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Damasen to Dracius

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone

Damasen. See GIANTS.

Damasias (see Damasius) [Pau.7.6.2].

Damasichthon 1. See NIOBIDS.

Damasichthon 2 was chosen to be king at Thebes on the departure of Autesion 1. He was son of Opheltes 2, son of Peneleus, son of Hippalcimus 2, son of Itonus 2, son of Boeotus, son of Itonus 1, son of Amphictyon, either AUTOCHTHONOUS or son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. Damasichthon 2 was father of Ptolemy 2 [Pau.9.5.16].

Damasichthon 3. Son of King Codrus 1 of Athens, and colonizer of Ionia. He was killed by his brother Promethus [Pau.7.3.3].

Damasippus. Son of Icarius 1, either by Periboea 3 or by Polycaste 1. Damasippus is brother of Penelope [Apd.3.10.6; Strab.10.2.24].

Damasistratus. This is the king of Plataea (the city between Attica and Boeotia) who buried Laius 1, father of Oedipus [Apd.3.5.8; Pau.10.5.4].

Damasius (Damasias). Son of Penthilus 1, son of Orestes 2 and Erigone 1. Damasius was father of Agorius [Pau.5.4.3].

Damastes (see Procrustes) [Apd.Ep.1.4; Hyg.Fab.38].

Damastor 1. Father of Tlepolemus 2, counted among the TROJANS.


Damastor 3. Father of Agelaus 5, counted among the SUITORS OF PENELOPE [Hom.Od.22.241].

Damasus 1. See TROJANS.

Damasus 2. Son of King Codrus 1 of Athens and leader of an Attic contingent that sailed to Caria (southwestern Asia Minor) [Pau.7.3.6].

Damasus 3. A soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He was killed at Thebes by Haemon 1 [Stat.Theb.8.494].

Dameon took part in the campaign of Heracles 1 against King Augeas of Elis and was killed by Cteatus, one of the MOLIONIDES. Dameon was son of Phlius [Pau.6.20.16].

Damnameneus 1. See DACTYLS.

Damnameneus 2. One of the TELCHINES who came to join Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India. He was son of Poseidon and Thalatta (The Sea) [see also CORYBANTES] [Dio.5.55.1-2; Nonn.14.36-39].

Damnameneus 3. Woman-mad Damnameneus 3 was in love with Melis but she escaped him by throwing herself into the sea [Nonn.33.324].

Damneus. See CORYBANTES.

Damon 1 was an Athenian who provided ships for the voyage of the Ionians to Asia [see also Ionia]. He was son of Euctemon [Pau.7.2.4].

Damon 2 is remembered for having rescued his parents from the fire when Mount Aetna in Sicily began to burn. His father was Phintias [Hyg.Fab.254].

Damone. See DANAIDS.

Damophon. King of Corinth after his father Thoas 8, son of Ornytion, son of Sisyphus. Damophon was father of Propodas [Pau.2.4.3].



Danais. See NYMPHS.

Danaus 1. See DANAIDS.

Danaus 2. A soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES [Stat.Theb.10.315].

Danaus 3. Father of Argus 2, one of the ARGONAUTS [Hyg.Fab.14].

Danaus 4. Father of Phocus 2, counted among the ACHAEAN LEADERS [Hyg.Fab.97].

Danyclos. A chieftain of the Earsleepers, men whose sleep lying upon their long ears. He armed himself against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.26.97].

Daphne 1.

Daphne 2. See SEERS.

Daphneus. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Ion 3 [Stat.Theb.8.454].

Daphnis 1. A shepherd-boy of Ida [see also Daphnis 4] who was turned into a stone by a Nymph, out of jealousy [Ov.Met.4.277].

Daphnis 2. See NYMPHS.

Daphnis 3. See CENTAURS.

Daphnis 4 (Bucolus 3) was endowed with an unusual gift of song, and invented the bucolic or pastoral poem. His lover, the nymph Echenais, bade him never have to do with mortal women, saying that if he disobeyed his fate would be to lose his eyes. This happened when a Sicilian princess made him drunk and consorted with him [see also Daphnis 1]. Daphnis 4 was son of Hermes and a Sicilian nymph (Nymph 14) [Dio.4.84.2; Parth.29.1-2].

Daphoeneus.One of the PANS who came to join Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India. The PANS are children of Pan [Nonn.14.67ff.].

Daplidice. See DANAIDS.

Daraps. A chieftain in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war [Val.6.66].

