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Thoosa to Zorus

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone

Thoosa. See NYMPHS.

Thootes. See ACHAEANS and HERALDS.

Thornax. An Arcadian, mother, by Iapetus 2, of Buphagus [Pau.8.27.17].

Thrasius 1. See TROJANS.

Thrasius 2 (see Phrasius 2) [Hyg.Fab.56].

Thrassa. Thrassa is the daughter of Ares & Tirine, the daughter of the river-god Strymon 1. She married Hipponous 5, son of Triballus. Hipponous 5 & Thrassa had a daughter Polyphonte, who despised Aphrodite and became the companion of Artemis, remaining a virgin. Aphrodite disliked her attitude and, to teach her a lesson, inspired her a passion for a bear. So Polyphonte consorted with the bear and had with him children, Agrius 6 and Orius 3, who were impious giants, never honoured the gods and devoured men. As they were causing much damage, Zeus sent Hermes to punish them. At first Hermes thought of cutting their feet, but as Ares would not consent to this because these giants were his descendants, the two gods agreed to turn them all into birds. So Hermes turned the giants into vultures and Polyphonte into an owl [Lib.Met.21].

Thrasyanor. See HERACLIDES.

Thrasymedes 1. See ACHAEANS and WOODEN HORSE.

Thrasymedes 2. See ACHAEAN LEADERS.

Thrasymedes 3. See SUITORS OF PENELOPE.

Thrasymelus. See TROJANS.

Threpsippas. Son of Heracles 1.

THRIAE. Three sisters, virgin and winged, who were teachers in divination and were inspired through eating honey [Hom.Herm.4.554ff.].


Thrinax. One of the HELIADES 2. See Helius.

Thronia. Daughter of Belus 1, and mother, by Hermes, of Arabus [Strab.1.2.34].

Thronius 1. A soldier of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Salius 2 [Vir.Aen.10.753].

Thronius 2. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was killed by Deriades, king of India [Nonn.32.188].

Thureus. A general in the Indian army who fought against Dionysus 2 [Nonn.21.324].

Thurimachus. Son of Aegyrus, son of Thelxion, son of Apis 2, son of Phoroneus. Thurimachus was father of Leucippus 5 [Pau.2.5.7].

Thurius. See GIANTS.

Thuscus. Father of Iasion, whom Demeter loved [Hyg.Ast.2.4].

Thyamis 1 commanded, along with his brother, the Cyraioi, who fought together with Deriades against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War. He was son of Tarbelus [Nonn.26.181].

Thyamis 2. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was killed by Deriades, king of India [Nonn.32.186].

Thybris. A tyrant from old times after whom the river Tiber was called [but see also Tiberinus 1 and 2] [Vir.Aen.8.330].

Thydrus. A warrior in the army of Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Colaxes [Val.6.639].

Thyestes 1 consorted with Aerope 1, wife of his brother Atreus, and had a dispute with him concerning the kingdom of Mycenae, which led to his banishment. Also his sons were slaughtered by their uncle who served them at a banquet to Thyestes 1. Thyestes 1 was son of Pelops 1 and Hippodamia 3. He was father, by a naiad (Naiad 3), of Aglaus, Callileon, Orchomenus 4, Pelopia 4, Tantalus 3, and Plisthenes 2. He raped his daughter Pelopia 4 and she gave birth to Aegisthus [see Atreus] [Apd.Ep.2.10-13; Eur.Ore.13; Hyg.Fab.86, 87, 88].

Thyestes 2. An attendant of Cadmus who helped him in sacrificing the Delphian cow [see Cow 1 Delphian at BESTIARY] [Nonn.5.13].

Thyia 1. Priestess of Dionysus 2, and the first to celebrate orgies in his honour. She was daughter of Castalius, a Phocian. Thyia 1 consorted with Apollo and gave birth to Delphus [Pau.10.6.4].

Thyia 2. Daughter of Deucalion 1 and Pyrrha 1; and mother, by Zeus, of Magnes 1 and Macedon [Hes.CWE.3].

Thyia 3. Daughter of Cephisus, one of the RIVER GODS [Hdt.7.178].

Thymber. Son of Daucus. He was an ally of Turnus against Aeneas. Thymber was killed by Pallas 6 [Vir.Aen.10.390].

Thymbraeus 1. See TROJANS.

Thymbraeus 2. A soldier in the army of Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.12.458].

Thymbris. An aged companion of Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.124].

