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Aetnaeus to Althaemenes

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone

Aetnaeus was son of Prometheus 2 and lived in Cabeiri in Boeotia. Demeter entrusted him something for him and his father to keep, whatever that was [ Pau.9.25.6].

Aetolus 1 was father of Palaemon 1, who is counted among the ARGONAUTS [Apd.1.9.16].

Aetolus 2 is the eponym of Aetolia, the region in mainland Greece north of the Gulf of Patrae. Aetolus 2 was King of Elis after his brother Epeius 1 was made to flee. Aetolus 2, who is son of Endymion, either by a Naiad 1, or by Iphianassa 2, or by Asterodia 2, or by Chromia, or by Hyperippe 2, married Pronoe 2 and had two sons: Pleuron and Calydon, after whom the Aetolian cities were called [see also Calydon] [Apd.1.7.6-7; Pau.5.1.4, 5.1.9; Strab.10.3.2].

Aetolus 3 was son of Oxylus 2, the man who helped the HERACLIDES, and of Pieria 2. Aetolus 3 died before his parents, and they buried him in a tomb in the gate leading to Olympia because an oracle forbade the corpse to be laid either outside the city or within it [Pau.5.4.4].

Aetolus 4. Son of Zeus & Protogenia 1, daughter of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood [Hyg.Fab.155].

Aex. Aex is one of the nurses of Zeus. She is known for her beautiful body but also for having a most horrible face. According to some Aex was daughter of Helius, but others have said she was daughter of Olenus 1, son of Hephaestus. Aex had by Pan a son Aegipan 1, who was nourished together with Zeus. Aegipan 1 and Hermes recovered Zeus' sinews which Typhon had severed [Hyg.Ast.2.13].

Aezeius is one of the first kings of the Peloponnesus, father of Lycaon 6, father of Deianira 4, mother of the impious Lycaon 2 [DH.1.11.2].

Agacles was father of Epigeus, an Achaean warrior that was killed by Hector 1 during the Trojan War [Hom.Il.16.571].

Agamede was the eldest of Augeas' daughters [for Augeas see Heracles 1]. She married Mulius 1, who was killed by Nestor in the war between Pylos and Elis, and later, after having consorted with Poseidon, she gave birth to Dictys 4 [Hom.Il.11.739-40; Hyg.Fab.157].

Agamedes 1 is said to have built, together with his brother Trophonius, the fourth temple of Apollo at Delphi. These brothers were the sons of King Erginus 1 of the Minyans, son of Clymenus 2, son of Presbon, son of Phrixus 1, son of Athamas 1, and of a young wife of Erginus 1. Agamedes 1 could not escape when he and his brother were discovered while stealing, and Trophonius cut off his head, lest he should be tortured [Pau.9.37.5-6, 10.5.12].

Agamedes 2 is father of Cercyon 2 and son of King Stymphalus 1 of Arcadia, son of Elatus 2, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus & Callisto [Pau.8.4.8, 8.5.4].

Agamedidas. See HERACLIDES.


Agamestor was father, by a Nymph, of Clitus 5, a Trojan who was killed during the Trojan War by Podalirius, son of Asclepius [QS.6.465].

Aganippe 1 was daughter of the river god Termessus. After her a spring was called in Boeotia [Pau.9.29.5].

Aganippe 2 was mother, by Acrisius, of Danae, mother of Perseus 1 [Hyg.Fab.63].

Aganippus. See TROJANS.

Aganus. Son of Paris and Helen [CYP.9].


Agaptolemus. Son of Aegyptus 1 and a Phoenician woman. He married Pirene 1, one of the DANAIDS, and was killed by her on their wedding night [Apd.2.1.5].

Agassamenus. King of the Thracians in the island of Strongyle. He married Pancratis after her suitors Hecetorus and Sicelus 1 had killed each other. Or else he and Sicelus 1 were the sons of Hecetorus and they killed each other for Pancratis, daughter of Aloeus 1, son of Poseidon [Dio.5.50.6; Parth.19].

Agasthenes was King of Elis after his father's death. He was son of Augeas and, after marrying Peloris, he had a child Polyxenus 2, who became king after him [Hyg.Fab.97; Pau.5.3.3-4].

Agastrophus. See TROJANS.

Agathon. Son of King Priam 1 of Troy [Apd.3.12.5, Hyg.Fab.90].

Agathyrnus. Son of Aeolus 2 & Cyane 2, and founder of a city called after him Agathyrnus [Dio.5.8.1-2].

Agathyrsus. Son of Heracles 1.

Agave 1. See NEREIDS.

Agave 2. Daughter of Cadmus & Harmonia 1. When Dionysus 2 came to Thebes, he forced the women to abandon their houses and rave in Bacchic frenzy on Mount Cithaeron. As her son Pentheus 1, whom she had by the Sparti Echion 2 [see SPARTI], attempted to put a stop to these proceedings, he was torn limb from limb by his mother. She also killed king Lycotherses of Illyria, after having consorted with him, and gave the kingdom to her father [see also Pentheus 1]. Agave 2 had also a daughter Epirus [Apd.3.4.2, 3.5.2; Eur.Bacc. 1233 and passim; Hes.The.976; Hyg.Fab.184, 254; Nonn.5.199; Parth.32.4].

