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Hecamede to Hygia

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone

Hecamede. A lady whom Nestor received when Achilles sacked Tenedos, the island off the coast of the Troad. She was daughter of Arsinous 2 [Hom.Il.11.624ff.].


Hecato. Father of Calyce 2, mother of Cycnus 1 from Colonae, a city in the Troad [Hyg.Fab.157].


Hecetorus quarrelled over Pancratis with Sicelus 1 being killed by the latter. Or else Hecetorus is father of Sicelus 1 and Agassamenus, and these two killed each other for Pancratis, daughter of Aloeus 1, son of Poseidon [Dio.5.50.7; Parth.19].

Hector 1.

Hector 2. King of Chios (the Aegean island off the coast of Ionia in Asia Minor) who made war against the Abantians and the Carians in the island [Pau.7.4.9].

Hegeleos taught the Dorians how to play the trumpet. He was son of Tyrsenus, the inventor of the trumpet [Pau.2.21.3].

Hegemone. See CHARITES.

Hegetoria. See NYMPHS.



Helenor. Son of a Lydian king and a female slave. He was killed by the troops of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.545ff.].

Helenus 1.


Helenus 3. See ACHAEANS.

Heleus. Son of Perseus 1 and Andromeda. He supported Amphitryon against the Taphians, and is remembered as founder of the city of Helos, bear Sparta, after which the Helots were called [Apd.2.4.5-7; Pau.3.20.6; Strab.8.5.2].

HELIADES 1. See Helius [Dio.5.23.4; Eur.Hipp.734; Hyg.Fab.154; Nonn.2.153, 4.122, 11.33, 11.324, 15.381; Ov.Met.2.340ff.; QS.5.626; Strab.5.1.9; Vir.Aen.191].

HELIADES 2. See Helius [Dio.5.57.1].

Helicaon 1. See TROJANS.

Helicaon 2. One of the captains that supported Dionysus 2 in his conflict against Poseidon concerning Beroe 5, daughter of Aphrodite [Nonn.43.57].


Helice 2. Daughter of Selinus and wife of Ion 1 after whom the latter named the city Helice in Aegialus (Achaea). By Ion 1 she had children: Bura, Aiclus, Cothus, and Ellops [see also Achaea] [Hom.Il.2.575; Pau.7.1.3, 7.25.8; Strab.10.1.3].

Helice 3. See NYMPHS.

Helice 4. See DANAIDS.

Helices, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS, was in the court of Cepheus 1, during the fight between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1, and was killed by the latter [Ov.Met.5.87].

Heliconis. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. After consorting with Heracles 1 she gave birth to a son Phalias [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Helicta. See DANAIDS.

Helie. See HELIADES 1 at Helius [Hyg.Fab.154; Ov.Met.2.340].

Helisson. Son of Lycaon 2 [Pau.8.3.1ff.].


Helix 1. Son of Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Helix 2. A warrior in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Nestor [Val.6.570].


Helle. To avoid being sacrificed as an oracle prescribed, she and her brother Phrixus 1 fled and were borne through the sky by the Ram with the Golden Fleece but Helle fell into the sea which was named Hellespont after her and there she drowned. She was daughter of Athamas 1 and Nephele 2 [see Athamas 1, and ARGONAUTS] [Apd.1.9.1; Hyg.Fab.3; Ov.Fast.3.857ff., 4.903; Stat.Achil.1.24; Try.218; Val.1.282ff.].

Hellen 1 named Hellenes those who were called Greeks. He is the son of Pyrrha 1, daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora 1, either by Deucalion 1 or by Zeus. He married Orseis (one of the NYMPHS) and begot Aeolus 1, Dorus 1, and Xuthus 1 [Apd.1.7.2-3; Dio.4.60.2; Hes.CWE.4; Hyg.Fab.155; Strab.8.7.1, 9.5.6].

Hellen 2. Son of Poseidon and Antiope 5, daughter of Aeolus 1 [Hyg.Fab.157].

Hellus. See TROJANS.

Helops 1. See CENTAURS.

Helops 2. A Theban killed by Theseus [Stat.Theb.12.746].

Helymus. A Sicilian who was present when the games in honour of Anchises 1 were held, with Acestes as host, of whom he was attendant [Vir.Aen.5.73, 5.300].