Thymoetes 1. One of the Elders of the city of Troy, and the first to urge that the WOODEN HORSE be brought into Troy. He was son of Laomedon 1 [Hom.Il.3.146; Dictys 4.22; QS.2.9; Vir.Aen.2.32].

Thymoetes 2. The last of the Athenian kings descended from Theseus. He was deposed by Melanthus 1, who had been expelled from Messenia by the HERACLIDES. Thymoetes 2 was son of Oxyntes [Pau.2.18.9].

Thymoetes 3. A companion of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. Thymoetes 3 was son of Hicetaon 1 [Vir.Aen.10.123, 12.364].

Thynus. Son of Phineus 2 [Hes.CWE.39].

Thyone 1 (see Semele). The name given by Dionysus 2 to his mother Semele when he raised her from Hades [Apd.3.5.3; Hom.Dion.1.21â Nonn.8.355, 9.202].

Thyone 2. See HYADES 1.

Thyotes. Samothracian priest who received the ARGONAUTS [Val.2.438].

Thyraeus. Son of Lycaon 2. The city Thyraeum in Arcadia is called after him [Pau.8.35.7].

Thyraieus. A chieftain of the Arachotes and Dersaioi, who armed themselves against Dionysus 2 in the Indian War [Nonn.26.146].

Thyreus (Phereus 1, Pheres 4). Son of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon and Althaea. He was killed in battle against the Curetes [Apd.1.8.1; Lib.Met.2].

Thyrie (see Hyrie) [Lib.Met.12].

Tiasa. Daughter of Eurotas [see kingdom of Sparta]. After her a river in Lacedaemon (Sparta and the region about Sparta) was called [Pau.3.18.6].

Tiberinus 1. See RIVER GODS.

Tiberinus 2 (Tiberius Silvius) succeeded his father Capetus 2 on the throne of Alba and Latium. He is father of Remulus 1 and Acrota; others call him father of Agrippa [see also Aeneas]. He undertook a campaign against the Etruscans, but while leading his army across the Alba river he fell into the flood and drowned, whence the name of the river was chosen [Dio.7.5.10; Ov.Fast.4.47ff.; Ov.Met.14.614].

Tiberius Silvius (see Tiberinus 2) [Dio.7.5.10].

Tiburtus. After him the city of Tibur was named. He was brother of Coras and Catillus, and an ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.7.670, 11.519].

Tigasis. Son of Heracles 1.

Tigris. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Timagoras loved Meles 1 to the point of committing suicide to please his friend; for he cast himself down from a rock as Meles 1 had suggested [Pau.1.30.1].

Timalcus. Son of Megareus 2 (after whom Megara was called) and Iphinoe 3, daughter of King Nisus 1 of Megara. He was killed by Theseus while he was in the campaign with the DIOSCURI against Aphidnae (but some think this seems unbelievable) [Pau.1.39.6, 1.41.3-4].

Timandra 1. Daughter of Tyndareus and Leda. She married both Echemus and Phyleus 1; by the former she became mother of Ladocus [Apd.3.10.6; Hes.CWE.67; Pau.8.44.1].

Timandra 2. Mother of Neophron. Aegypius, young friend of Neophron, became the lover of Timandra 2, but the latter's son Neophron, who was of the same age as Aegypius, being jealous because of the love between his mother and Aegypius, became the lover of Aegypius' mother Bulis and deluded her to sleep with her son. Because Zeus disliked this state of affairs he turned the two young men into vultures and the two women into other birds; Timandra was turned into a tit [Lib.Met.5].

Timeas. See EPIGONI.

Timothea. Wife of Anchurus, son of Midas [Plu.PS.5].

Tiphys. See ARGONAUTS.

Tiphyse. One of the many daughter of Thespius and Megamede. She had a son Lyncaeus by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].


Tirine. Daughter of Strymon 1(one of the RIVER GODS), and mother, by Ares, of Thrassa [Lib.Met.21].

Tiryns. Son of Argus 5 [see kingdom of Argos] and Evadne 1, daughter of Strymon 1(one of the RIVER GODS). After him the city Tiryns was called [Apd.2.1.1-2; Pau.2.25.8].

Tisamenus 1. Son of Thersander 1 and Demonassa 4, and king of Thebes. He was not yet old enough to lead the second expedition against Troy after the reverse in Mysia. Tisamenus 1 was succeeded on the throne by his son Autesion 1 [Pau.9.5.15-16].

