his throne in Calydon shaken; it was then that Thersites and his brothers (Onchestus 1, Prothous 1, Celeutor, Lycopeus, and Melanippus 1), deeming that the time had come to take power through sedition, deposed their uncle King Oeneus 2; and being afraid of their own deeds, they also imprisoned and tormented him, apparently believing that cruelty would protect them. Having thus seized power they put their own father Agrius 3 on Oeneus 2's throne. However, Tydeus 2's son Diomedes 2 appeared in Calydon accompanied by Alcmaeon 1, the future leader of the EPIGONI against Thebes, and assisted by him seized back what belonged to his grandfather Oeneus 2. Diomedes 2 did not restore the power to Oeneus 2 because he was too old; so the king's son-in-law Andraemon 1 (for he was married to Gorge 2) became king and Diomedes 2 took Oeneus 2 with him to Argos. But in Arcadia, as it is told, Onchestus 1 and Thersites lay in wait for the old man and killed him. Diomedes 2 brought the corpse to Argos and buried him in Oenoe, called after the old king. Oeneus 2 was son of Porthaon (son of Agenor 6, son of Pleuron, son of Aetolus 2, son of King Endymion of Elis, whom Selene loved) and Euryte 2 (daughter of Hippodamas 1, son of Achelous, one of the RIVER GODS). Oeneus 2 had children by Althaea: Deianira 1, Meleager, Toxeus 1, Thyreus, Clymenus 1, Gorge 2, Ageleus, Periphas 5, Eurymede 2, and Melanippe 5. Of these Deianira 1 married Heracles 1; Thyreus, Periphas 5, Ageleus, and Clymenus 1 were killed in battle against the Curetes, and Eurymede 2, Melanippe 5 are those known as the MELEAGRIDS. By either Periboea 5 or Gorge 2, he became father of Tydeus 2, one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES and father of Diomedes 2. By a concubine (Woman 7 Concubine), Oeneus 2 had a daughter Mothone, after whom was renamed a city formerly called Pedasus. Finally by an unknown woman Oeneus 2 had a son Olenias said to have been killed by Tydeus 2 [Apd.1.7.10, 1.8.1-5; Hes.CWE.98; Lib.Met.2; Pau.4.35.1, 7.4.1].

Oeneus 3. One of the captains who supported Dionysus 2 in his conflict against Poseidon concerning Beroe 5. He was son of Ereuthalion 2 [Nonn.43.54].

Oeneus 4. Father of Perimede 3 [Pau.7.4.1].

Oenideus. King of the Cebrenians. He was the closest friend of Antenor 1 after the fall of Troy [Dictys 5.17].


Oenoclus. When the Aeanianians had been driven out of their country by the LAPITHS they came to the Cirrhaean plain under the leadership of King Oenoclus. But since great droughts befell them there, in accordance with an oracle they stoned him [Plu.GQ.26].

Oenoe 1. See NYMPHS.

Oenoe 2 was born in the land of the Pygmies and, being too proud to honour Hera or Artemis, she was turned into a crane. Oenoe 2 had married Nicodamas, and had by him a son Mopsus 3 [Lib.Met.16; Ov.Met.6.90].