Hemera is Day. Hemera comes from Chaos or else is the offspring of Erebus (Darkness of the Underworld) and Nyx. From the union of Hemera and Aether, some say, Gaia (Earth), Uranus (Sky), and Pontus (Sea) were born. And having consorted with Cephalus 2 (son of Hermes), Hemera gave birth to Phaethon 1, whom Aphrodite loved [Hes.The.124; Hyg.Pre; Pau.1.3.1].

Hemithea 1. The beautiful daughter of King Cycnus 1 of Colonae (a city in the Troad) and Proclia, daughter either of King Laomedon 1 of Troy, or of Clytius 5, son of Laomedon 1. Hemithea 1 came to Tenedos (the island off the coast of the Troad) together with her brother, who had been banished by their father. At the beginning of the Trojan War Achilles attacked Tenedos and, having fallen in love with Hemithea 1, pursued her; it was then that Tenes, now king of Tenedos, met him in order to defend his sister. She managed to escape but Tenes was slain by Achilles, which was a calamity; for Achilles' mother Thetis had warned him no to slay Tenes, whom Apollo loved [Apd.Ep.3.24; Plu.GQ.28].

Hemithea 2 (see Molpadia 2) [Dio.5.62.4; Parth.1.3].

Henicea. Daughter of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

Henioche 1. Daughter of Creon 2 [Pau.9.10.3].

Henioche 2. Nurse of Medea [Val.5.357].

Henioche 3. Daughter of Pittheus, son of Pelops 1. Henioche 3 is mother, by Canethus 3, either of Sciron or of Sinis [see also Theseus] [Plu.The.25.4-5].

Hephaestine. One of the wives of Aegyptus 1. Their children were: Idas 1, Daiphron 2, Pandion 1, Arbelus, Hyperbius 1, and Hippocorystes 1 [see also DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].



Heptaporus. See RIVER GODS.


Heracles 1. (Alcides, Alcaeus 3).



Heracles 2. See DACTYLS.

Heracles 3 (see Maceris) [Pau.10.13.8, 10.17.2].

Heracles 4 was born very much earlier than Heracles 1. But because both bore identical name the deeds of Heracles 4 were transferred to Heracles 1, or so they say, adding that the majority of men are ignorant of actual facts. Heracles 4 was son of Zeus and Lysithoe (this girl is otherwise unknown) [Cic.ND.3.42; Dio.5.76.2].

Heracles 5 is said to have compiled the sacred books of Phrygia. He was the son of Nilus (one of the RIVER GODS) [Cic.ND.3.42].

Heracles 6. Son of Zeus and Asteria 1, counted among the TITANS. He was chiefly worshipped at Tyre, and had a daughter Carthago, counted among the NYMPHS [Cic.ND.3.42].


Heraeus. Son of Lycaon 2 and founder of Heraea, a city in Arcadia [Apd.3.8.1; Pau.8.3.4, 8.26.1].


Herbesus. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Euryalus 7 [Vir.Aen.9.343].

Hercyna is a girl who is remembered for the following: she let loose a goose while playing with Demeter. The goddess then removed the stone under which the goose was hidden and water flowed, the river (in Boeotia) being called Hercyna [Pau.9.39.2].




Herminius. One of Aeneas' warriors in Italy. He was killed by Catillus, a warrior from Tibur [Vir.Aen.11.641].

Hermion is the founder of the city of Hermione, near Troezen. He was son of Europs 2, son of Phoroneus [Pau.2.34.4].

Hermione was nine years old when she was abandoned by her mother Helen, who sailed to Troy with her lover Paris. She was promised by her father Menelaus both to Orestes 2 and to Neoptolemus as wife; and when Orestes 2 went mad Neoptolemus carried Hermione off living in Epirus with her and also with Andromache, whom he had captured at Troy. This caused trouble between the two women. But when Orestes 2 came, as some would put it, to his senses, he slew Neoptolemus and married her, fathering a son Tisamenus 2 [see also Helen, Orestes 2, Neoptolemus, and Andromache] [Apd.3.11.1; Apd.Ep.6.14; Eur.And.152 and passim; Eur.Ore.107 and passim; Pau.1.33.8, 2.18.6; QS.6.90].

Hermochares is the Athenian who loved Ctesylla against her father's will [see also this name] [Lib.Met.1].

Hermus 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Hermus 2. See RIVER GODS.

Hero 1. Daughter of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

Hero 2. See DANAIDS.

Hero (3) & Leander.

Herophile (Sibyl 2). See SEERS.