Tisamenus 2. Son of Orestes 2 and Hermione and king of Mycenae. It was under his reign that the HERACLIDES (Temenus 2 and Cresphontes) succeeded in returning to the Peloponnesus. Some say that he was killed by them, whereas others say that he was killed in battle against the Ionians. Tisamenus 2's children were: Daimenes, Sparton 1, Tellis, Leontomenes, and Cometes 4 [Apd.2.8.2-3; Pau.2.18.6-7, 7.1.8, 7.6.2].

Tisandrus, son of Jason and Medea, was much younger than his brothers Thessalus 2 and Alcimenes 2 [Dio.4.53.2].

Tisiphone 1. See ERINYES.

Tisiphone 2 was given by her father to Creon 1 to be brought up, but was instead sold as a slave by the latter's wife, who feared her beauty; coincidentally she was bought by her father, not knowing that she was his daughter, and kept by him as a maid. She was daughter of Alcmaeon 1 (counted among the EPIGONI) and Manto 1, daughter of Tiresias [Apd.3.7.7].

Tisiphone 3. Daughter of the well known Trojan Antimachus 5, and wife of Meneptolemus 2 [QS.1.406].

Titacus is remembered for having revealed to the DIOSCURI that Helen, who had been abducted by Theseus, was hidden in Aphidnae [Hdt.9.73].

Titan. See TITANS.

Titanas. Son of Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Titanis. See TITANS.


TITANS' Blood. From this blood were born the dragons (DRAGONS 2) that were yoked to the chariot of Medea [Ov.Met.7.398].

Tithonus 1, allegedly the founder of Susa, was snatched away by Eos, who loved him, and brought to Ethiopia. He was son of King Laomedon 1 of Troy, his mother being either Strymo, or Leucippe 2, or Placia. Tithonus 1 and Eos had two sons, Emathion 1 (whom Heracles 1 killed) and Memnon. Tithonus 1 was made immortal; but when Eos asked Zeus that Tithonus 1 should live eternally, she forgot to ask youth for him. At first they lived the delightful life that lovers live, but when his hair became grey Eos kept away from him, while still cherishing him and nourishing him with ambrosia. But when Old Age came fully upon him, the goddess abandoned him in a room where he babbles endlessly, having no strength left in his limbs [Apd.3.12.3-4; Hes.The.984; Hom.Aph.5.218; Nonn.15.279; Strab.15.3.2; Vir.Geo.446].

Tithonus 2. Son of Cephalus 2 (son of Hermes) and Eos. Tithonus 2 is called father of Phaethon 1, but so is Cephalus 2 [Apd.3.14.3].

Tithorea. See NYMPHS.

Titias 1. See DACTYLS.

Titias 2. A Mysian boxer slain by Priolas, one of the Mariandynians (people inhabiting an area of the southern coast of the Black Sea [Arg.2.783ff.].

Titus (see Tatius) [DH.2.36.3].

Titus. (See Tatius.)


Tityus attempted to rape Leto, and for that reason he was slain by her sweet children Apollo and Artemis (either by both or by either of them). Besides, on account of the same crime, he is still being punished in Hades, where vultures eat either his heart or his liver or a serpent his liver. Tityus was son either of Zeus and Elare (whom Zeus hid under the earth fearing Hera's jealousy), or of Gaia. He had a daughter Europe 2, whom Poseidon loved [Apd.1.4.1; Cal.Ar.110; Hes.CWE.25; Hom.Od.7.324, 11.576; Hyg.Fab.14, 55; Nonn.4.331; Pin.Oly.4.46; Pin.Pyth.4.90; Prop.2.21.31; QS.3.392; Stat.Theb.1.710, 4.538].

Tlepolemus 1 (Tleptolemus). See SUITORS OF HELEN, ACHAEAN LEADERS, and HERACLIDES.

Tlepolemus 2. See TROJANS.

Tleptolemus (see Tlepolemus 1) [Pau.2.22.8, Strab.8.3.5].

Tlesimenes. See EPIGONI.

Tmarus. A soldier of Turnus routed by the troops of Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.685].

Tmolus gave the government to his wife Omphale (the woman who bought Heracles 1 as a slave) at the death of her father, the king. He is remembered for having been the judge of a musical contest between Pan (or Marsyas) and Apollo [see also Midas] [Apd.2.6.3; Ov.Met.11.156].

Tolumnius. See SEERS.

Torebus. Son of Atys 3, king of Lydia in Asia Minor [DH.1.28.2].