Oenomaus 1. This is the king of Pisa (in Elis) who used to put to death his daughter's suitors and nail their heads to his house; for an oracle had said that he would die whenever his daughter Hippodamia 3 should marry. This is what he did: Oenomaus 1 offered as a prize to the suitors the hand of his daughter, and each suitor had to take up Hippodamia 3 on his own chariot and flee as far as the Isthmus of Corinth. Then Oenomaus 1 pursued him and if he overtook him he killed him; and only if the suitor were not overtaken, he was given Hippodamia 3 to wife. Applying this method he slew many suitors (the SUITORS OF HIPPODAMIA 3 were at least nineteen), and after killing them he cut off their heads and nailed them to his house so that all could learn how dear his daughter was to him. But when Pelops 1 came to compete for the hand of Hippodamia 3, he bribed Oenomaus 1's charioteer Myrtilus, who sabotaged the king's chariot, so that he was dragged to death. Others have said that Oenomaus 1 killed himself disheartened by grief. In any case after he died Pelops 1 took his kingdom [see Pelops 1]. Oenomaus 1 was son of Ares, either by Sterope 3 (one of the PLEIADES), or by Harpina, daughter of Asopus (one of the RIVER GODS); others say he was son of Alxion. Likewise some say that his wife was Sterope 3, whereas others say that it was Evarete, sister of Danae. In any case by one of them he had Hippodamia 3, Leucippus 4 (who loved Daphne 1), and Dysponteus (founder of Dyspontium in Elis). By other women Oenomaus 1 fathered Hippodamus 2 and Alcippe 5. It has been said that Oenomaus 1 loved his daughter Hippodamia 3 too much and that he committed incest with her [Apd.Ep.2.4-7; Dio.4.73.2ff.; Hyg.Ast.2.21; Hyg.Fab.14, 84, 253; Pau.5.1.6, 5.22.6, 6.22.4, 20.1.1; Plu.PS.40; Stat.Theb.6.346].

Oenomaus 2. See ACHAEANS.

Oenomaus 3. See TROJANS.

Oenomaus 4 fought in the army of Dionysus 2 in the Indian War and was killed by Corymbasus [Nonn.28.101].

Oenomaus 5. Father of Oenopion 2 and Staphylus 3, two captains who supported Dionysus 2 in his conflict against Poseidon concerning Beroe 5 [Nonn.43.60].

Oenone 1. See NYMPHS and Paris.

Oenone 2. See MAENADS.

Oenone 3. See NYMPHS.

Oenope. Daughter of King Epopeus 1 of Sicyon and Antiope 3. She consorted with Poseidon and bore the god a son Megareus 2 [Apd.3.5.5; Hyg.Fab.157].

Oenopion 1 sailed from Crete and settled in Chios (the Aegean island off the coast of Ionia in Asia Minor), where Orion came wishing to wed his daughter Merope 3. Oenopion 1, however, made him drunk, put out his eyes as he slept, and cast him on the beach. Later Orion was healed by the sun's rays, and having recovered his sight he hastened against Oenopion 1, but he was out of reach, since Poseidon had made ready a house under the earth which Hephaestus had constructed. Oenopion 1 was son of Ariadne, his father being either Dionysus 2 or Theseus. Oenopion 1's wife Helice 3 bore him children: Merope 3, Talos 4, Evanthes 1, Melas 5, Salagus, and Athamas 2 [Apd.1.4.3-4; Apd.Ep.1.9; Dio.5.79.1; Hes.Ast.4; Hes.CWE.86; Parth.20; Pau.7.4.8-9; Plu.The.20.2].

Oenopion 2. One of the captains who supported Dionysus 2 in his conflict against Poseidon concerning Beroe 5. He was son of Oenomaus 5 [Nonn.43.60].

Oenops 1. Father of Hyperbius 2 and Actor 5 (defenders of Thebes against the SEVEN), and also of Helenus 3 (counted among the ACHAEANS) [Aes.Sev.504; Hom.Il.5.707].

Oenops 2. See TROJANS.

Oenops 3 (see Enops 1) [Strab.13.1.50].

Oenotrus. Perhaps the youngest of the sons of Lycaon 2. He was born seventeen generations before the Trojan War and, being dissatisfied with his portion of his father's land, left Arcadia and with his brother Peucetius emigrated to Italy, where the land Oenotria was called after him [DH.1.11.3, 1.13.1; Pau.8.3.5].

Oeoclus founded Ascra in Boeotia together with the ALOADS. He was son of Poseidon and Ascra [Pau.9.29.1].

Oeolycus. A descendant of Cadmus. He did not sail with his father Theras to Thera (the island north of Crete). Oeolycus is father of Aegeus 2 [Hdt.4.149; Pau.3.15.8].

Oeonus. Son of Licymnius, the bastard son of King Electryon 1 of Mycenae. He was the bravest in running a straight course in the Olympian games. On visiting Sparta with Heracles 1 he was slain by the sons of Hippocoon 2, for having killed their dog that had attacked him [Dio.4.33.5; Pau.3.15.4; Pin.Oly.10.66].