Herse 1. Wife of Danaus 1 and mother by him of Hippodice and Adiante [see DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

Herse 2. Daughter of Cecrops 1 and Aglaurus 1. When Cecrops 1 was king of Athens Hephaestus tried to embrace Athena. She refused to consort with him but he dropped his seed on her leg. In disgust, she wiped off the seed and threw it on the ground; and as she fled and the seed fell on the ground, the child Erichthonius 2 was produced. This is why some call him son of Hephaestus & Gaia. Athena is said to have brought up Erichthonius 2 without the other gods knowing about it. When he was still a baby she put him in a chest and committed it to Pandrosus, one of the daughters of Cecrops 1, not telling her what there was within and forbidding her to open it. Some say that the daughters of Cecrops 1, out of curiosity, opened the chest and were destroyed by a serpent which was coiled about the child, but others say that the girls were driven mad by the goddess' anger and threw themselves down from the Acropolis or into the sea. Still others say that all three girls opened the chest and Athena learned what they had done through a crow, which gave the secret away, while the girls driven mad by the goddess threw themselves into the sea. Herse 2 was loved by Hermes and they had a son Cephalus 2 [for the story of Herse 2 and Hermes see Envy] [Apd.3.14.2-3, 3.14.6; Hyg.Fab.166].

Herses 1. Amphiaraus' charioteer during the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He was killed by Hypseus 3 [Stat.Theb.7.737].

Herses 2. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Hippomedon 1 [Stat.Theb.9.306].

Hersilia (Hora 1) was the only one of the Sabine women who was already married (to Hostilius). She married Romulus, and either by him or by Hostilius she became mother of Prima and Aollius. At her death she went up with a star to heaven where she was received by her husband Romulus and made immortal [DH.2.45.2; Ov.Met.14.830; Plu.Rom.14.6-7].

Hesione 1. Mother, by Nauplius 1, of Palamedes, Oeax, Nausimedon, and Proetus 4 [Apd.2.1.5; Arg.1.136].

Hesione 2.

Hesione 3 (see Pleione) [Dictys 4.22. In 1.9. Dictys writes Plesione].

Hesperethusa. See HESPERIDES [Dio.4.27.2; Hes.DF.5; Hes.The.215; Hyg.Ast.2.3].

Hesperia 1. See HESPERIDES [Apd.2.5.11; Dio.4.27.2; Hes.The.215].

Hesperia 2 (see Asterope 1) [Ov.Met.11.769].


Hesperis. See HORAE.

Hesperus 1 (see Eosphorus) [Hyg.Fab.65; Nonn.6.26; QS.5.132].

Hesperus 2. See TITANS.


Hesychia. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. After consorting with Heracles 1 she gave birth to a son Oestrobles [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Hicetaon 1. One of the Elders of the city of Troy. He was son of Laomedon 1, his mother being either Strymo, or Leucippe 2, or Placia. He was father of Melanippus 3, Critolaus, and Thymoetes 3 [Apd.3.12.3; Hom.Il.3.147, 15.546; Pau.10.26.1; Vir.Aen.10.123].

Hicetaon 2 was a man from Methymna in Lesbos, the large island in the Aegean Sea opposite the coast of Asia Minor. He was killed by Achilles, when the latter attacked the islands close to the mainland [Parth.21.3].

Hierax 1 is the blabber who prevented Hermes to secretly steal Io, then transformed into a cow guarded by Argus 1, whom the god had to kill by the cast of a stone [Apd.2.1.3].

Hierax 2. Hierax 2 lived among the Mariandynians, a people inhabiting an area of the southern coast of the Black Sea. He was said to be a righteous man, devoted to Demeter and, having dedicated to her many sanctuaries, the harvests were excellent. But as he would not honour Poseidon, the god's wrath destroyed the fruits of Demeter and sent a sea-monster against the people. The population, unable to resist neither the monster nor the famine that ensued, bade Hierax 2 to help them, and he sent many kinds of food to prevent them from starving. But as Poseidon saw his cult abolished, he turned Hierax 2 into a hawk, so that the man who had saved many human lives and was loved by men would hate birds and kill a great number of them [Lib.Met.3].

Hieromneme. See NYMPHS.

Hilaira is the priestess of Artemis who, having been carried off by the DIOSCURI, married Castor 1 and became mother of Anogon. Her father was either Leucippus 2 (son of Perieres 1, son of Aeolus 1) or Apollo. Her sister Phoebe 2 was likewise abducted by the DIOSCURI [Apd.3.10.3, 3.11.2; Hyg.Fab.80; Pau.3.16.1; Prop.1.2.16].