Dardanus 1, grieved at his brother Iasion's death, left Samothrace and came to the country where the Teucrians dwelt, and called it Dardania. His descendants founded Troy. Dardanus 1 is son of Zeus and Electra 3, one of the PLEIADES. By Chryse 3, daughter of Pallas 8, he became father of Idaeus 4 and Deimas. By Batia 1 (daughter of Teucer 1, son of Scamander 1, one of the RIVER GODS) he became father of Ilus 1, Erichthonius 1, and Zacynthus. Others have said that his wife was Olizone, daughter of Phineus 2, and that by her he had Erichthonius 1 [Apd.3.12.1-2; Col.286; DH.1.50.3, 1.61.2; Dictys 4.22; Dio.4.75.1, 5.48.2; Hyg.Ast.2.21; Hyg.Fab.155; Nonn.3.195; Ov.Fast.4.31, 4.33; QS.2.141, 13.558; Vir.Aen.8.134].

Dardanus 2. See TROJANS.

Dardanus 3. King of Scythia and father of Idaea 2, wife of Phineus 2 [Dio.4.43.4].

Dares 1. Dares 1 is a Trojan priest of Hephaestus, father of two Trojan warriors, Idaeus 2 and Phegeus 2 [see also TROJANS]. This Dares is identified with the author of an account about the destruction of Troy [see Dares' account of the destruction of Troy] [Hom.Il.5.9].

Dares 2 participated in the games held by Aeneas in Sicily and was defeated by Entellus in a boxing match. He was later killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.5.368ff., 12.363].

Dascylus. Father of Lycus 3, Priolas, and Otreus 2 (all of them are Mariandynians, a people inhabiting an area of the southern coast of the Black Sea) [Apd.2.5.9; Arg.2.776-80; Val.4.162].

Daseatas. Son of impious Lycaon 2. The city Dasea in Arcadia was named after him [Pau.8.3.1ff.].

Dasyllius. One of the followers of Dionysus 2 in the Indian War. He was killed by Morrheus 1, a general in the Indian army [Nonn.30.188].

Datis. A chieftain, leader of the Gangaridae, in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war [Val.6.65].

Daucus. Father of the twins Larides and Thymber. They were so alike that Daucus could not tell the difference between them. These twins were allies of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.391].

Daulis. See NYMPHS.

Daunius. Son of impious Lycaon 2. Together with his brothers Iapyx 1 and Peucetius, Daunius sailed to Italy [Lib.Met.31].

Daunus. This is the king of Apulia in southern Italy who gave his daughter and lands to Diomedes 2. He was married to Venilia, and besides the mentioned daughter he was father of Turnus and Juturna [Ov.Fast.4.76; Ov.Met.14.458, 14.510; Vir.Aen.10.76, 10.616, 12.138].

Daunus' Daughter. This girl married the exiled Diomedes 2 after the Trojan War. She bore him sons: Diomedes 3 and Amphinomus 3 [Lib.Met.37; Ov.Met.14.458, 14.510].

Decelus. This is the man who revealed to the DIOSCURI that Helen had been kidnapped by Theseus [but see also Titacus] [Hdt.9.73].


Degmenus. Champion of Elis, who was defeated and killed by Pyraechmes 2, champion of the Aetolians, who thus won the kingdom for Oxylus 2 [see also HERACLIDES] [Pau.5.4.2].

Deianira 1. Daughter of Oeneus 2 & Althaea, or of Dionysus 2 & Althaea, or of Dexamenus 1, son of Oeceus. She married Heracles 1 and had children by him: Hyllus 1, Ctesippus 4, Glenus, Onites 1, and Macaria [see Heracles 1]. Heracles 1 and the river god Achelous wrestled for her hand and during the fight Achelous assumed the likeness of a bull, but Heracles 1 broke off one of his horns and married her. Later in life Heracles 1 and Deianira 1 came to a river, where the centaur Nessus 2 ferried passengers across for hire. Heracles 1 crossed the river by himself, but entrusted Deianira 1 to Nessus 2 to carry over. But the centaur, in ferrying her across, attempted to violate her. When Heracles 1 heard her crying, he shot Nessus 2 in the heart when he emerged from the river. Being at the point of death, Nessus 2 called Deianira 1 to him and gave her a love-charm mixed with the blood that flowed from his wound. Some time after Deianira 1 learned about her husband's love affair with Iole, and believing that the blood of Nessus 2 was in truth a love -charm, smeared a tunic with it and gave it to Heracles 1, thus causing his death; for the Centaur's blood was infected with the poison of the Hydra, in which Heracles 1 had dipped his arrows. Deianira 1 hanged herself, or as some say, killed herself with a sword [see also Heracles 1] [Apd.2.7.5-7; Cic.ND.3.70; Dio.4.34.1, 4.38.3; Hes.CWE.98; Hyg.Fab.31, 36, 128; Pau.1.32.6; Soph.Tra. passim; Strab.10.2.19].