Toxaechmes. See ACHAEANS.

Toxeus 1. Son of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon and Althaea. He was killed in battle against the Curetes, or else he was slain by his own father for leaping over the city ditch, a hated gesture that also led to the death of Remus 1, brother of Romulus [Apd.1.8.1; Hes.CWE.98; Lib.Met.2].


Toxeus 3. An Oechalian killed by Heracles 1. He was son of Eurytus 4 (son of Melaneus 5, son of Apollo) and Antiope 2 [Dio.4.37.5; Hes.CWE.79].

Toxicrate. One of the many daughter of Thespius and Megamede. She had a son Lycurgus 5 by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Trachius. See CYCLOPES.

Tragasia. Mother, by Miletus, of Caunus and Byblis [Parth.11.2].

Tragasus. Father of Philonome, wife of Cycnus 1, king of Colonae in the Troad [Apd.Ep.3.24].

Trambelus, son of Telamon, threw Apriate into the sea and she drowned, the reason being that she struggled with the greatest violence against him when he, being in love with her, tried to make her captive. When later Achilles ravaged Lesbos, Trambelus went against him and was killed by the invader [Parth.26.1-4].

Trapezeus. Son of Lycaon 2 and founder of Trapezus in Arcadia [Pau.8.3.1ff.].

Trechus. See ACHAEANS.

Triballus. Father of Hipponous 5, father of Polyphonte, the girl who fell in love with a bear [Lib.Met.21].

Tricipitinus (Spurius Lucretius). Father of Lucretia 2 [Livy 1.57.6ff.; Ov.Fast.2.725ff.).

Tricolonus 1. Son of Lycaon 2 and founder of Tricoloni in Arcadia. Tricolonus 1 was father of Zoeteus and Paroreus [Pau.6.21.10, 8.3.1ff., 8.35.6].

Tricolonus 2. A descendant of Tricolonus 1. He was one of the SUITORS OF HIPPODAMIA 3, and, like other suitors, he was slain by the bride's father King Oenomaus 1 of Pisa [Pau.6.21.10].

Trienus. Father, by Cratais 1, of Scylla 1 [Apd.Ep.7.20].

Triopas 1 (Triops). King of Argos. He was son either of Phorbas 1 (his predecessor on the throne), or of Peranthus 2, otherwise unknown. His children were: Iasus 3, Agenor 12, Pelasgus 2, and Messene [Hyg.Fab.124; Pau.2.16.1, 2.22.1, 4.1.1].

Triopas 2 (Triops). Se HELIADES 2 at Helius, and CONSTELLATIONS.

Triops (see Triopas 1 and 2) [Apd.1.7.4; Hom.Apo.211; Hyg.Fab.124].

Triphylus. Son of Arcas 1 (son of Zeus and Callisto) and Laodamia 3 (daughter of Amyclas 1, son of Lacedaemon, son of Zeus and Taygete, one of the PLEIADES). Triphylus was father of Erasus [Pau.10.9.5].

Triptolemus received from Demeter a chariot of winged dragons and wheat with which, flying through the sky, he sowed the whole inhabited earth. Yet on one occasion he almost lost his life by the treachery of Carnabon [see Demeter, and CONSTELLATIONS]. Triptolemus was son either of Celeus 1 (king of the Eleusinians) and Metanira; or of Eleusis (after whom the city Eleusis is named) and Cothonea (queen of the Eleusinians); or of Trochilus (priest of Demeter) and an Eleusinian woman (Woman 6 Eleusinian); or of Oceanus and Gaia; or of Dysaules, or of Rarus and Amphictyon's Daughter [Apd.1.5.2; Hyg.Ast.2.14, 2.22; Hyg.Fab.147; Nonn.13.190; Ov.Fast.4.508ff.; Pau.1.14.2-3].

Trite. See DANAIDS.

Triteia. Daughter of Triton (son of Poseidon) and priestess of Athena. She became mother, by Ares, of Melanippus 6 [Pau.7.22.8].

Triton. See RIVER GODS, Divinities of Waters & Landscapes, and BESTIARY.

Tritonis. Goddess of the Lake Tritonis in Libya. According to the Libyans Athena was the daughter of Poseidon and Tritonis [Pau.1.14.6].

TRITONS. See Divinities of Waters & Landscapes, and BESTIARY.

Trochilus. A priest of Demeter, and alleged father, by an Eleusinian woman (Woman 6 Eleusinian), of Triptolemus and Eubuleus [see Demeter] [Pau.1.14.2].