Hilebia. Daughter of King Aegialus of Caunus in Lycia (the region on the southern coast of Asia Minor east of Caria), and wife of Lyrcus 2, son of Phoroneus [Parth.1.1].

Himaleon. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was killed by Deriades, king of India [Nonn.32.234].

Himalia. See NYMPHS.

Himas. Father of Pluto 3, mother of Tantalus 1 [Hyg.Fab.155].

Himerus (Imeros). See PERSONIFICATIONS.

Hind Cerynitian. See BESTIARY and HERACLES 1'S LABOURS.

Hippalcimus 1. See ARGONAUTS.

Hippalcimus 2 (Hippalcmas, Hippalcus). Son of Itonus 2, son of Boeotus (after whom the Boeotians are called), son of Itonus 1, son of Amphictyon, son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. Hippalcimus 2 is father, by Asterope 2, of Peneleus, who is found among the ARGONAUTS, the SUITORS OF HELEN, the ACHAEAN LEADERS, and among those who hid inside the WOODEN HORSE [Apd.3.10.8; Dio.4.67.7; Hyg.Fab.97; Ov.Met.8.360; Plu.GQ.37].

Hippalcmas (see Hippalcimus 2) [Plu.GQ.37].

Hippalcus (see Hippalcimus 2) [Hyg.Fab.84].


Hippalmus 2. A chieftain of the Arachotes and Dersaioi, who armed themselves against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War. He is father of Billaeus and Pyloites [Nonn.26.147, 26.216].

Hippalmus 3. See ACHAEANS.

Hipparete. See DANAIDS.


Hippasus 2. Father of Actor 2, one of the ARGONAUTS [Apd.1.9.16].

Hippasus 3. Father of Iphitus 2, Asterion 5, and Naubolus 1. Iphitus 2 and Asterion 5 were among the ARGONAUTS. Naubolus 1 was a Phocian perhaps son of Ornytus 1 [Hyg.Fab.14; Stat.Theb.7.355].

Hippasus 4. See CENTAURS.

Hippasus 5. Son of Ceyx. He was killed in battle fighting with Heracles 1 against Eurytus 4 [Apd.2.7.7].

Hippasus 6. Husband of Ocyrrhoe 3 (one of the NYMPHS), and father of Charops 1, Socus 1, Apisaon 2, Agelaus 10, Pammon 2, and Hippomedon 3 [for these names see TROJANS] [Hom.Il.11.425ff., 17.348; QS.1.279, 6.562, 11.36].

Hippasus 7. Father of Hypsenor 2 and Demoleon 3 [for these names see ACHAEANS] [Hom.Il.13.411; QS.10.119].

Hippasus 8. Approaching historical times, Hippasus 8 opposed, in Phlius (a city in the Peloponnesus), the party that wished to accept Rhegnidas as king, but being in minority had to emigrate to Samos. His son was Euphranor, father of Mnesarchus, father of Pythagoras, the celebrated sage [Pau.2.13.2).

Hippasus 9. Son of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

Hippasus 10. See ACHAEANS.

Hippasus 11, son of Leucippe 4, was torn to pieces by the MINYADS, the daughters of Minyas who, becoming insane, conceived a craving for human flesh, and drew lots for their children. The lot fell upon Leucippe 4 to contribute her son Hippasus 11 to be torn to pieces [Plu.GQ.38].

Hippea. Daughter of Antippus. Mother, by Elatus 1, of Polyphemus 1 (one of the ARGONAUTS), Caeneus 1 (one of the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS), and Ischys. [Apd.3.10.3; Hyg.Fab.14].

Hippeus. Son of Heracles 1 and Procris 1, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Hippo 1. See OCEANIDS.

Hippo 2. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had a child Capylus [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Hippocoon 1. See TROJANS.

Hippocoon 2. Son of Oebalus 1 and Batia 2. He expelled Icarius 1 (father of Penelope) and Tyndareus (father of Helen) from Lacedaemon and became king of the Lacedaemonians; but later Heracles 1, having killed both Hippocoon 2 and his sons, restored the throne to Tyndareus. His sons were Dorycleus, Scaeus, Enarophorus, Bucolus 2, Lycaethus 1, Tebrus, Hippothous 3, Eurytus 6, Hippocorystes 2, Alcinus, Alcon 3, Leucippus 1, and Eumedes 4 [Apd.2.7.3, 3.10.5; Hyg.Fab.173; Pau.3.14.6].