Deianira 2 (see Mnesimache) [Hyg.Fab.31, 33].

Deianira 3. See AMAZONS.

Deianira 4. Daughter of Lycaon 6, son of Aezeius, one of the first kings of the Peloponnesus. She married Pelasgus 1 and, according to some she became by him mother of impious Lycaon 2 [DH.1.11.2].

Deicoon 1. One of the sons of Heracles 1 and Megara, whom Heracles 1 flung into the fire, when he had a fit of madness [Apd.2.4.12, 2.7.8].

Deicoon 2. See TROJANS.

Deidamia 1 is the princess who discovered the manhood of Achilles, when he lived in the court of Lycomedes 1 in female disguise. She married him before he went to the Trojan War, and years later she tried to persuade their son Neoptolemus not to go to the same war. After the war she was given by her son in marriage to Priams 1's son Helenus 1, whom Neoptolemus had brought to Epirus. Deidamia 1 was daughter of Lycomedes 1, king of Scyros, the island in the Aegean Sea northeast of Euboea [see also Achilles] [Apd.3.13.8; Apd.Ep.6.13; QS.7.262ff.; CYP.1; Stat.Achil.1.560ff.].

Deidamia 2. Daughter of Bellerophon and Philonoe. She married King Evander 3 of Lycia and had by him a son Sarpedon 3, whom some identify with the Sarpedon that fought at Troy (Sarpedon 1, son of Zeus) [Dio.5.79.3].

Deidamia 3 (see Hippodamia 4) [Plu.The.30.3].

Deileon 1. Son of Deimachus 3 from Tricca, a city in western Thessaly. He joined, together with his brothers, Heracles 1 in his expedition against the AMAZONS, and never returned. Yet he later joined the ARGONAUTS, when they came to the land of the AMAZONS [Arg.2.955ff.; Val.5.114].

Deileon 2. See ACHAEANS.

Deilochus 1. One of the Thebans who laid an ambush for Tydeus 2 when he returned from Thebes, at the time of the war of the SEVEN. He was killed by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.2.608].

Deilochus 2. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was slain by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.8.697].

Deimachus 1. Father of Enarete, wife of Aeolus 1 [Apd.1.7.3].

Deimachus 2. Son of Neleus and Chloris 1. He was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.1.9.9, 2.7.3].

Deimachus 3. A man from Tricca, a city in western Thessaly. Father of Deileon 1, Autolycus 2, and Phlogius 2 [Arg.2.955].

Deimachus 4. A companion of Heracles 1 who took part in his expedition against Troy and fell in battle. Deimachus 4 was son of Eleon, a Boeotian. He married Glaucia, daughter of Scamander 1, one of the RIVER GODS, and had by her a son Scamander 2 [Plu.GQ.41].

Deimas. King of Arcadia, son of Dardanus 1 and Chryse 3. Dardanus 1 is son of Zeus and Electra 3, one of the PLEIADES [DH.1.61.2].


Deinome. A Trojan captive [Pau.10.26.2].

Deiochus 1. See ACHAEANS.

Deiochus 2. See TROJANS.

Deion (Deioneus 1). King of Phocis (the region bordering the Gulf of Corinth west of Boeotia), and son of Aeolus 1 and Enarete. Deion married Diomede 1, daughter of Xuthus 1 and Creusa 1 [see Achaea], and had children by her: Asterodia 1, Aenetus, Actor 3, Phylacus 1, Cephalus 1, and Nisus 1 [Apd.1.7.3, 1.9.4; EPIG.2; Hyg.Fab.198].

Deione. Mother by Apollo of Miletus [Ov.Met.9.443].

Deioneus 1 (see Deion) [Apd.2.4.7; Cal.Ar.209].

Deioneus 2 (see Eioneus 5) [Hyg.Fab.155].

Deioneus 3. See TROJANS.

Deioneus 4 received his wife Perigune from Theseus, who previously had consorted with her. He was son of Eurytus 4 , son of Melaneus 5, son of Apollo, and of Antiope 2, daughter of Pylo, son of Naubolus 4 [Plu.The.8.3].

Deiopea 1. See NEREIDS.

Deiopea 2. See NYMPHS.

Deiophontes. See TROJANS.

Deiopites. See TROJANS.

Deiphobe. A priestess of Apollo and Artemis who came to Aeneas in Italy. She was daughter of Glaucus 7, brother of the NEREIDS [Vir.Aen.6.36].