Troezen 1. Son of Pelops 1 and Hippodamia 3. When he died, Pittheus called the city Troezen after his brother. Troezen 1 was father of Anaphlystus and Sphettus [see also city of Troezen] [Pau.2.30.8-9; Strab.8.6.14].

Troezen 2. Brother of Dimoetes [see this name] and father of Evopis [Parth.31].

Troezenus. Son of Ceas and father of Euphemus 2, one of the TROJAN LEADERS [Apd.Ep.3.34ff.; Hom.Il.2.846].




Trophonius is said to have built, together with his brother Agamedes 1, the fourth temple of Apollo at Delphi. These brothers were the sons of King Erginus 1 of the Minyans (son of Clymenus 2, son of Presbon, son of Phrixus 1, son of Athamas 1) and of a young wife of Erginus 1. Agamedes 1 could not escape when he and his brother were discovered while stealing, and Trophonius cut off his head, lest he should be tortured. Trophonius died when the earth opened and swallowed him [Pau.9.37.5-7, 10.5.12; Strab.9.3.9].

Tros 1 called the people of the land Trojans, after his own name. He was son of Erichthonius 1 (son of Dardanus 1, son of Zeus and Electra 3, one of the PLEIADES); his mother was either Astyoche 3 (daughter of Simois, one of the RIVER GODS) or Callirrhoe 3, otherwise called his wife. By Callirrhoe 3, daughter of the river god Scamander 1, he had children: Cleopatra 3, Ilus 2 (the founder of Troy), Assaracus, and Ganymedes; but some say that he had Assaracus by Acallaris, daughter of Eumedes 6. Tros 1 is also said to be the father of Cleomestra [Apd.3.12.2; DH.1.62.2; Dictys 4.22; Dio.4.75.3].

Tros 2. See TROJANS.

Trygie. One of the nurses of Dionysus 2 who followed him in his Indian campaign [Nonn.14.219ff., 29.243].

Trygon. Nurse of Asclepius [Pau.8.25.11].

Tulla. Bodyguard of Camilla [Vir.Aen.11.678].

Tullia incited her husband Tarquinius Superbus to murder her own father Servius Tullius and seize the throne of Rome [Ov.Fast.6.584ff.].

Tullus Hostilius. King of Rome after Numa 3. During his reign he waged war against the Albans [DH.1.66.2; Plu.Num.21.3; Plu.PS.7].

Turnus (Tyrrhenus 2). King of the Rutulians in Italy who opposed Aeneas. He wished to marry Lavinia 2 and was backed by her mother Amata of whom he was a nephew. Turnus was son of King Daunus of Apulia (southern Italy) and Venilia. His differences with Aeneas were settled through war; and whereas some have said that he was killed in battle, others say that he was slain by Aeneas in single combat [DH.1.64.2-3; Vir.Aen.7, 10.76, 10.616, 12.919ff., and passim].

Turtle. See BESTIARY.

Tyche (Fortune).

Tychius lived at Hyle in Boeotia and made the shield used by Ajax 1 at Troy [Hom.Il.7.220].

Tychon. Attic deity resembling Priapus [Strab.13.1.13].

Tydeus 1. See ARGONAUTS.

Tydeus 2.


Tylos. A Lydian who once touched a serpent (Serpent 17) and was killed by it. Later he was restored to life by Moira with the help of a life giving herb (the flower of Zeus) [Nonn.25.455ff.].

Tyndareus, king of Sparta, was expelled from Lacedaemon by Hippocoon 2, but was later restored to the kingdom by Heracles 1. He gave Penelope to Odysseus for having invented "The Oath of Tyndareus", and Helen to Menelaus, whom he granted the kingdom of Sparta. Later he brought Orestes 2 to trial for the death of Clytaemnestra. Tyndareus is among those who were raised from the dead by Asclepius (see Leda, SUITORS OF HELEN, Helen, Trojan War, Menelaus, Penelope, etc.). Tyndareus was son either of Perieres 1 & Gorgophone 2, or of Oebalus 1 & Batia 2, or of Oebalus 1 & Gorgophone 2. Perieres 1 was king of Messenia. Oebalus 1 was son either of Perieres 1 or of Cynortes, king of Sparta. Gorgophone 2 was daughter of Perseus 1. Tyndareus married Leda and had children by her: Castor 1 and Polydeuces [see DIOSCURI], Timandra 1, Clytaemnestra, Phylonoe, and Phoebe 6 [Apd.3.10.3, 3.10.5-9; Apd.Ep.6.25; Cic.ND.2.6; Eur.IA.50; Eur.Ore.passim; Hes.CWE.68.38; Hom.Od.11.298-304; Pau.3.1.4].