Hippocoon 3 participated in the games that the exiled Aeneas held in Sicily. He was son of Hyrtacus [Vir.Aen.5.492].

Hippocoon 4. Father of Neleus [Hyg.Fab.10].

Hippocoon 5. Father of Zeuxippe 4, grandmother of Amphiaraus, one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES [Dio.4.68.5].

Hippocorystes 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Hippocorystes 2. One of the sons of Hippocoon 2. Like his father and brothers he was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.7.3, 3.10.5].

Hippocrate. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had a son Hippozygus [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Hippodamas 1. Son of Achelous (one of the RIVER GODS) and Perimede 1, daughter of Aeolus 1. Hippodamas 1 is father of Euryte 2, mother of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon [Apd.1.7.3, 1.7.10].

Hippodamas 2. See TROJANS.

Hippodamas 3. Father of Perimede 1 who hurled his daughter down from a high cliff ; she was turned into an island by Poseidon [Ov.Met.8.591].

Hippodamia 1. See DANAIDS.

Hippodamia 2. See DANAIDS.

Hippodamia 3. Daughter of King Oenomaus 1 of Pisa (a city in Elis). Her mother was either Sterope 3 (one of the PLEIADES) or Evarete, daughter of Acrisius, son of Abas 2, son of Hypermnestra 1 (one of the DANAIDS). Oenomaus 1 perhaps loved his daughter too much, or perhaps he was warned by an oracle that he must die by the man that married her; for some of these reasons no man could get her to wife, and he put to death all the SUITORS OF HIPPODAMIA 3, according to the following rule: Each suitor had to take the bride on his own chariot and flee for his life; Oenomaus 1 would then pursue him, in full armour, and if he overtook him he slew him; otherwise, if the suitor were not overtaken, he was allowed to marry her. That was the agreement, and in this way Oenomaus 1 slew many suitors; then, cutting off their heads, he nailed them to his house. But when Pelops 1 appeared as a suitor, Hippodamia 3 fell in love with him and persuaded her father's charioteer Myrtilus to sabotage the chariot, which he did, being himself in love with her. By such a criminal fraud Pelops 1 got Hippodamia 3 and journeyed away with her and Myrtilus, whom Pelops 1 killed for having tried to rape the bride. Much later Hippodamia 3 was banished by her husband on account of the death of Chrysippus 2. Hippodamia 3, some say, committed suicide. Her children by Pelops 1 were Hippalcimus 1, Nicippe 1, Alcathous 3, Copreus, Pittheus, Atreus, Thyestes 1, Sciron, Cleones, Epidaurus, Troezen, Letreus, and Astydamia 1 [see also Pelops 1 and Pelopides] [Apd.2.4.5-6, 2.5.1, 3.5.5, 3.12.7, 3.15.7; Apd.Ep.1.2, 2.5-8, 2.10; Hyg.Fab.14, 84, 243, 253; Pau.2.15.1, 2.26.2, 2.30.8, 6.22.8; Plu.PS.33; Prop.1.3.20; QS.4.529].

Hippodamia 4 (Deidamia 3). This is the bride of Pirithous whom the CENTAURS attempted to violate at her wedding party. She was the daughter of Butes 6, a Thracian son of Boreas 1 (the North Wind [see WINDS]). By Pirithous she had a son Polypoetes 1, who fought at Troy. It was after her death that Pirithous came to Athens and persuaded Theseus to seize and carry off Helen [Apd.Ep.1.21; Dio.4.63.1-2, 4.70.3 ].

Hippodamia 5. Daughter of Anchises 1 and wife of Alcathous 2 [see TROJANS]. It is said of her that she excelled all maidens of her years in comeliness, handiwork and wisdom [Hom.Il.13.422ff.].

Hippodamia 6. One of Penelope's maids [Hom.Od.18.182].

Hippodamia 7. Mother of Anthus 1, who was devoured by his father's horses and turned into a bird by Zeus and Apollo. In fact all family members were turned into birds by the gods who felt pity for the family's fate. Hippodamia 7 was turned into a lark. Her husband was Autonous 3, and her other children were Erodius, Schoeneus 3, Acanthus, and Acanthis [Lib.Met.7].