Deiphobus 1. See TROJANS.

Deiphobus 2. This is the man who purified Heracles 1 for the death of Iphitus 1, he who once gave Odysseus his well-known bow. Deiphobus 2 was son of Hippolytus 2 [Apd.2.6.2; Dio.4.31.5].

Deiphontes. See HERACLIDES.

Deipyle. Mother, by Tydeus 2, of Diomedes 2. She was daughter of Adrastus 1, the leader of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES, and of Amphithea 1, daughter of Pronax, son of Talaus, king of Argos [Apd.1.9.13; Hyg.Fab.97].

Deipylus 1. Son of Polymestor 1 and Iliona, daughter of Priam 1. He was killed by his father who thought he was Polydorus 3, son of Priam 1 [see also Hecabe 1] [Hyg.Fab.109].

Deipylus 2. Son of Jason and Hypsipyle [Hyg.Fab.15].

Deipyrus. See ACHAEANS.

Deisenor. See TROJANS.

Delas (Scythes 1). See DACTYLS.

Deliades (Piren 2, Alcimenes 1). Son of Glaucus 1 and Eurymede 1. He was killed accidentally by his brother Bellerophon [Apd.1.9.3, 2.3.1].

Delphus. It is after Delphus that the city of Delphi was named. He is son of Apollo, either by Celaeno 3, daughter of Hyamus, son of Lycorus, son of Apollo and the nymph Corycia; or by Thyia 1, daughter of Castalius, who is AUTOCHTHONOUS; or by Melaena, daughter of Cephisus, one of the RIVER GODS. Delphus is father of Pythes and Castalius [Pau.10.6.3-5].

Delphyne. See BESTIARY.

Demaratus. After the founding of Rome Demaratus arrived in Italy bringing with him a host of people from Corinth. He married a Tarquinian woman (Woman 14) and became father of Tarquinius Priscus and Arruns [see also Lucretia 2] [Livy 1.34.2; Strab.5.2.2, 8.6.20].

Demarchus. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS [Hyg.Fab.168, 170].

Demeter (Deo).

Demnosia. Daughter of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

Demo 1 (Sibyl 3). See SEERS.

Demo 2. Daughter of King Celeus 1 of Eleusis and Metanira [see also Demeter] [Hom.Dem.2.109].

Democoon. See TROJANS.

Demodice. Wife of Cretheus 1, son of Aeolus 1, and mother by him of Aeson, Amythaon, Pheres 1, and Talaus [Apd.1.9.11; Hyg.Ast.2.20; Pau.8.25.9].

Demoditas. See DANAIDS.

Demodocus 1. A minstrel in the court of King Alcinous of the Phaeacians [Hom.Od.8.44].

Demodocus 2. A companion of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Halesus 2 [Vir.Aen.10.413].

Demoleon 1. See CENTAURS.

Demoleon 2. See TROJANS.

Demoleon 3. See ACHAEANS.

Demoleus. See ACHAEANS.

Demonassa 1 is mother of the ARGONAUTS Eurydamas 2 and Eurytion 2. Their father could be either Irus 1 or Ctimenus [Hyg.Fab.14].

Demonassa 2. Mother, by Poeas, of Philoctetes [Hyg.Fab.97].

Demonassa 3. Mother by Adrastus 1 (the leader of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES) of Aegialeus 1 [Hyg.Fab.71].

Demonassa 4. Daughter of Amphiaraus (one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES) and Eriphyle. She married Thersander 1, son of Polynices, son of Oedipus, and had by him a son Tisamenus 1, who later ruled in Thebes [Apd.1.9.13; Pau.9.5.15].

Demonice. Daughter of Agenor 6, son of Pleuron, son of Aetolus 2, son of Endymion, whom Selene put to sleep forever. Her mother was Epicasta 1, daughter of Calydon (after whom was named the city Calydon), son of Aetolus 2. Demonice consorted with Ares and had children by the god: Evenus 2, Molus 2, Pylus, and Thestius 1 [Apd.1.7.7].

Demophile. See DANAIDS.

Demophon 1. See Theseus, ACHAEANS and WOODEN HORSE.

Demophon 2. This is the child whom Demeter attempted to make immortal by putting him into the fire. He perished when the goddess was interrupted. He was son of King Celeus 1 of Eleusis and Metanira [see also Demeter] [Apd.1.5.1].

Demophon 3. King of Elaeusa, near Troy, who had to sacrifice one girl every year because of a plague which had fallen over the country. However, he would always pass over his own daughter and once, without drawing lots, he killed Mastusius' daughter [see also CONSTELLATIONS] [Hyg.Ast.2.40].