Tyndarius. A warrior in the army of Dionysus 2 during the Indian War. He was killed by Corymbasus [Nonn.28.112].

Typhoeus 1 (see Typhon) [Hes.The.821; Nonn.1.155; Ov.Fast.4.491; Pin.Pyth.8.16].

Typhoeus 2. See GIANTS.

Typhon (Typhoeus 1). See BESTIARY and Zeus.

Tyrannius (see Tallus) [DH.2.46.3].

Tyrannus. Son of King Pterelaus of Taphos (island off he coast of Acarnania). Like his brothers he was killed in battle by the sons of King Electryon 1 of Mycenae [Apd.2.4.5-6].

Tyres 1. Brother of Teuthras 2 and a companion of Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.403].

Tyres 2. A warrior in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed in battle [Val.6.201].

Tyria. Wife of Aegyptus 1, and mother by him of Clitus 1, Sthenelus 1, and Chrysippus 1 [see also DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

Tyrimmas. Man from Epirus and father of Evippe 5, who consorted with Odysseus [Parth.3.1].

Tyro. Daughter of Salmoneus (son of Aeolus 1) and Alcidice (daughter of Aleus, son of Aphidas 1, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto). Tyro married Cretheus 1 and had children by him: Aeson (father of Jason), Amythaon 1, Pheres 1, Talaus, and Pelias 1; but others say that Pelias 1 and Neleus were her children by Poseidon. For it is said that Tyro fell in love with the river god Enipeus (a river in Thessaly), and as she came often to the waters of the river to chant her love, Poseidon, taking the form of the river, lay with her. As this has been done in secret, on giving birth to the twins Neleus and Pelias 1, she abandoned them, and when they were exposed a horse keeper found them and saved them. Neleus and Pelias 1 were then reared by Sidero, their stepmother and Salmoneus' second wife, who treated Tyro unkindly. So, when the twins were grown up and they discovered the truth about their mother, they attacked Sidero who took refuge in the precinct of Hera. However this was of no avail to the woman, because Pelias 1, without a shadow of respect for the shrine, killed her on the altars, incurring the hate of the goddess, and thus setting up a firm base for his own destruction. Tyro also married Sisyphus but she killed her children by him because it had been prophesied that they would kill Tyro's father Salmoneus. Sisyphus, who disliked his brother Salmoneus, inquired from the oracle in a cryptical way, how to obtain his brother's death and the oracle said that this could be done through having children by Tyro, because those children would kill that enemy. But then, when Tyro learned about the oracle, she killed her two sons by Sisyphus [Apd.1.9.8, 1.9.11; Dio.4.68.1; Hom.Od.11.236, 11.248ff., 11.259; Hyg.Fab.12, 60; Pau.8.25.9].

Tyrrhenus 1 (see Tyrsenus) [DH.1.27.1; Hdt.1.94; Hyg.Fab.274; Strab.5.2.2].

Tyrrhenus 2 (see Turnus) [DH.1.64.2].

Tyrrhenus 3 (see Tyrrheus) [DH.1.70.2].

Tyrrheus (Tyrrhenus 3). The warden of the royal herds in Latium. Lavinia 2 entrusted to him the care of Silvius, who was born after Aeneas' death. Tyrrheus is father of Silvia 1 and Almo 1 [DH.1.70.2; Vir.Aen.7.483, 7.531].

Tyrsenus (Tyrrhenus 1) is the inventor of the trumpet. He emigrated in ancient times from Lydia (Asia Minor) to Tyrrhenia (Italy), which was called after him. Tyrsenus was son either of Heracles 1 and Omphale; or of Atys 3 and Callithea; or of Telephus. He was father of Hegeleos [DH.1.27.1-2, 1.28.1; Hdt.1.94; Pau.2.21.3; Strab.5.2.2-4].

Ucalegon. One of the Elders of Troy, whose house was set on fire by the Achaeans when they sacked the city [Hom.Il.3.147; Vir.Aen.2.311].

Udaeus. See SPARTI.

Ufens, who had a reputation as a successful fighter, was an ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. Despite his reputation he was killed by Gyas 1 [Vir.Aen.7.744, 12.460].