Oeroe. Daughter of the river god Asopus [Hdt.9.51].

Oestrobles. Son of Heracles 1 and Hesychia, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Oestrus. See SATYRS.

Oetolinus (see Linus 1) [Pau.9.29.8].

Ogrylus gave his name to Ogryle, in Sardinia, founded by the Athenians [Pau.10.17.5].

Ogygia. See NIOBIDS.

Ogygus. King of the Ectenes, who were the first to occupy the land of Thebes, and from whom is derived the epithet Ogygian, often applied to Thebes. His territory was occupied by Cadmus. Ogygus had children: Eleusis, Aulis, and Alalcomenia [see also Cadmus] [Nonn.3.205; Pau.1.38.7, 9.5.1, 9.19.6, 9.33.5].

Ogyrus. General of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War [Nonn.13.416].

Oicles (Oecleus). King of Argos. He helped Heracles 1, during the latter's expeditions against Troy, where he was killed by King Laomedon 1 in battle, but others say that he met his end in Arcadia. Oicles is son either of Antiphates 3 (king of Argos before him) and Zeuxippe 4, or of Mantius (son of Melampus 1, one of the SEERS). By his wife Hypermnestra 2 he had children: Amphiaraus (one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES), Iphianira 2, and Polyboea 2 [Apd.2.6.4; Dio.4.32.3, 4.68.5; Hom.Od.15.243; Hyg.Fab.70, 73; Pau.6.17.6, 8.36.6].

Oileus 1 (Ileus 2). See ARGONAUTS.

Oileus 2. See TROJANS.

Oinanthe. One of the nurses of Dionysus 2 who followed him in his Indian campaign [Nonn.14.219ff.].


Olbus. A warrior in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Colaxes [Val.6.638].

Olen. See SEERS.

Olenias. Son of Oeneus 2. He was killed by Tydeus 2, his brother [Apd.1.8.5].

Olenius 1. A man from Lemnos living at the time when the Lemnian women killed all men in the island [Val.2.163].

Olenius 2. A Theban killed by Theseus [Stat.Theb.12.741].

Olenus 1, after whom the city Olenus is named, was son of Hephaestus and father of Helice 1 and Aex [Hyg.Ast.2.13].

Olenus 2. Father of Tectaphus 1, one of the LAPITHS [Ov.Met.12.433].

Olenus 3 was married to Lethaea, who boasted about her beauty and therefore was turned into a stone, as was her husband Olenus 3, who, although innocent, wished to share the fate of his wife [Ov.Met.10.68].

Olenus 4. A Lelegian who settled among the Dolionians, in northwestern Asia Minor. He was father of Phoceus, whom the ARGONAUTS slew [Val.3.204].

Olizone. Daughter of Phineus 2, and mother by Dardanus 1 of Erichthonius 1 (these two are ancestors of the Trojan royal house) [Dictys 4.22].

Olmus (see Almus) [Pau.9.24.3].



Olympias. In historical times, mother of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC). She was said to have consorted with Zeus [Nonn.7.128].

Olympus, father of Marsyas by Hyagnis, is also said to have been the pupil of Marsyas instead of his father. Olympus was son of Heracles 1 and Euboea 1, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.1.4.2, 2.7.7ff.; Hyg.Fab.165; Nonn.10.233; Pau.10.30.9].

Olympusa. One of the many daughters of Thespius. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had, by him, a son Halocrates [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Olynthus. Son of Strymon 1 (one of the RIVER GODS), and brother of Brangas and Rhesus 2. Olynthus died on a hunt while voluntarily closing in battle with a lion. His brother Brangas founded a city in Chalcidice which he called Olynthos after his brother [Con.4].

Omargus. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Omester. One of the PANS who came to join Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India. The PANS are the offspring of Pan [Nonn.14.67ff.].