Demophoon. One of Aeneas' warriors. He was killed by Camilla, a woman warrior ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.11.675].

Demoptolemus. See SUITORS OF PENELOPE.

Demosthea. Daughter of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

Demuchus. See TROJANS.

Denthis. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was killed by Morrheus 1 [Nonn.32.222].

Deo (see Demeter). A name of Demeter [Ov.Met.6.114 and passim, in many authors].

Dercennus. An old Laurentine king [Vir.Aen.11.852].

Dercetis 1. A Babylonian, of whom the Syrians believe she changed into a fish. It was believed that her daughter Semiramis turned into a white dove [see also Croesus] [Hyg.Fab.223; Ov.Met.4.45].

Dercetis 2. See NYMPHS.

Dercynus attempted, in Liguria, to rob Heracles 1 of the kine of Geryon but was killed by him. He was son of Poseidon [Apd.2.5.10].

Dereites. Son of Harpalus 1, son of Amyclas 1, son of Lacedaemon, son of Zeus and Taygete, one of the PLEIADES. Dereites was father of Aeginetes 1, father of Pelias 2, father of Ampyx 3, father of Areus, father of Agenor 9, father of Preugenes, father of Patreus, the founder of Patrae, a city in Achaea [Pau.7.18.5].

Deriades. Deriades was king of India, when Dionysus 2 invaded the country. He is son of Hydaspes 1 & Astris. Hydaspes 1, a river god, was son of Thaumas 1, son of Pontus & Gaia, and the Oceanid Electra 1. Deriades' mother Astris was a daughter of Helius. Deriades married Orsiboe, who also fought against the army of Dionysus 2 in the Indian War. Deriades' daughter Protonoe married Orontes 2, the general of the Indians who committed suicide when he saw himself defeated by Dionysus 2. Deriades' other daughter Cheirobie married also an Indian general, Morrheus 1, son of Didnasos. Deriades was first wounded by Dionysus 2 and then finished by the MAENADS [Nonn.13.6, 17.282, 21.225, 23.236, 26.16, 34.171, 40.92, 40.101].

Derimacheia. See AMAZONS.

Derinoe. See AMAZONS.

Dero. See NEREIDS.

Desmontes blinded his daughter Arne for having given birth to two sons (Boeotus 1 and Aeolus 3) and gave orders to throw the children to the wild beasts. The children survived and later killed Desmontes [Hyg.Fab.186].

Despoina. "The Mistress", whose name is not to be divulged to the uninitiated. She is the daughter of Poseidon and Demeter [Pau.8.25.7, 8.37.9].

Deucalion 1.

Deucalion 2. Son of Minos 2, either by Pasiphae, or by Crete 1. He is father of Idomeneus 1, king of Crete at the time of the Trojan War, and of Crete 2. If Molus 1 is his son, he is a bastard one. Deucalion 2 is counted among the ARGONAUTS and among the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS. It is said that when Theseus was about to leave Crete, he joined battle with the Cretans at the gate of the Labyrinth where he slew Deucalion 2 and his bodyguard [Apd.3.1.2, 3.3.1; Dio.4.60.4; Hom.Il.13.451; Hyg.Fab.14, 173; Plu.The.19.6].

Deucalion 3. See TROJANS.

Deucalion 4 came from Pella, a city in Macedonia, to join the ARGONAUTS. He was son of Hyperasius and Hypso [Hyg.Fab.14; Val.1.367].

Dexamene. See NEREIDS.

Dexamenus 1, son of Oeceus, was king of Olenus, a city of western Achaea on the Gulf of Patrae. He is remembered for having betrothed by force his daughter Mnesimache to the Centaur Eurytion 3, who was slain by Heracles 1 when he came to fetch his bride. Dexamenus 1's other children are: Theraephone, Theronice, Eurypylus 7, Deianira 1, and Hippolyte 4 [Apd.2.5.5; Cal.Del.102; Dio.4.33.1; Hyg.Fab.31; Pau.5.3.4, 7.19.9].

Dexamenus 2. Son of Heracles 1 and father of Ambrax, king of Ambracia, a city in Epirus [DH.1.50.4].

Dexicreon. A shipmaster who sailed to Cyprus on a trading voyage. When he was about to freight his ship, they say, Aphrodite bade him put into it water and nothing else. He obeyed and sailed away; after a time the wind died down and the ship was becalmed in the open sea. So he sold the water to the thirsty merchants who were with him, making much money [Plu.GQ.54].