Umbro. A priest who came from the Marruvian tribe (a tribe of Latium). He was an ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy, and had the talent of hypnotizing snakes [Vir.Aen.7.752].

Upis (see Opis 3) [Cal.Del.292].

Urania 1. See OCEANIDS.

Urania 2. See MUSES.

Urania 3. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.


Uranus' Blood. This is the blood that flew when Cronos cut off his father's genitals. Dropping on Earth it created the ERINYES, the NYMPHS called MELIADS, and the GIANTS [Apd.1.1.4; Hes.The.180ff.].

Uranus' Genitals fell in the sea after being cut off by Cronos, and from the foam (aphros) that gathered round them Aphrodite was born [Hes.The.178ff.; Nonn.13.440].

Urea. See NYMPHS.

Ureus. See CENTAURS.

Valerius. An illustrious Sabine, who remained in Rome with Tatius, when the war between Romans and Sabines was over [DH.2.46.3].

Valerus. A soldier of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.752].

Vanus. See SEERS.

Velesus came with Proculus to offer Numa 3 the kingdom of Rome [Plu.Num.5.1].

Venilia. See NYMPHS.

Venulus. A messenger of Turnus (the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy) who sought the city of the exiled Diomedes 2 to ask him for help against Aeneas. He was killed by Tarchon [Ov.Met.14.456; Vir.Aen.8.9, 11.242, 11.757].

Vertumnus was able to change his shape, and he seduced Pomona by assuming the shape of an old woman (one of the NYMPHS) [Ov.Met.14.770; Prop.4.2.1ff.].

Virbius 1 (see Hippolytus 4). The name of Hippolytus 4, son of Theseus, after he moved to Italy [Ov.Fast.6.756; Ov.Met.15.544].

Virbius 2. Son of Hippolytus 4 and Aricia [Vir.Aen.7.761].

Vixen Cadmean (Fox Teumessian). See BESTIARY.

Volatos. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Volesus. Father of Publius Valerius [Livy.1.58.6].

Volscens. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. During the war he killed Euryalus 7, but was himself slain by Nisus 3. Volscens was father of Numa 2 and Camers [Vir.Aen.9.370, 9.443, 9.419, 10.562].


Volusus 1. A leader of the forces of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.11.465].

Volusus 2. An illustrious Sabine, who remained in Rome with Tatius, when the war between Romans and Sabines was over [DH.2.46.3].

Voraptus. Father of Gesander [Val.6.303].


Water-snake. See BESTIARY and Philoctetes.

Wife First. Mother, by Eurytus 4, of Dryope 1 [Ov.Met.9.329].

Wife Young. Mother, by Erginus 1, of Agamedes 1 and Trophonius [Pau.9.37.5].



Wolf 1. See BESTIARY.

Wolf 2. See BESTIARY.

Wolf 3. See BESTIARY.

Woman 1 Arabian. Mother, by Aegyptus 1, of Istrus 1, Chalcodon 2, Agenor 7, Chaetus, Diocorystes, Alces, Alcmenor, Hippothous 1, Euchenor 1, and Hippolytus 1 [see also DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

Woman 2 Phoenician. Mother, by Aegyptus 1, of Agaptolemus, Cercetes, Eurydamas 1, Aegius, Argius 1, Archelaus 1, and Menemachus [see also DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

Woman 3 Ethiopian. Mother, by Danaus 1, of Anaxibia 1, Pirene 1, Dorium, Phartis, Mnestra, Evippe 1, and Nelo [see also DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

Woman 4 Servant. Mother, by Porthaon, of Lacoon, one of the ARGONAUTS [Arg.1.20ff.].

Woman 5 Syrian. Mother of Astreus, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS [Ov.Met.5.144].

Woman 6 Eleusinian. Mother, by Trochilus, of Triptolemus and Eubuleus [Pau.1.14.2].

Woman 7 Concubine. Mother, by King Oeneus 2 of Calydon, of Mothone [Pau.4.35.1].

Woman 8 Trojan. Mother, by Crinisus, of Acestes [Vir.Aen.5.38].

Woman 9 Celtic. Mother, by Heracles 1, of Galates. Heracles 1 met her when returning from Iberia [Dio.5.24.2].

Woman 10 Slave. Mother, by a Lydian king, of Helenor [Vir.Aen.9.545].

Woman 11 Theban. Mother, by Sarpedon 1, of Antiphates 4 [Vir.Aen.9.697].