Omphale (Iardanus' Slave) is the queen of Lydia who bought Heracles 1 as a slave, and whom he served for one year. She was daughter of Iardanus, but some have said that she was his slave. She was married to Tmolus, who gave the government to his wife at the death of her father, the king. This Tmolus is the same that judged in the musical contest between Pan and Apollo. Omphale had children by Heracles 1: Agelaus 1, Tyrsenus, and Alcaeus 6 [see also Heracles 1] [Apd.2.6.3, 2.7.8; Dio.4.31.7; Hdt.1.7; Pau.2.21.3; Soph.Tra.252, 356].

Onchestus 1. Together with his brothers wrested the kingdom from Oeneus 2 and gave it to his father Agrius 3 but later had to escape from Diomedes 2 to the Peloponnesus [see also Thersites and Calydon] [Apd.1.8.6].

Onchestus 2. After Onchestus 2, son of Poseidon, a city Onchestus was named in Boeotia. Onchestus 2 is father of Habrote and Megareus 2 [Pau.9.26.5; Plu.GQ.16].

Oncius. A son of Apollo from Oncium in Thelpusian territory in Arcadia [Pau.8.25.4].

Onesimachus. Father of Amarynceus 2, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS [Hyg.Fab.97].

Onesippus. Son of Heracles 1 and Chryseis 2, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Onetor 1. Father of Laogonus 1, one of the TROJANS [Hom.Il.16.604].

Onetor 2. Father of Phrontis 3, the steersman in Menelaus' vessel [Hom.Od.3.282].

Onetor 3. The Phocian herdsman of Peleus [Ov.Met.348].

Oniros. Dreams. See Nyx, PERSONIFICATIONS, and Hypnos.

Onites 1 (Hodites 3, Odites). Son of Heracles 1 and Deianira 1 [Apd.2.7.8].

Onites 2, son of Peridia, was a soldier of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Aeneas [Vir.Aen.12.514].

Onites 3. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War; he was killed by Corymbasus [Nonn.28.112].

Onthyrius. See SATYRS.

Ophelestes 1. See TROJANS.

Ophelestes 2. See TROJANS.

Opheltes 1 (Archemorus, Ophites 2). Son of King Lycurgus 3 of Nemea, either by Amphithea 2, or by Eurydice 1. He was nursed by Hypsipyle [see Jason], but she left him behind when she went to show the way to a spring to the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES, who had come to Nemea, and the boy was killed by a serpent or devoured by a dragon [Apd.1.9.14, 3.6.4; Hyg.Fab.74; Stat.Theb.4.741, 5.534ff., 5.632].

Opheltes 2. Son of Peneleus (one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS) and father of Damasichthon 2, king of Thebes [Pau.9.5.16].

Opheltes 3. One of the SAILORS who tried to delude Dionysus 2, but were turned into fishes by the god [Hyg.Fab.134; Ov.Met.3.581-691].

Opheltes 4. An experienced soldier, father of Euryalus 7, a companion of the exiled Aeneas [Vir.Aen.9.201].

Opheltes 5. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War that was killed by Deriades, king of the Indians. Opheltes 5 was son of Arestor 3 [Nonn.32.186, 35.379, 37.85, 37.101].

Opheltes 6. A Dolionian killed by Telamon during the battle between the Dolionians (people of northwestern Asia Minor) and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.198].

Opheltius 1. See TROJANS.

Opheltius 2. See ACHAEANS.

Ophion 1 is said to have ruled Olympus together with Eurynome 3 until Cronos and Rhea 1 replaced them. Ophion 1 fell into the waves of the ocean [Arg.1.503; Nonn.2.573, 12.44, 41.362, 41.399].

Ophion 2. See CENTAURS.

Ophites 1. Son of Heracles 1.

Ophites 2 (see Opheltes 1). [Hyg.Fab.74].

Ophius. Father of Combe 1 [Ov.Met.7.383].

Opis 1. See NEREIDS.

Opis 2. Mother by Evaemon 1 of Eurypylus 1, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS [Hyg.Fab.97].

Opis 3 (Upis). See NYMPHS.

Opis 4. One of the attendants of Artemis and the killer of Arruns 1, an Etruscan ally of Aeneas [Vir.Aen.11.533, 11.863].