Agave 3. See DANAIDS.

Agave 4. See AMAZONS.

Agdistis. See ZEUS' OFFSPRING [Pau.7.17.10].

Agelaus 1 (Lamus 1, Hyllus 3). Son of Heracles 1.

Agelaus 2. A servant of King Priam 1 of Troy who exposed Paris following the king's instructions. After five days having found the child safe, he carried it away and brought it up as his own son [Apd.3.12.5].

Agelaus 3. See HERACLIDES.

Agelaus 4, son of King Stymphalus 1 of Arcadia, is the father of Phalanthus 2, after whom the city in Arcadia was named [Pau.8.35.9].


Agelaus 6. See TROJANS.

Agelaus 7. See ACHAEANS.

Agelaus 8 (see Ageleus) [Hes.CWE.98].

Agelaus 9. Father of Antheus 3, a warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War [Nonn.35.382].

Agelaus 10. See TROJANS.

Agelaus 11. See TROJANS.

Ageleus (Agelaus 8). Son of Oeneus 2 and Althaea, killed in battle against the Curetes [see also Calydon and Meleager] [Lib.Met.2].



Agenor 2. See NIOBIDS.

Agenor 3 (Axion 1) and Pronous 1 were sons of Phegeus 1, son of the river god Alpheus. They are known for having killed Alcmaeon 1 at their father's command, being themselves killed by Alcmaeon 1's sons Amphoterus 1 and Acarnan 1; some have said, however, that Agenor 3 and his brother were killed by their own sister Arsinoe 1 [the whole story is at Robe & Necklace of Harmonia 1] [Apd.3.7.6; Pau.8.24.10; Prop.1.15.23].

Agenor 4 is an Argive, son of Ecbasus, son of Argus 5, son of Zeus and Niobe 1, the first mortal woman that was loved by the god. Agenor 4 is father of the All-seeing Argus 1 [Apd.2.1.2].


Agenor 6. Son of Pleuron & Xanthippe 1, and father of Porthaon, Demonice, and Thestius 1 [see also Calydon]. Pleuron was son of Aetolus 2, son of Endymion [see also Elis]. Xanthippe 1 is daughter of Dorus 2, the son of Apollo and Phthia 2 that was killed by Aetolus 2 [Apd.1.7.7; Pau.3.13.8].

Agenor 7. See DANAIDS.

Agenor 8. See TROJANS.

Agenor 9 is an ancestor of Patreus, the founder of Patrae. Agenor 9 is the son of Areus, son of Ampyx 3, son of Pelias 2, son of Aeginetes 1, son of Dereites, son of Harpalus 1, son of Amyclas 1 (founder of Amyclae), son of Lacedaemon, son of Zeus and Taygete, one of the PLEIADES. Agenor 9 had a son Preugenes, who was the father of Patreus [Pau.7.18.5].

Agenor 10 has been called Andromeda's betrothed, who otherwise is called Phineus 1 [Hyg.Fab.54].


Agenor 12. Danaus 1 [see DANAIDS] stayed the succession to the kingdom of the descendants of Agenor 12, son of King Triopas 1 of Argos. Nevertheless Agenor 12's son Crotopus was king in Argolis [Pau.2.16.1].

Agenor 13 was a soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. Trying to rescue his brother Tages 2, who had been wounded in battle by the river, he drowned [Stat.Theb.9.272].


Agesilaus. King of Sparta who died soon, as also History says. During his reign the famous Lycurgus 6 made his legislation. Agesilaus was son of Doryssus, son of Labotas, son of Echestratus, son of Agis 1, son of Eurysthenes 1, son of Aristodemus, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1 [Pau.3.2.4-5].

Agestratus. See TROJANS.

Agis 1. King of Sparta, after whom the family of Eurysthenes 1 is called the Agiadae. Agis 1, a contemporary of Patreus, was son of Eurysthenes 1, son of Aristodemus, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1. His mother Anaxandra was daughter of Thersander 3, son of Agamedidas, who was great-grandson of Ctesippus 1 and king of the Cleonaeans. Ctesippus 1 was son of Heracles 1. Agis 1 had two sons: Echestratus and Amphicles [Pau.3.2.1-2, 3.16.6, 3.16.9; Strab.8.5.4].

Agis 2 was the name of a Lycian fighting in Aeneas' army in Italy who was unhorsed by Valerus, one of Turnus' soldiers [Vir.Aen.10.751].

Aglaia 1. See CHARITES.

Aglaia 2 is daughter of Mantineus 1. She married Abas 2 and had twins: Acrisius and Proetus 1 [see also Danae] [Apd.2.2.1].

Aglaia 3 is one of the daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had a son Antiades [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Aglaia 4. See NYMPHS.

