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Some of those who acted as HERALDS, delivering messages, making proclamations known, or conducting negotiations 

Aethalides 1.
This was the herald of the ARGONAUTS. He was son of Hermes and Eupolemia, daughter of Myrmidon, son of Zeus and Eurymedusa 2, daughter of Cletor.
Arg.1.641; Hyg.Fab.14; Val.1.437.

Copreus was the herald of Eurystheus, informing Heracles 1 about the LABOURS that Eurystheus imposed on him. He was son of Pelops 1 and Hippodamia 3. His son Periphetes 1 was killed by Hector 1 at Troy.
Apd.2.5.1; Eur.Hcl. passim; Hom.Il.15.638ff.; Hyg.Fab.14.

Eumelus 3 (Eumedes 3).
This herald is the father of five girls and of Dolon 1, whom Odysseus and Diomedes 2 slew during the Trojan War.
Apd.Ep.4.4; Hom.Il.10.314ff.

Eurybates is the herald who attended those who tried to persuade Achilles to fight again. He was also Odysseus' squire.
Hom.Il.9.170; Hom.Od.19.247; Hyg.Fab.97; Pau.10.25.4.

Hermes is the messenger of Zeus and the herald of the gods. To him is ascribed the introduction of the sending of embassies to sue for peace.

Idaeus 1.
Idaeus 1 is the Trojan herald who came with a message to Priam 1 during the truce before the duel between Paris and Menelaus. He was seen by Aeneas in Hades.
Hom.Il.3.248; Vir.Aen.6.485.

Idmon 4.
A herald of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy.

Iphinoe 2.
The herald of Queen Hypsipyle of Lemnos. She went to the ARGONAUTS to tell them that they were welcome in the island.
Arg.1.702; Hyg.Fab.15; Val.2.162, 2.327.

Iris 1.
Iris 1 is the Rainbow, a heavenly messenger. It was she who informed Menelaus of what had happened at his home between Paris and Helen, during his absence.

The Leontides in Attica were called after him. Leos reported to Theseus the designs of the Pallantides and the ambush they had prepared against him. Theseus then fell suddenly upon the party lying in ambush, and slew them all.
Pau.1.5.2; Plu.The.13.2.

Lichas 1.
Herald of Heracles 1. It was from Lichas 1 that Deianira 1 learned about Heracles 1's love for Iole. When later Heracles 1 put on the tunic that caused his death, he, feeling how the raiment corroded his skin, lifted Lichas 1 and hurled him down from the headland into the Euboean Sea, where he turned into a rock.
Apd.2.7.7; Dio.4.38.2; Hyg.Fab.36; Ov.Met.9.211; Soph.Tra. passim.

Medon 5.
This is the herald who warned Penelope of the plot of her SUITORS against Telemachus.

Menoetes 5.
This is the herald whom Priam 1 sent to Agamemnon to ask for a truce in order to burn the dead.

Odius 2.
Odius 2 attended those who tried to persuade Achilles to start fighting again.

Periphas 4.
An old herald whose shape was taken by Apollo to address Aeneas. He was son of Epytus 1.

Herald of Dionysus 2. He was one of the leaders of the SATYRS who joined the army of the god in his campaign against India. Pherespondus was son of Hermes and Iphthime 2, daughter of Dorus 1, son of Hellen 1, son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood.
Nonn.14.106ff., 18.313.

Pisenor 5.
A herald in Ithaca, charged to place the staff in the hands of the speaker during assemblies.

Polyphontes 1.
Polyphontes 1 was the herald of King Laius 1 of Thebes. He was killed on a road, along with the king, by Oedipus.

A herald in the Achaean army. He went with Menelaus and Odysseus to Cinyras 1 in Cyprus and tried to persuade him to join the allies against Troy.
Apd.Ep.3.9; Eur.Hec.503 and passim; Eur.Tro. passim; Hdt.7.134; Hyg.Fab.97.

During the Trojan War, a herald sent by Menestheus 1 to Ajax 1 for help.

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