Hippodamus 1. See TROJANS.

Hippodamus 2. Son of Oenomaus 1 and brother of Hippodamia 3, wife of Pelops 1 [Stat.Theb.6.346].

Hippodice. See DANAIDS.


Hippodromus. Son of Heracles 1 and Anthippe, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Hippolochus 1. Son of Bellerophon and Philonoe, daughter of King Iobates of Lycia (the region on the southern coast of Asia Minor east of Caria). He is father of Glaucus 3, one of the TROJAN LEADERS [Apd.2.3.1-2, 3.1.1; Apd.Ep.3.34ff.; Hom.Il.6.98].

Hippolochus 2. See TROJANS.

Hippolyte 1. Mother, by Iphitus 2 (one of the ARGONAUTS), of Epistrophus 1 and Schedius 1 (both counted among the ACHAEAN LEADERS) [Hyg.Fab.97].

Hippolyte 2. See AMAZONS and HERACLES 1'S LABOURS.

Hippolyte 3 (Melanippe 6). See AMAZONS.

Hippolyte 4. Daughter of Dexamenus 1, son of Oeceus. This is the girl whom the Centaur Eurytion 3 tried to rape her when she was being joined in marriage to Azan, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto [Dio.4.33.1].

Hippolyte 5. This, some say, is the wife of Acastus who pretended that Peleus had attempted her honour in the bed of her husband [but see also Astydamia 3]. Hippolyte 5 was daughter of Cretheus 1, son of Aeolus 1 [Pin.Nem.4.57, 5.27ff.].

Hippolyte 6. Nurse of Smyrna [Lib.Met.34.10].

Hippolytus 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Hippolytus 2. Father of Deiphobus 2, the man who purified Heracles 1 for the death of Iphitus 1 [Apd.2.6.2].

Hippolytus 3. See GIANTS.

Hippolytus 4 (Virbius 1) is the young man whom Phaedra, his stepmother, loved. But he, hating all women, refused her; and Phaedra, fearing that he might accuse her to his father Theseus, falsely charged Hippolytus 4 with an assault. Theseus believed his wife and prayed to Poseidon that Hippolytus 4 might perish; so when the young man was riding in his chariot and driving beside the sea, Poseidon sent up a bull from the waves, and the horses were frightened, the chariot dashed to pieces, and Hippolytus 4, entangled in the reins, was dragged to death. However Hippolytus 4 is counted among those whom Asclepius raised from the dead; so he came to life again and, having emigrated to Italy under the name Virbius 1, married Aricia and had by her a son Virbius 2. Hippolytus 4 is the son of Theseus and one of the AMAZONS, sometimes called Hippolyte 3 and at other times Antiope 4 [see also Phaedra, Theseus, AMAZONS, and CONSTELLATIONS] [Apd.Ep.1.17-19; Cic.ND.3.76; Dio.4.28.3; Eur.Hipp.1156 and passim; Hyg.Fab.250; Ov.Fast.6.737, 6.744ff.; Pau.2.27.4, 2.32.2; Plu.PS.34; Vir.Aen.7.761].

Hippolytus 5. See HERACLIDES.

Hippolytus 6. One of the many lovers of Aegialia, wife of Diomedes 2 [Mimn.22].

Hippomachus 1. See TROJANS.

Hippomachus 2. See SUITORS OF PENELOPE.


Hippomedon 2. See TROJANS.

Hippomedon 3. See TROJANS.

Hippomedon 4. Father of Menoetes 6, counted among the TROJANS [QS.11.99].

Hippomedusa. See DANAIDS.

Hippomenes 1. Father of Megareus 2, the man who helped King Nisus 1 of Megara in his war against Minos 2 [Apd.3.15.7].

Hippomenes 2. This is the young man who, through winning a race, conquered Atalanta and married her [but see also Melanion]. He was son of Megareus 2 and Merope 6. Hippomenes 2 was turned into a lion after having made love to Atalanta in the precinct of Zeus [see also Atalanta] [Apd.3.9.2;Hyg.Fab.185; Ov.Met.10.605ff., 10.689ff.].

Hippomenes 3. See ACHAEANS.

Hipponoe. See NEREIDS.

Hipponome. Daughter of Menoeceus 1, wife of Alcaeus 1, and mother by him of Amphitryon, Anaxo 1, and Perimede 2. Hipponome was sister of Creon 2 [Apd.2.4.5-6].