Dexiochus followed Dionysus 2 in his Indian campaign, being killed by Corymbasus, an Indian chief [Nonn.28.56ff.].

Dexithea 1. Mother, by Minos 2, of Euxanthius [Apd.3.1.2].

Dexithea 2. According to some accounts this woman was mother of Romulus by Aeneas. She was daughter of Phorbas 9 [Plu.Rom.2.2].

Dexius. Father of Iphinous 2 [see ACHAEANS] [Hom.Il.7.13].

Dia. Mother of Pirithous, either by Zeus or by Ixion. Dia was daughter of Eioneus 5 [Hyg.Fab.155; Dio.4.69.3; Nonn.7.125, 16.240].


Diaprepes. See Atlantis.

Dias. Father of Cleolla, called mother of Agamemnon by Plisthenes 1 [Hes.CWE.69].

Dictynna (see Britomartis) [Dio.5.76.3; Eur.Hipp.149; Lib.Met.40; Pau.2.30.3; Stat.Theb.9.632].

Dictys 1 colonized Seriphus, one of the Cyclades islands, and became King after Polydectes 1. Also he was the fisherman who found Danae and Perseus 1, drawing with his net to land the chest in which they were enclosed. Dictys 1 was son of Magnes 1, son of Aeolus 1, and Naiad 2 [Apd.1.9.6, 2.4.3; Hes.CWE.3; Hyg.Fab.63; Strab.10.5.10].

Dictys 2. See CENTAURS.

Dictys 3. This is one of the SAILORS who tried to delude Dionysus 2 but was turned into a dolphin by the god [Hyg.Fab.134; Ov.Met.3.581-691].

Dictys 4.Son of Poseidon and Agamede, daughter of King Augeas of Elis [Hyg.Fab.157].

Didaeon. Son of King Eurytus 4 of Oechalia, son of Melaneus 5, son of Apollo. His mother was Antiope 2, daughter of Pylo, son of Naubolus 4 [Hes.CWE.79].

Didnasos came, with his son Morrheus 1, to fight against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.26.72].

Dido (Elissa).

Didymaon is remembered for having made a shield which had once hung by the gateway of Poseidon's temple at Troy, and which was later given as a prize to Nisus 3 by Aeneas [Vir.Aen.5.359].

Dike (Justice).

Dimoetes. Brother of Troezen 2. His wife and niece Evopis (for she was Troezen 2's daughter) consorted with her own brother and when this was known she hung herself for fear and shame. Later Dimoetes fell in love with the body of a dead woman thrown up by the sea; but when he realised that he could not stop loving a corpse he killed himself [Parth.31].

Dindymus. One of the Dolionians, a people of northwestern Asia Minor, visited by the ARGONAUTS [Val.3.20].

Dino. One of the GRAEAE, daughters of Phorcus and Ceto 1 [see Theogony and Perseus 1]. The GRAEAE were old women from birth. The three had but one eye and one tooth, and these they passed to each other in turn. Dino, they say, consorted either with Zeus or with Sperchius (one of the RIVER GODS), and gave birth to the NYMPHS [Apd.2.4.2; Lib.Met.22].

Dinomache. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon [Hyg.Fab.181].

Dinus. One of the MARES OF DIOMEDES 1. See BESTIARY [Hyg.Fab.30].

Diocles 1. A man living in Pherae, a city in southeastern Messenia, who gave hospitality to Telemachus when he was on his way to Sparta. Diocles 1 was son of Orsilochus 1, son of the river god Alpheus. His children were Crethon, Orsilochus 2, and Anticlia 3. On his death Diocles 1 was succeeded in the throne by the sons of Anticlia 3 [Hom.Il.5.541ff.; Hom.Od.3.488; Pau.4.30.3].

Diocles 2. Ruler of Eleusis circumvented by Theseus at the time when the latter captured Eleusis from the Megarians and slew Sciron [Plu.The.10.3].

Diocorystes. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Diogenia 1. Daughter of Cephisus, one of the RIVER GODS. She married Phrasimus and gave birth to Praxithea 4, wife of King Erechtheus of Athens [Apd.3.15.1].

Diogenia 2. Daughter of King Celeus 1 of Eleusis and Metanira [see also Demeter] [Apd.1.5.1-2; Pau.1.38.3].

Diomede 1. Daughter of Xuthus 1, son of Hellen 1, son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. His mother was Creusa 1, daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens. Diomede 1 married King Deion of Phocis, son of Aeolus 1, and had children by him: Asterodia 1, Aenetus, Actor 3, Phylacus 1, and Cephalus 1 [Apd.1.7.3, 1.9.4].