Aglaia 5. Mother by Amythaon 1, son of Cretheus 1, son of Aeolus 1, of Melampus 1 and Bias 1 [Dio.4.68.3].

Aglaope (Aglaophonus). See SIRENS.

Aglaophonus (see Aglaope). [Hes.CWE.47]

Aglaurus 1 (Agraulus 1). Daughter of Actaeus 1, she married Cecrops 1, and became mother of Erysichthon 1, Aglaurus 2, Herse 2, and Pandrosus [see also Athens] [Apd.3.14.2].

Aglaurus 2 (Agraulus 2). Daughter of Cecrops 1 & Aglaurus 1. By Ares she had Alcippe 1, and by Hermes she became mother of Ceryx. Aglaurus 2 was killed either by the serpent coiled about the babe Erichthonius 2 or was driven mad by the anger of Athena and threw herself from the Acropolis; others say she threw herself into the sea, or that she was turned by Hermes into a black stone [see also Athens and Envy] [Apd.3.14.2, 3.14.6; Eur.Ion.20ff.; Hdt.8.53; Hyg.Fab.166.; Ov.Met.2.784ff.; Pau.1.38.3].

Aglaurus 3 was her mother's sister, for she was the daughter of Erectheus and Procris 2, and the latter was also daughter of Erechtheus [Hyg.Fab.253].

Aglaus, from Mycenae, is one of the sons of Thyestes 1 and a Naiad. He was cut him limb from limb by Atreus, who served him to Thyestes 1 for a meal [see Pelopides] [Apd.Ep.2.13].

Agorius was brought by Oxylus 2 from Helice in Achaea to Elis as co-founder, because he considered him to be the descendant of Pelops 1 that, in accordance with an oracle, he was searching for [see also HERACLIDES]. Agorius was son of Damasius, son of Penthilus 1, son of Orestes 2, son of Agamemnon, son of Atreus, son of Pelops 1. [Pau.5.4.3].

Agraeus 1. See HERACLIDES.

Agraeus 2, son of Eulaeus, was an Indian chieftain who armed himself against Dionysus 2, during the latter's campaign in India [Nonn.26.45].

Agraulus 1 (see Aglaurus 1). [Apd.3.14.2].

Agraulus 2 (see Aglaurus 2). [Apd.3.14.2].


Agreus 1 (see Aristaeus). [Dio.4.81.2].

Agreus 2 is one of the PANS who came to join Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India. He is son of Hermes and Sose [Nonn.14.91].

Agreus 3 is an Epidaurian soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES [Stat.Theb.6.912].

Agreus 4 was a soldier from Pylos in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He was killed at Thebes by Menoeceus 2, son of Creon 2, son of Menoeceus 1 [Stat.Theb.10.682].

Agrianome. Mother of Oileus 1 [see ARGONAUTS].

Agriodus (see Argiodus) [Hyg.Fab.181].

Agrippa. See kings of Alba at Aeneas.

Agrius 1. See CENTAURS.

Agrius 2. See GIANTS.

Agrius 3 is the king of Calydon that was deposed by Diomedes 2 [see Calydon and Diomedes 2]. Agrius 3 was son of Porthaon and Euryte 2, daughter of Hippodamas 1, son of the river god Achelous. His father was son of Agenor 6, son of Pleuron, son of Aetolus 2, son of Endymion, the king of Elis that was loved by Selene. Agrius 3 had several sons: Thersites, Onchestus 1, Prothous 1, Celeutor, Lycopeus, and Melanippus 1. Agrius 3 was killed by Diomedes 2, or else he killed himself when driven from his kingdom by Diomedes 2 [Apd.1.7.10, 1.8.6; Hyg.Fab.242; Lib.Met.37].

Agrius 4. Son of Odysseus and Circe [Hes.The.1013].


Agrius 6. See GIANTS.

Agrius 7. See ACTAEON'S DOGS.

Agron 1, son of Eumelus 5, is said to have been turned by Hermes into a plover, because of him being so impious and arrogant. Something similar happened to his sisters Byssa and Meropis [Lib.Met.15].

Agron 2. See HERACLIDES.

Agyieus is said to have come from the Hyperboreans and established, together with Olen and Pagasus 1, the oracle of Apollo at Delphi [Pau.10.5.7-8].

Agylleus. Son of Heracles 1.

Agyrtes 1 was one of the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS that were in the court of Andromeda's father Cepheus 1 at the moment of the fight between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1. He was killed by Perseus 1 [Ov.Met.5.144].

Agyrtes 2 was a soldier in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. He was killed in battle at Thebes [Stat.Theb.9.281].

Agyrtes 3 is the trumpeteer who followed those who went to fetch Achilles in the court of Lycomedes 1. He was instructed by Odysseus to blow a great blast upon the trumpet so that Achilles' spontaneous reaction to it would betray him (Achilles was disguised as a girl) [Stat.Achil.1.724, 1.819, 1.875].

AIANTES is the name given to the two Ajax: Ajax 1 and Ajax 2 [Hom.Il.2.406, etc.].