Hipponous 1. Father, by Astynome 1 (daughter of King Talaus of Argos), of Capaneus (one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES), and Periboea 5 (wife of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon) [Apd.1.8.4; Hyg.Fab.70].

Hipponous 2. See TROJANS.

Hipponous 3. See ACHAEANS.

Hipponous 4. Son of Adrastus 1 (one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES). He threw himself into the fire together with his father because of an oracle of Apollo [Hyg.Fab.242].

Hipponous 5. Son of Triballus, husband of Thrassa (daughter of Ares), and father of Polyphonte, the girl who fell in love with a bear [Lib.Met.21].

Hipposidus. Son of Priam 1 [Hyg.Fab.90].

Hippostratus is said to have seduced Periboea 5, daughter of Hipponous 1. Hippostratus was son of King Amarynceus 1 of Elis, son of Pyttius [Apd.1.8.4].

Hippotades. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.8.698].

Hippotas (see Hippotes 1) [Ov.Met.4.663].

Hippotes 1 (Hippotas). Son of Mimas 4, son of Aeolus 1. He is the father, by Melanippe 3, of Aeolus 2, the Ruler of the Winds [Hom.Od.10.1; Dio.4.67.3].

Hippotes 2. See HERACLIDES.

Hippotes 3. Son of King Creon 3 of Corinth and brother of Glauce 4, whom Jason wished to marry. This marriage was prevented by Medea, whose acts led to the deaths of both Glauce 4 and Creon 3. When Medea fled to Athens, Hippotes 3 claimed her from the Athenians on account of her murdering his father [Dio.4.55.5; Hyg.Fab.27].

Hippotes 4. Father of Amastrus 1, one of Aeneas' warriors in Italy [Vir.Aen.11.673].

Hippothoe 1. See NEREIDS.

Hippothoe 2. Daughter of King Pelias 1 of Iolcus, son of Tyro, daughter of Salmoneus, son of Aeolus 1. Her mother was either Anaxibia 2 (daughter of Bias 1, son of Amythaon 1, son of Tyro) or Phylomache, one of the NIOBIDS [Apd.1.9.10; Hyg.Fab.24].

Hippothoe 3. Daughter of Mestor 1, son of Perseus 1, and of Lysidice 2, daughter of Pelops 1. Hippothoe 3 consorted with Poseidon and had by him a son Taphius, who colonized the island Taphos, off the coast of Acarnania (western mainland Greece) [Apd.2.4.5].

Hippothoe 4. See AMAZONS.

Hippothoe 5. See DANAIDS.

Hippothoon (see Hippothous 2) [Pau.1.5.2].

Hippothous 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Hippothous 2 (Hippothoon). See CALYDONIAN HUNTERS.

Hippothous 3. One of the sons of Hippocoon 2. Like his father and many of his brothers he was killed by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.7.3, 3.10.5].

Hippothous 4. Son of Priam 1 [Apd.3.12.5; Hyg.Fab.90].

Hippothous 5. See TROJAN LEADERS.


Hippotion 1. See TROJANS.

Hippotion 2. See CENTAURS.

Hippozygus. Son of Heracles 1 and Hippocrate, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Hippuros. A chieftain of the Earsleepers, men who sleep lying upon their long ears. He armed himself against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.26.98].

Hisbo. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Pallas 6 [Vir.Aen.10.384].

Hiscilla. Daughter of Myrmidon, son of Zeus and Eurymedusa 2. She married Triopas 2 (of disputed parentage; see for example Helius and Poseidon), and had by him a son Phorbas 2 [see also CONSTELLATIONS] [Hyg.Ast.2.14].

Historis (see Galanthis) [Pau.9.11.3].

Hodites 1. See CENTAURS.

Hodites 2. The first of the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS after King Cepheus 1. He was involved in the fight between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1 and was killed by Clymenus 6 [Ov.Met.5.97].

Hodites 3 (see Onites 1) [Dio.4.37.2].

Hodoedocus. Father, by Agrianome (daughter of Perseon), of Oileus 1, counted among the ARGONAUTS [Hyg.Fab.14].

Holaeas. King of Arcadia and contemporary of King Procles 2 of Sparta. He was son of Cypselus 1, son of Aepytus 4, son of Hippothous 6, son of Cercyon 2, son of Agamedes 2, son of Stymphalus 1, son of Elatus 2, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. Holaeas is father of Bucolion 3, father of Phialus, father of Simus, father of Pompus, father of Aeginetes 2, father of Briacas, father of Aechmis, who also was king of Arcadia [Pau.8.5.7].