Diomede 2. Daughter of Lapithus 1, son of Apollo and Stilbe. She married Amyclas 1, son of Lacedaemon, son of Zeus and Taygete, one of the PLEIADES. Their children are: Cynortes, Hyacinthus 1, Leanira, Polyboea 1, Laodamia 3, and Daphne 1 [Apd.3.10.3, 3.9.1; Parth.15.1; Pau.3.19.4, 10.9.5].

Diomede 3 was a girl whom Achilles captured on the island of Lesbos. She was daughter of Phorbas 3 [Hom.Il.9.665].

Diomedes 1. King of the Bistonians in Thrace and notorious owner of man-eating mares. One of HERACLES 1'S LABOURS was to bring these mares from Thrace to Mycenae. Diomedes 1 was killed by Heracles 1 or, as they say, devoured by his mares. He was the son of Ares and Cyrene, daughter of Hypseus 1, son of Peneus, one of the RIVER GODS [see also HERACLES 1'S LABOURS] [Apd.2.5.8; Dio.4.15.2].

Diomedes 2.

Diomedes 3. Son of Diomedes 2 and Daunus' Daughter [Lib.Met.37].

Diomedes 4 is the man who sent Romus from Troy to Italy. He was son of Emathion 5 [Plu.Rom.2.1].

Diomedia. Wife of Iphiclus 1 and mother by him of Protesilaus [see also ACHAEAN LEADERS] [Hyg.Fab.103].

Diomenia. Daughter of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto [Pau.8.9.9].

Dione 1. See Aphrodite, TITANS and OCEANIDS.

Dione 2. See NEREIDS.

Dione 3. Daughter of Atlas and mother, by Tantalus 1, of Pelops 1, Niobe 2, and Broteas 4 [Hyg.Fab.82, 83; Ov.Met.6.172; Pau.3.22.4].

Dionysus 1 (see Zagreus) [Dio.3.62.1ff.; Nonn.5.564, 6.175, 6.206].

Dionysus 2 (Bacchus).

DIONYSUS 2'S NURSES. These are: Acrete, Aegle 3, Ambrosia, Bryusa, Callichore, Calyce 3, Ereutho, Eupetale, Harpe 2, HYADES 1, Ione 2, Lycaste 1, Macris, Methe 1, NYMPHS DODONIDES, NYMPHS LAMUSIDES, Ocynoe, Oinanthe, Prothoe 2, Rhode 3, Silene, Stesichore, Trygie [see also NYMPHS].

Diopatra. See NYMPHS.



Diores 2. A Trojan prince who participated in the games held by the exiled Aeneas in Sicily. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.5.297, 12.509].

Diores 3. Son of Aeolus 2 and Cyane 2, daughter of Liparus, son of Auson. He was married to his sister Polymele 3 [Dio.5.7.5; Hom.Od.10.1; Parth.2.2].


Dioxippe 1. See DANAIDS.

Dioxippe 2. This is one of the HELIADES 1, who wept profusely over the fate of their brother Phaethon 3, their tears hardening into amber. Dioxippe 2, like her sisters, turned into a tree. The HELIADES 1 are daughters of Helius and Clymene 1, but they are also said to be the daughters of Clymenus 5 (son of Helius) and Merope 4, one of the OCEANIDS [Hyg.Fab.154; Ov.Met.2.340].

Dioxippe 3. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Dioxippe 4. See AMAZONS.

Dioxippus. One of the soldiers of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.574].

Dipsas. A warrior in the army of Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Caresus [Val.6.192].

Dirce. This is the wife of the Theban usurper Lycus 5. She ill-treated Antiope 3 and accused her of having slept with Lycus 5. For this reason Antiope 3's sons Amphion 1 and Zethus, coming to Thebes, tied her to a bull and flung her dead body into the spring called Dirce after her [see also Robe & Necklace of Harmonia 1, and Amphion 1]. Dirce was daughter either of Achelous, one of the RIVER GODS, or of Ismenus 1, son either of the river god Asopus, or of Apollo [Apd.3.5.5; Eur.Bacc.519; Eur.Her.27; Hyg.Fab.7; Nonn.44.10; Pau.9.25.3; Prop.3.16.13].

Dius 1. Son of Priam 1 [Hom.Il.24.251; Hyg.Fab.90].

Dius 2. King of Elis who initially resisted Oxylus 2, guide of the HERACLIDES, proposing that the conflict would be solved through the single combat of two champions: Degmenus and Pyraechmes 2 [Pau.5.4.1].

Dmetor. King of Cyprus, according to Odysseus' tale. Dmetor was son of Iasus 6 [Hom.Od.17.443].