Aibialus. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War, who was killed by Deriades [Nonn.32.186].

Aiclus. After the Trojan War, he and his brother Cothus, setting out from Athens, settled inhabitants in Euboea. Aiclus is son either of Ion 1 and Helice 2, or of Xuthus 1, son of Hellen 1, son of Deucalion 1, the man whom survived the Flood [Plu.GQ.22; Strab.10.1.3, 10.1.8].

Ajax 1

Ajax 2

Alalcomeneus. After Alalcomeneus the city Alalcomenae in Boeotia was called [but see also Alalcomenia]. He is said to have brought up Athena [Pau.9.33.5].

Alalcomenia. After whom Alalcomenae in Boeotia was called [see also Alalcomeneus]. She was the daughter of Ogygus, the King of the Ectenes, who was the first to occupy the land of Thebes [Pau.9.33.4].

Alastor 1. Son of Neleus and Chloris 1. He was killed by Heracles 1, who also killed all his brothers except Nestor. Alastor 1 had married Harpalyce 2, daughter of Clymenus 9, son of Schoeneus 4, a man from Arcadia [Apd.1.9.9; Parth.13.2].

Alastor 2. See TROJANS.

Alastor 3. See ACHAEANS.

Alatreus was one of those who defended Thebes against the SEVEN. He was the son of Lapithaon and the Nymph Dercetis 2 [Stat.Theb.7.300, 11.35].

Alba. See Throne Succession of the Kingdom of Alba Longa at Aeneas.

Albanus. It is said that the Kingdom of Alba was named after Albanus [Vir.Aen.9.388].

Alcaeus 1. Son of Perseus 1 and Andromeda. He married either Astydamia 1, or Laonome, or Hipponome, and had children by her: Amphitryon, Anaxo 1, and Perimede 2 [Apd.2.4.5; Eur.Her.1ff.].

Alcaeus 2. When Heracles 1 went to fetch the Belt of Hippolyte 2, the Queen of the AMAZONS, he sailed in a single ship, taking with him a group of volunteers. On his way he put in to the island of Paros, the one of the Cyclades islands that is famous for its marble, which was inhabited by the sons of Minos 2. When some of Heracles 1's comrades landed they were immediately killed. For this reason Heracles 1 killed the sons of Minos 2 on the spot and besieged the rest till they sent ambassadors proposing that in the room of the murdered men he would take two among the besieged. So Heracles 1 raised the siege, and took on board the grandsons of Minos 2, Alcaeus 2 and Sthenelus 4 [Apd.2.5.9].

Alcaeus 3. The former name of Heracles 1 (see also Alcides) [Dio.4.10.1].

Alcaeus 4. One of the generals of Oenopion 1, son of Dionysus 2. Oenopion 1 made a present of an island or a city to several of his generals, and Alcaeus 4 received the island of Paros, one of the Cyclades islands that is famous for its marble [Dio.5.79.2].

Alcaeus 5. See TROJANS.

Alcaeus 6. Son of Heracles 1.

Alcamenes. King of Sparta after the death of his father Teleclus' [Pau.3.2.6].

Alcander 1. A Molossian seer, son of Munichus, son of Dryas 4, and Lelante. Their home was attacked by bandits, who put fire to their buildings. Zeus then felt pity for them, turning them into various birds; Alcander 1 was turned into a kinglet [Lib.Met.14].

Alcander 2. One of the companions of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus [Vir.Aen.9.767].

Alcander 3. See TROJANS.

Alcandre. This is a woman, wife of Polybus 7, who lived in Egyptian Thebes and once gave a silver basket to Helen [Hom.Od.4.127].

Alcanor 1 came from Mount Ida, near Troy. He married the Dryad Nymph Iaera 2, and had by her two sons, Bitias 1 and Pandarus 2, who followed Aeneas to Italy, and were killed there in combat [Vir.Aen.9.672].

Alcanor 2. An ally of Turnus wounded by Aeneas during the Italian wars; Alcanor 2 was brother of Maeon 2 and Numitor 1, also allies of Turnus [Vir.Aen.10.338].


Alcathoe (Alcithoe). This girl and her sisters, all daughters of Minyas, the man who owned a marvellous treasure in Orchomenus, refused to honour Dionysus 2, and for that reason she was turned into a bat, or perhaps Hermes turned her into a bird [Lib.Met.10; Ov.Met.4.1, 4.410].

Alcathous 1 is the second suitor of Hippodamia 3, and like all her suitors (except Pelops 1), he was killed by her father Oenomaus 1. However, it is also said that Alcathous 1, son of Porthaon and Euryte 2, was killed by Diomedes 2's father Tydeus 2, who went then into exile. Alcathous 1 is brother of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon, the man who assembled the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS [Apd.1.7.10, 1.8.5; Dio.4.65.2; Pau.6.20.17, 6.21.10].

Alcathous 2. See TROJANS.