Opis 5 (see Rhea 1) [Hyg.Fab.139].

Opites. See ACHAEANS.

Ops 1. Father of Melas 6 [Pau.8.28.5].

Ops 2. Son of Pisenor 4 and father of Euryclia, nurse of Odysseus and Telemachus [Hom.Od.1.429].

Orchamus ruled over the cities of Persia and was the seventh in line from Belus 2, father of Dido. Leucothoe 2, with whom Aphrodite made Helius fall in love, was daughter of Orchamus and Eurynome 5 [Ov.Met.4.208ff.].

Orchomenus 1. Father of Elare, whom Zeus loved and hid under the earth for fear of Hera [Apd.1.4.1].

Orchomenus 2. Son of Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1; Pau.8.3.1ff.].

Orchomenus 3. Father of Minyas [Lib.Met.10].

Orchomenus 4. One of the sons of Thyestes 1 and a Naiad who were cut him limb from limb by Atreus and served to their father for a meal [Apd.Ep.2.13].

Orchomenus 5. King of the Mynian Orchomenians and son of Minyas. Orchomenus 5 was childless [Pau.9.36.1, 9.37.1].

Orchomenus 6. Son of Athamas 1 and Themisto 2. He was killed unwittingly by his mother [Hyg.Fab.1, 239].

Orcus (see Hades) [Ov.Met.14.116].


Oresbius 1. See ACHAEANS.

Oresbius 2. Father, by Panacea 2, of Proteus 4, one of the TROJANS [QS.3.303].

Oresitrophos. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Orestes 1. Son of Achelous (one of the RIVER GODS) and Perimede 1, daughter of Aeolus 1 [Apd.1.7.3].

Orestes 2.

Orestes 3. See ACHAEANS.

Orestes 4. See TROJANS.

Orestes 5. See SATYRS.

Orestheus 1. Son of Deucalion 1 and Pyrrha 1 and king of the Locrians [Pau.10.38.1].

Orestheus 2. Founder of Oresthasium in Arcadia, later changed to Oresteium after Orestes 2. Orestheus 2 was son of Lycaon 2 [Pau.8.3.1ff.].

Oria. One of the many daughters of Thespius. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had, by him, a son Laomenes [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Orias. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Oribasus. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Orides. A Bebrycian who wounded Talaus, one of the ARGONAUTS [Arg.2.110].


Orithallus. A warrior of the Curetian tribe from the land of the Abantians. He followed Dionysus 2 in his Indian campaign and was killed by Deriades, king of the Indians [Nonn.36.277].

Orithyia 1. See NEREIDS.

Orithyia 2 is the daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens and Praxithea 4 that was ravished by Boreas 1, the North Wind. Having become his wife she bore him children: Calais and Zetes (two ARGONAUTS), and Chione 1 and Cleopatra 5 [see WINDS, and Phineus 2] [Apd.3.15.1-2ff.; Dio.4.43.3; Hdt.7.189; Hyg.Fab.14; Nonn.1.134, 37.160; Ov.Fast.5.203; Prop.2.26C.51; Strab.7.3.1].

Orithyia 3. See NYMPHS.

Orius 1. See CENTAURS.

Orius 2. See LAPITHS.

Orius 3. See GIANTS.

Ormenius 1. King of Pelasgiotis killed by Heracles 1. He had a daughter Astydamia 2, who had a son Ctesippus 1 with Heracles 1 [Dio.4.37.4].


Ormenius 3. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was killed by Deriades, king of the Indians [Nonn.32.186].

Ormenus 1. See TROJANS.


Ormenus 3. Son of Cercaphus 2 (son of Aeolus 1) and father of Amyntor 1 (father of Phoenix 2, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS) and Evaemon 1 (father of Eurypylus 1, also one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS) [Hom.Il.9.448; Strab.9.5.18].

Ormenus 4. See TROJANS.

Ormenus 5. Father of Ctesius 1, father of Eumaeus 1 [Hom.Od.15.414].

Ormenus 6. A soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He was killed in battle at Thebes [Stat.Theb.10.515].