Dog 1 of Orion. This dog was put among the stars to keep Orion company in his hunting [see CONSTELLATIONS] [Hyg.Ast.2.35].

Dog 2 of Procris 2 (see Laelaps 2) [see Amphitryon, Creon 2, and Procris 2].

Dolichaon. Father of Hebrus 1, an ally of the exiled Aeneas [Vir.Aen.10.697].

Dolichus. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Dolion. Son of Silenus and Nymph 1 Meliad [Strab.12.4.8].

Dolius is the old servant that Penelope had received from her father. He had children: Melanthius 2 and Melantho 1 [Hom.Od.4.735, 17.212, 18.321].

Dolon 1. See TROJANS.

Dolon 2. Son of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

Dolopion. Father of Hypsenor 1 [see also TROJANS] [Hom.Il.5.76ff.].

Dolops 1. See ACHAEANS.

Dolops 2. See TROJANS.

Dolops 3. Father of Iphimachus, the Lemnian shepherd who took care of the wounded Philoctetes [Hyg.Fab.102].

Dolphin. This is the dolphin that persuaded Amphitrite to marry Poseidon [see also CONSTELLATIONS and BESTIARY] [Hyg.Ast.2.17].

Dorceus 1. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Dorceus 2. One of the Dolionians, the people of northwestern Asia Minor, visited by the ARGONAUTS. He was killed by Jason during the battle between the Dolionians and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.159].

Dorceus 3. A soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES and close comrade of Parthenopaeus. Assuming his shape Artemis talked to Parthenopaeus [Stat.Theb.9.809].

Doridas. King of Corinth, deposed by Aletes 2 (one of the HERACLIDES). Doridas was son of Propodas, son of Damophon, son of Thoas 8, son of Ornytion, son of Sisyphus [Pau.2.4.3].

Doris 1. See OCEANIDS.

Doris 2. See NEREIDS.

Dorium. See DANAIDS.

Dorus 1 is the man who called the Dorians (one of the main Hellenic groups) after himself. He was son of Hellen 1, son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. His mother was Orseis, one of the NYMPHS. His brothers, Aeolus 1 and Xuthus 1, are also well known. Dorus 1's children are Aegimius 1, Tectamus, and Iphthime 2 [Apd.1.7.2-3; Dio.4.58.6, 4.60.2; Nonn.14.114].

Dorus 2. Son of Apollo and Phthia 2, and father of Xanthippe 1, who married Pleuron, son of Aetolus 2, the man who killed Dorus 2 [Apd.1.7.6-7].

Dorus 3. Father of Cleues, a descendant of Agamemnon [Strab.13.1.3].

Dorycleus. Son of Hippocoon 2. He and his brothers were killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.7.3, 3.10.5].

Doryclus 1. See TROJANS.

Doryclus 2. Husband of Beroe 2 [Vir.Aen.5.621].

Doryclus 3, from Tiryns (the city in Argolis southeast of Argos), won the prize in boxing at the first Olympian games [Pin.Oly.10.67].

Doryclus 4. An Indian warrior who fought against the army of Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.29.263].

Doryclus 5. Man from Lemnos, living at the time when the ARGONAUTS came to the island [Val.2.149].

Dorylas 1. See CENTAURS.

Dorylas 2, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS, was the richest man in the land of Nasamonia. He was in the court of Cepheus 1 when Perseus 1 and Phineus 1 quarrelled with each other, and was killed during the same quarrel by Halcyoneus [Ov.Met.5.129].

Dorylas 3. One of the Thebans who laid an ambush for Tydeus 2 when he returned from Thebes at the time of the war of the SEVEN. He was, like almost all others participating in that ambush, killed by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.2.571].

Doryssus. King of Sparta, approaching historical times, who was soon killed. He was son of Labotas, son of Echestratus, son of Agis 1, son of Eurysthenes 1, son of Aristodemus, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1. Doryssus had a son Agesilaus, during whose reign Lycurgus 7 made his famous legislation [Pau.3.2.4].

Dotadas. King of Messene and constructor of the harbour at Mothone in Messenia. He was son of Isthmius 2, son of Glaucus 8, son of Aepytus 2, son of Cresphontes, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1. Dotadas had a son Sybotas, father of Phintas, who lived at the (historical) time when the Messenians came into conflict with the Lacedaemonians [Pau.4.3.10].

Dotis. Mother by Ares of Phlegyas 1, a Boeotian king [Apd.3.5.5].

Doto. See NEREIDS.

Doupon. See CENTAURS.

Dracius. See ACHAEANS.