Alcathous 3. This is the man, son of Pelops 1 and Hippodamia 3, who is said to have killed the Cithaeronian lion. Alcathous 3 married first Pyrgo 1 and afterwards Evaechme 1. The latter was daughter of Megareus 2, the Boeotian who helped King Nisus 1 of Megara in his war against Minos 2. By some of his wives Alcathous 3 had children: Automedusa, Periboea 2, Callipolis, Ischepolis, and Iphinoe 4 [Apd.2.4.11, 3.12.7; Pau.1.41.3-4, 1.42.6, 1.43.4].

Alcathous 4. A soldier of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Caedicus 2, who fought in Turnus' army [Vir.Aen.10.747].

Alcathous 5. See TROJANS.

Alcathous 6. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed during the war by Amphiaraus [Stat.Theb.7.718].

Alce. One of Actaeon's dogs [see this name].

Alces. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1 [see DANAIDS].


Alcetus. A Theban, whose sons (not known) were killed by Theseus in the sequels of the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES [Stat.Theb.12.744].

Alcibie. See AMAZONS.

Alcidamas 1 is the father of Ctesylla, who died while giving birth and was turned into a dove [Lib.Met.1; Ov.Met.7.369].

Alcidamas 2. See TROJANS.

Alcidamas 3 was a Laconian in the army of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES, known for having competed in boxing in the funeral games of Opheltes 1, the child who was nursed by Hypsipyle [see Jason]. He is said to have been trained in that sport by Polydeuces, one of the DIOSCURI. Alcidamas 3 was killed in battle at Thebes [Stat.Theb.6.740, 10.500].

Alcidamea was mother, by Hermes, of King Bunus of Corinth [Pau.2.3.10].

Alcides (see Heracles 1). This was the first name of Heracles 1 until a Pythian priestess, the one who told him to serve Eurystheus for twelve years, first called him Heracles 1 [see also Alcaeus 3] [Apd.2.4.12; Cal.Ar.145; Ov.Fast.4.66, 5.387].

Alcidice. First wife of Salmoneus, the founder of Elis, and mother by him of Tyro, mother of Neleus. Alcidice was daughter of King Aleus of Arcadia, son of Aphidas 1, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. At her death Salmoneus married Sidero [Apd.1.9.8; Dio.4.68.1-2].

Alcidocus, son of Scopius was unintentionally killed with a quoit by Oxylus 2, the guide of the HERACLIDES and subsequently king of Elis. On account of this death Oxylus 2 left Aetolia and came to Elis. Some have said, however, that the man killed by Oxylus 2 was not Alcidocus, but Thermius [Pau.5.3.7].

Alcimacheia. See MAENADS.

Alcimede 1. Daughter of Clymene 3, either by Phylacus 1, son of Deion, son of Aeolus 1, or by Cephalus 1, the husband of Procris 2. Alcimede 1 has been called wife of Aeson and mother of Jason and Promachus 2. Along with her husband she was forced by King Pelias 1 to commit suicide. Some have said that she hanged herself, but others say that Alcimede 1, threatened to death by Pelias 1, drank freely, along with her husband and child (Promachus 2), of a bull's blood and died [Apd.1.7.2, 1.9.27; Arg.1.47, 1.228ff.; Hyg.Fab.14; Pau.10.29.6; Val.1.818ff.].

Alcimede 2. One of the Lemnian women who killed all the men in the island. She killed her own father [see also Lemnos, ARGONAUTS and Jason] [Stat.Theb.5.236].

Alcimedes. See ACHAEANS.

Alcimedon 1. See ACHAEANS.

Alcimedon 2 was one of the SAILORS who tried to delude Dionysus 2. He was turned into a dolphin by the god [Hyg.Fab.134; Ov.Met.3.581-691].

Alcimedon 3 was a man from a place near Mount Ostracina in Arcadia, remembered for having exposed his daughter Phialo to perish when he realized she was pregnant [Pau.8.12.2].

Alcimenes 1 (see Deliades) [Apd.2.3.1].

Alcimenes 2. Son of Jason and Medea [Dio.4.53.1].

Alcimus 1. See ACHAEANS.

Alcimus 2. Father of Mentor 4 [Hom.Od.22.235].

Alcinoe 1. See NYMPHS.

Alcinoe 2 fell in love with Xanthus 9 and leaving husband and children fled with him but later she repented. All this was caused by Athena who thus avenged a woman named Nicandra who had come to spin for Alcinoe 2, and after having worked for a year was turned out of the house without receiving the full wages Alcinoe 2 had promised to give her. Alcinoe 2 was daughter of Polybus 4, king of Corinth, and her husband was Amphilochus 3, son of Dryas 7. Alcinoe 2 threw herself into the sea [Parth.27.1].