Holcasus commanded, along with his brother, the Cyraioi, who fought together with Deriades against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War. He was son of Tarbelus, a javelineer. [Nonn.26.181].

Homadus. See CENTAURS.

Homolippus. Son of Heracles 1 and Xanthis, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].


Hopladamus. See GIANTS.

Hoples. Father of Meta, one of the wives of Aegeus 1 [Apd.3.15.6].

Hopleus 1. Son of Poseidon and Canace, daughter of Aeolus 1 [Apd.1.7.4].

Hopleus 2. Son of Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Hopleus 3. One of the LAPITHS who fought against the CENTAURS [Hes.SH.180].

Hopleus 4. A soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES and a comrade of Tydeus 2. He was killed by Aepytus 5 [Stat.Theb.8.726, 9.204, 10.400].

Hora 1 (see Hersilia). Hersilia's name after she became a goddess [Ov.Met.14.850].

Hora 2. See NYMPHS.


Horatia. Sister of Horatius and Curiatius' betrothed. She was killed by her brother [see Horatius below] [Plu.PS.16].

Horatius. When the Romans and the Albans were at war, they chose triplets as their champions, the Albans the Curiatii, the Romans the Horatii. The Curiatii then killed two of their opponents, but the survivor (Horatius), having simulated a flight, killed one after another of his pursuers. His sister Horatia however did not rejoice, for he had slain her betrothed Curiatius. So Horatius killed his sister too [Plu.PS.16].

Horus. Son of Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Hostilius. This man was grandfather to the Hostilius (Tullus Hostilius) who was king after Numa 3, the second king of Rome. He was married to Hersilia who, after her husband's death in battle against the Sabines, married Romulus [Plu.Rom.14.6-7, 17.5].

Husband Ethiopian. This is the man who was married to Benthesicyme, daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite. Benthesicyme and her husband had two daughters, one of which was given by her father to Eumolpus 1, the son of Poseidon and Chione 1 that was killed in battle by King Erechtheus of Athens [Apd.3.15.4].

Hyacinthus 1.

Hyacinthus 2. A Lacedaemonian whose daughters (Aegleis, Antheis, Lytaea, and Orthaea) were sacrificed by the Athenians in obedience to an oracle in order to avoid famine and pestilence (he might have killed Antheis himself on behalf of the Athenians). This happened when Minos 2 was at war with Athens; since he could not take the city, he prayed to Zeus that he might be avenged on the Athenians. And when the god sent famine and pestilence, the Athenians, in obedience to an ancient oracle, slaughtered the daughters of Hyacinthus 2, on the grave of Geraestus [Apd.3.15.8; Hyg.Fab.238].



Hyagnis invented the music of the double pipes with clever holes. She is mother of Marsyas, either by Oeagrus (father of Orpheus) or by Olympus (son of Heracles 1) [Apd.1.4.2; Hyg.Fab.165; Nonn.10.233, 41.374].

Hyale 1. See NYMPHS.

Hyale 2. See DANAIDS.

Hyamus. Son of Lycorus, son of Apollo and Corycia (one of the NYMPHS). He is father of Celaeno 3, who also consorted with Apollo [Pau.10.6.3].

Hyanthidas and his brother Doridas ruled in Corinth and it was they who were forced to surrender the kingdom to Aletes 2, one of the HERACLIDES. They were sons of Propodas, son of Damophon, son of Thoas 8, son of Ornytion, son of Sisyphus [Pau.2.4.3].

Hyas was killed by a lion, or a boar, or a Libyan lioness, while he was hunting. After his death his sisters (the HYADES 1) grieved him exceedingly, and they are all remembered mainly for this. Others have said that the HYADES 1 were his daughters by Boeotia, otherwise unknown. Hyas was son of Atlas, and his mother was either Pleione or Aethra 1 (both are OCEANIDS) [Hyg.Ast.2.21; Hyg.Fab.192, 248; Ov.Fast.5.170].


Hydaspes 1. See RIVER GODS.

Hydaspes 2. A soldier of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Sacrator [Vir.Aen.10.747].



Hyettus is remembered for having come to Minyan Orchomenus from Argos as an exile for having killed Molurus whom he had caught with his wife [Pau.9.36.7].

Hygia. See also PERSONIFICATIONS and Asclepius.