Orneus 1. Son of King Erechtheus of Athens and Praxithea 4. After him the city Orneae (west of Mycenae) got its name. Orneus 1 is father of Peteos, father of Menestheus 1, king of Athens thanks to the DIOSCURI [Apd.3.15.1; Pau.2.25.6, 10.35.8; Plu.The.32.1].

Orneus 2. See CENTAURS.

Ornia. Daughter of the river god Asopus and Metope 1 [Dio.4.72.1].

Ornytion succeeded his father Sisyphus as king of Corinth. His mother was Merope 1 and he had two sons Phocus 4 and Thoas 8 [Hyg.Ast.2.21; Pau.2.4.3].

Ornytus 1. Father of Naubolus 1, father of Iphitus 2, one of the ARGONAUTS [Arg.1.207].

Ornytus 2. The Bebrycian who helped to bound gauntlets about the hands of Amycus 1 for his boxing-match against Polydeuces, one of the DIOSCURI and at the moment one of the ARGONAUTS [Arg.2.65].

Ornytus 3. One of Aeneas' warriors in Italy. He was killed by Camilla [Vir.Aen.11.678ff.].

Ornytus 4. A Dolionian killed by Idmon 2 during the battle between the Dolionians (people of northwestern Asia Minor) and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.173].

Ornytus 5. A soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He survived the war [Stat.Theb.12.142].

Ornytus 6 led a colony into Caria (southwestern region of Asia Minor) together with Ioxus [Plu.The.8.2].

Orodes fought on Aeneas' side in Italy and was killed by Mezentius, king of the Etruscans [Vir.Aen.10.732ff.].

Orontes 1. One of Aeneas' lost companions who died in a shipwreck [Vir.Aen.1.113, 1.222, 6.333].

Orontes 2. An Indian, godson of Deriades and general of the Indians against Dionysus 2. He committed suicide when he saw himself defeated by Dionysus 2. He was married to Protonoe, daughter of Deriades [Nonn.14.278, 17.168, 17.287, 26.10, 26.17, 34.179].


Orphne. See NYMPHS.

Orsedice. This is one of the daughters of Cinyras 1 and Metharme who because of the wrath of Aphrodite cohabited with foreigners. She died in Egypt [Apd.3.14.3].

Orseis. See NYMPHS.

Orses. A soldier of Aeneas killed by Rapo in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.748].

Orsiboe. The Indian woman, wife of King Deriades of India, who fought against the army of Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.35.88, 40.101].

Orsilochus 1 (Ortilochus). Son of Alpheus (one of the RIVER GODS) and Telegone, and father of Diocles 1 [Hom.Il.5.541ff.; Pau.4.30.2].

Orsilochus 2 (Ortilochus). See ACHAEANS.

Orsilochus 3. See TROJANS.

Orsilochus 4. Son of Idomeneus 1, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS [Hom.Od.13.260].

Orsilochus 5. One of Aeneas' warriors in Italy. He was killed by Camilla [Vir.Aen.11.690].

Orsilochus 6. The Argive who first invented the four-horse chariot [see CONSTELLATIONS] [Hyg.Ast.2.13].

Orsinome. Daughter of Eurynomus 5, wife of Lapithus 1, and mother by him of Phorbas 2 and Periphas 2 [Dio.4.69.2].

Orsobia. Daughter of Deiphontes and Hyrnetho [see HERACLIDES], and mother of Pamphylus [Pau.2.28.6].

Orthaea. Daughter of Hyacinthus 2 [see this name] sacrificed by the Athenians to avoid famine and pestilence [Apd.3.15.8].

Orthaeus. See TROJANS.

Orthanes. Attic deity resembling Priapus [Strab.13.1.13].

Orthaon. See CENTAURS HORNED at BESTIARY [Nonn.14.186ff.].

Orthopolis was reared by Demeter. He was son of Plemnaeus (son of King Peratus of Sicyon, son of Poseidon) and father of Chrysorthe, whom Apollo loved [Pau.2.5.8].

Orthosie. See HORAE.