Alcinous. King of the Phaeacians, who received the ARGONAUTS and protected Medea. According to some Alcinous made an agreement with his brother Locrus (with whom he had quarrelled) whereby he won the kingdom while Locrus emigrated to Italy. When the Colchians demanded that he should give her up Alcinous answered that if she already knew Jason, he would give her to him, but that if she were still a maid he would send her away to her father. However, his wife Arete anticipated matters by marrying Medea to Jason. Years later he entertained the shipwrecked Odysseus and, after bestowing gifts on him, sent him away to his native Ithaca. According to some Alcinous was son of Nausithous 1, son of Poseidon and Periboea 1; but others say that he was son of Phaeax 1, son of Poseidon & Corcyra and eponym of the Phaeacians. Alcinous had sons by Arete, Laodamas 1, Halius 1, and Clytoneus 2, and one daughter Nausicaa, remembered for having found Odysseus naked on the beach when she was washing clothes [Apd.1.9.25; Apd.Ep.7.25; Con.3; Dio.4.72.3; Hom.Od.6.15, 7.56ff., 8.20; Hyg.Fab.23].

Alcinus was killed by Heracles 1 along with his father Hippocoon 2 and brothers. Hippocoon 2 is the man who expelled Icarius 1 and Tyndareus, father of Helen, from Lacedaemon and became king of the Lacedaemonians. After the death of Hippocoon 2 and his sons Tyndareus returned to Lacedaemon, becoming king of Sparta [Apd.2.7.3, 3.10.5].

Alcippe 1 is the daughter of Ares and Aglaurus 2 whom Halirrhothius attempted to rape. Halirrhothius was killed by the god. For Aglaurus 2 see Envy [Apd.3.14.2].

Alcippe 2. Mother, by Eupalamus, of Daedalus [Apd.3.15.8].

Alcippe 3. Alcippe 3 appears as a maid of Helen, at the time when Odysseus' son Telemachus came to the court of King Menelaus in Sparta after the Trojan War, looking for information about his father. Alcippe 3 came in bringing a rug of wool for Helen, while other servants attended with other things [Hom.Od.4.124].

Alcippe 4. See AMAZONS.

Alcippe 5. Daughter of cruel King Oenomaus 1 of Pisa, the man who used to put to death his daughter Hippodamia 3's suitors and nail their heads to his house. Alcippe 5 married Evenus 2, son of Ares or of Heracles 1. They had a daughter Marpessa 1, the girl who chose Idas 2 before Apollo as husband of fear that Apollo might desert her in her Old Age. It is said that Idas 2 carried her off in a winged chariot which he received from Poseidon, and that when Evenus 2 could not catch them, he threw himself into the river Lycormas in Aetolia which is called Evenus after him. Marpessa 1 is mother of Cleopatra 4, mother of Polydora 3, the wife of Protesilaus, the first of the Achaeans to die in the Trojan War [Plu.PS.40].

Alcis. Daughter of Antipoenus. This man had to die by his own hand if Thebes was to be saved and the war against the Orchomenians was to be successful. However, his daughters, Alcis and Androclia took their lives in his stead [Pau.9.17.1].

Alcithoe (see Alcathoe) [Ov.Met.4.1, 4.410].

Alcmaeon 1. Leader of the EPIGONI. After capturing Thebes, Alcmaeon 1 learned that his mother Eriphyle had been bribed to his undoing as well as to his father's. So, in accordance with an oracle given to him by Apollo, Alcmaeon 1 killed his own mother, perhaps in conjunction with his brother Amphilochus 1. But he was haunted by the ERINYES of his mother's murder and, having gone mad, he first went to Arcadia, where he was received by Oicles. Thence he came to the court of Phegeus 1 at Psophis who, having purified him, gave him his daughter Arsinoe 1. Nevertheless the fields were believed to have become barren on his account, and so he departed to Achelous who purified him again and gave him his daughter as well. But his second wife asked for the necklace of Harmonia 1 that Arsinoe 1 had received from Alcmaeon 1. And when he tried to get it back from his first wife, Phegeus 1 understood he was being deluded by Alcmaeon 1 and sent his sons Pronous 1 and Agenor 3 to kill him, or perhaps killed him himself. Alcmaeon 1 is counted among the SUITORS OF HELEN [see also Robe & Necklace of Harmonia 1]. Parentage: Amphiaraus & Eriphyle. Mates & Offspring: Alcmaeon 1 was father of Clytius 11 by Alcinoe 1; of Acarnan 1 and Amphoterus 1 by Callirrhoe 2; of Amphilochus 2 and Tisiphone 2 by Manto 1 [Apd.3.7.2-7; Hes.CWE.68.15, 99; Hyg.Fab.245; Pau.6.17.6].

Alcmaeon 2. King of Messenia expelled by the HERACLIDES Temenus 2 and Cresphontes. Alcmaeon 2 was son of Sillus, son of Thrasymedes 1, son of Nestor [Pau.2.18.8].

Alcmaon. See ACHAEANS.


Alcmenor. Son of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Alcon 1. An Athenian, who shot the snake that was threatening to kill his son Phalerus 1, one of the ARGONAUTS [Arg.1.97; Hyg.Fab.14; Val.1.398].

Alcon 2. The Hylean who made the goblet which Therses gave to Anius, father of the WINEGROWERS [Ov.Met.13.683].



Alcon 5 fought in the Indian War and fled when attacked by Orontes 2. He was son of Hephaestus and Cabiro [Nonn.14.21, 17.195, 30.49].

Alcon 6. See TROJANS.

Alcon 7 was a Sicyonian who took part in the foot-race at Opheltes 1's funeral games. During the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES he came in succour of Hippomedon 1 [Stat.Theb.6.556, 9.121].

Alcyone 1. See PLEIADES.

Alcyone 2. See Ceyx [Apd.1.7.3-4; Hyg.Fab.65].

Alcyone 3 is the daughter of Sthenelus 3, son of Perseus 1 and Andromeda, and Nicippe 1, daughter of Pelops 1. Alcyone 3 became known when the Centaur Homadus attempted to rape her [Apd.2.4.5; Dio.4.12.7].

Alcyone 4. Wife of Chalcodon 1, and Euboean king, and mother of Elephenor [see ACHAEAN LEADERS] [Apd.Ep.3.11].

Alcyone 5 (see Cleopatra 4). [Hyg.Fab.174].

Alcyone 6. This is the woman who held the priesthood at Argos three generations before the the Trojan War [DH.1.22.3].

Alcyoneus 1. See GIANTS.

Alcyoneus 2. When Lamia 2, a monster, devastated the country of the Delphians, they decided to sacrifice Alcyoneus 2 in order to get rid of it. However, Eurybatus offered himself to be sacrificed in the place of Alcyoneus 2, and killed the beast [Lib.Met.8].

Alcyoneus 3 (see Ischys). [Lib.Met.20].

Alcyoneus 4. See TROJANS.

Alecto. See ERINYES.

Alector 1 was king of Argos. His father was Anaxagoras, son either of Argeus 1 or of Megapenthes 2, son of Proetus 1, son of Abas 2, son of Lynceus 2, who married one of the DANAIDS. Alector had a son Iphis 1, who also reigned in Argos [Apd.3.6.2; Pau.2.18.5].

Alector 2. Father of Leitus [see ACHAEAN LEADERS] [Apd.1.9.16, 3.10.8].

Alector 3. A Spartan whose daughter married Megapenthes 1.

Alector 3's Daughter. A Spartan, wife of Megapenthes 1, son of Menelaus [Hom.Od.4.10].

Alectryon (Electryon 2). Alectryon has been said to be the father of Leitus, who led the Boeotians against Troy, but Leitus [see ACHAEAN LEADERS] has been given other parentages as well. Alectryon was son of Itonus 2, son of Boeotus, son, according to some, of Itonus 1, son of Amphictyon, son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood [Dio.4.67.7; Hom.Il.2.494, 17.605].

Alegenor. Son of Itonus 2, son of Boeotus, son, according to some, of Itonus 1, son of Amphictyon, son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. Alegenor had two sons: Promachus 4 and Clonius 2 [Dio.4.67.7; Hom.Il.14.503].

Alemon. An Argive father of Myscelus, the founder of Crotona in southern Italy [Ov.Met.15.20ff.].

Aletes 1. Son of Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra, who seized the kingly power in Mycenae when he heard the false rumour that said that Orestes 2 and Pylades had been sacrificed in Tauris. He was killed by Orestes 2 [Hyg.Fab.122].

Aletes 2. See HERACLIDES.

Aletes 3. Son of Icarius 1, either by the Naiad Periboea 3, or by Polycaste 1, daughter of Lygaeus. Aletes 3 is brother of Penelope [Apd.3.10.6; Strab.10.2.24].

Aletes 4. An aged companion of the exiled Aeneas [Vir.Aen.1.120, 9.246].

Aletes 5. An aged Theban who spoke consoling words to the Thebans when they grieved those who had been killed by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.3.178].

Aleus is the successor of Aepytus 3 on the throne of Arcadia and the founder of Alea. He is also remembered for having exposed his grandson, the babe Telephus, on Mount Parthenius when he discovered the motherhood of his daughter Auge 2, whom he then gave to Nauplius 1, to sell far away in a foreign land. Aleus father was Aphidas 1, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. He was married either to Neaera 3 or to Cleobule 1. The former was daughter of Pereus, son of Elatus 2, son of Arcas 1. Aleus had by Neaera 3 a daughter Auge 2 and a son Lycurgus 2. Those who say that he was married to Cleobule 1 also say that their children were Amphidamas 2 and Cepheus 2. Aleus' daughter Alcidice could be the daughter of either Neaera 3 or Cleobule 1, and the same may be said of Cepheus 2 [Apd.2.7.4, 3.9.1; Arg.161ff.; Dio.4.68.1; Hyg.Fab.14; Pau.8.4.7-8, 8.23.1].

Alexander 1 (see Paris). [Apd.3.12.5; CYP.1; DH.1.48.3; Eur.Hel.32; Eur.Rhe.627; Eur.Tro.942; Hom.Il.3.253; Hyg.Fab.90].

Alexander 2. Son of Eurystheus and Antimache. He was killed in war by the Athenians [Apd.2.8.1, 3.9.2].

Alexandra (see Cassandra). [Pau.3.19.6].

Alexanor, son of Machaon, came to Sicyon and built a sanctuary to his grandfather Asclepius [Pau.2.11.5].

Alexiares. Son of Heracles 1.

Alexida. Persons who have the ability to turn away attacks of epilepsy they call Averters, and these are thought to be descendants of Alexida, daughter of Amphiaraus, one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES [Plu.GQ.23].

Alexinomus. A man from Caunus in Lycia (Asia Minor), father of Alcidamas 2 and Melaneus 9 [see TROJANS] [QS.8.78].

Alexippus. See TROJANS.

Alexiroe. Daughter of the river god Granicus, and mother by King Priam 1 of Troy, of the seer Aesacus 1 [Ov.Met.11.763].

Alipherus. Son of Lycaon 2 and founder of Aliphera in Arcadia [Pau.8.3.1ff., 8.26.6]

Alitherses. A Lelegian, son of Ancaeus 2, son of Poseidon, and of Samia, daughter of the river god Meander [Pau.7.4.1].

Allodius (Aramulius Silvius). King of Alba. A tyrannical creature, who succeeded Agrippa and was succeeded by Aventinus 2. Contemptuous of the divine powers, he made imitations of lightning and thunder terrifying the people as if he were a god, but he was himself slain by a stroke of lightning and his entire house was submerged in the Alban lake [DH.1.71.3; Dio.7.5.11].

Almo 1. Son of Thyrrheus, warden of the royal herds in Latium, Italy. Almo 1 was killed in battle by the exiled Trojans [Vir.Aen.7.531].

Almo 2. See RIVER GODS.

Almus (Olmus). Almus is known for having received some land from Eteocles 2 in Boeotia, where a village Almones was called after him. He was son of Sisyphus and Merope 1, and had two daughters Chryse 1, and Chrysogenia, who consorted with Ares and Poseidon respectively [Hyg.Ast.2.21; Pau.9.34.10, 9.36.1].


Aloeus 1 is said to be the father, by Iphimedia, of the ALOADS Ephialtes 2 and Otus 1. Aloeus 1, who founded Alus in Aetolia, was the son of Poseidon and Canace, daughter of Aeolus 1 [Apd.1.7.4; Hes.CWE.6; Hom.Od.11.305ff.; Vir.Aen.6.582ff.].

Aloeus 2. King of Asopia, a district in Sicyonia. His father gave him that land and Ephyraea (Corinth) he gave to Aloeus 2's brother Aeetes. He was son of Helius and the Oceanid Perseis. Aloeus 2 had a son Epopeus 1, who reigned in Sicyon [Pau.2.1.1, 2.3.10].

Alope, daughter of Cercyon 1, exposed her child by Poseidon for fear of her father. But she was betrayed by her nurse and Cercyon 1 ordered to kill her and to expose her child again. However, Poseidon transformed her into a spring that was called after her. Her son Hippothous 2, having survived, joined, when grown up, the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS [Hyg.Fab.187].

Alopecus. Of Alopecus it is said that he and his brother Astrabacus became mad on finding a statue of Artemis. Alopecus was son of Irbus, son of Amphisthenes, son of Amphicles, son of Agis 1, son of Eurysthenes 1, son of Aristodemus, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1 [Pau.3.16.9].

Alopius. Son of Heracles 1.

Alphenor. See NIOBIDS.

Alphesiboea 1 (see Arsinoe 1) [Pau.8.24.8; Prop.1.15.23].

Alphesiboea 2. Mother of Adonis by Phoenix 1 [Apd.3.14.4].

Alpheus. See RIVER GODS.

Alphius. A man in the crew of Menelaus during his return from Troy [Pau.10.25.3].

Alpus. See GIANTS.

Altes. King of the Lelegians and father of Laothoe 2, who had children by King Priam 1 [Hom.Il.21.85].

Althaea. Mother of Meleager who let her son die by burning the brand on which his life depended. She was daughter of Thestius 1 and Eurythemis. Althaea married King Oeneus 2 of Calydon and had children by him: Toxeus 1, Thyreus, Clymenus 1, Gorge 2, Ageleus, Periphas 5, Eurymede 2, Melanippe 5 and Deianira 1, but some say she had this last daughter by Dionysus 2. Likewise her son Meleager is both called son of Oeneus 2, and son of Ares. Althaea also consorted with Poseidon and had a son Ancaeus 2 by him. She hanged herself after the deaths of her brothers and her son Meleager [see also Calydon and CALYDONIAN HUNTERS] [Apd.1.7.10, 1.8.1-3; Hyg.Fab.14; Lib.Met.2; Nonn.48.554; Strab.10.3.6].

Althaemenes emigrated from Crete to Rhodes following an oracle. There he became the murderer of his sister Apemosyne, kicking her to death. Later he unintentionally killed his father Catreus whom he took for a pirate. After this he disappeared in a chasm [Apd.3.2.1-2; Dio.5.59.1].