Woman 12 Etruscan, whose nine sons were in Aeneas' army in Italy. Her husband was Gylippus [Vir.Aen.12.272].

Woman 13 Slave. Mother, by Heracles 1, of Cleodaeus 1 [Dio.4.31.8].

Woman 14 Tarquinian. Mother, by Demaratus, of Tarquinius Priscus [Strab.5.2.2].

Woman 15 Cretan. Mother, by Daedalus, of Iapyx 3 [Strab.6.3.3].

Woman 16 Sidonian. A Phoenician woman who was sold as a slave to Ctesius 1 by Taphian pirates. Phoenician merchants promised to take her back to her land. So she fled with them, taking with her the boy Eumaeus 1, but herself died at sea killed by Artemis. Later the same merchants sold Eumaeus 1 as a slave in Ithaca. She was daughter of Arybas [Hom.Od.15.425ff.].


Xanthe 1. See OCEANIDS.

Xanthe 2. See AMAZONS.

Xanthippe 1. Daughter of Dorus 2, son of Apollo. She married Pleuron, having children by him: Agenor 6, Sterope 1, Stratonice 1, and Laophonte [Apd.1.7.7].

Xanthippe 2 nourished her father Mycon, who was in prison, with her own milk [for a similar case see Eerie] [Hyg.Fab.254].

Xanthippus 1. Son of Deiphontes (one of the HERACLIDES) and Hyrnetho [Pau.2.28.6].

Xanthippus 2. Son of Melas 1. Tydeus 2 killed him for plotting against King Oeneus 2 of Calydon, his father's brother [Apd.1.8.5].

Xanthis. One of the many daughter of Thespius and Megamede. She had a son Homolippus by Heracles 1 [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Xanthius. A descendant of Bellerophon, and father of Leucippus 8 and a daughter of unknown name [Parth.5.1-5].

Xantho. See NEREIDS.

Xanthus 1. See BESTIARY.

Xanthus 2. A man-eating mare. See MARES OF DIOMEDES 1 at BESTIARY [Hyg.Fab.30].

Xanthus 3. See TROJANS.

Xanthus 4. See BESTIARY.

Xanthus 5. See RIVER GODS.

Xanthus 6. King of Thebes. After him the Thebans thought it better to entrust the government to several persons, rather than let only one man rule, and a period of collective rule was initiated. He was son of Ptolemy 2, his predecessor on the throne. Xanthus 6 was killed in a duel by Andropompus, or else Melanthus 1 slew him [Pau.9.5.16; Strab.9.1.7].

Xanthus 7. An Arcadian, son of Erymanthus 2, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. He was father of Psophis 2 [Pau.8.24.1].

Xanthus 8. One of the PANS who came to join Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India. The PANS are the offspring of Pan [see Pan] [Nonn.14.67ff.].

Xanthus 9. A man from Samos (the Aegean island off the western coast of Asia Minor) with whom Alcinoe 2 fell in love and fled, leaving husband and children. She repented and he did his best to comfort her, saying that he would make her his wife, but she would not listen to him and finally she threw herself into the sea [Parth.27.1-2].

Xanthus 10. King of Termera (in Lycia, Asia Minor) who received Apterus when he went into exile after having murdered Lycastus 2 [Parth.36].

Xanthus 11. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Xenocleia. See SEERS.

Xenodamus. Son of Menelaus and Cnossia [Apd.3.11.1].

Xenodice 1. Daughter of Minos 2; her mother was either Pasiphae, or Crete 1 [Apd.3.1.2].

Xenodice 2. A Trojan captive [Pau.10.26.1].

Xenodoce. Daughter of Syleus, who lived in Aulis, Boeotia. She was killed by Heracles 1, who also killed her father [Apd.2.6.3].

Xuthus 1. Son of Hellen 1 (son of Deucalion 1) and Orseis. He was expelled from Thessaly by his brothers, but settled in Athens. Having become influential he appointed Cecrops 2 as successor of Erechtheus, but as his power grew he was banished by the brothers of Cecrops 2 and came to Aegialus as an exile. Xuthus 1 married Creusa 1, daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens, having children by her: Diomede 1, Achaeus 1, Ion 1, Aiclus, and Cothus. He died in Aegialus [see also Achaea and Ionia] [Apd.1.7.2-3, 1.9.4, 3.15.1; Eur.Ion.passim; Pau.7.1.2-3; Plu.GQ.22].

Xuthus 2. Son of Aeolus 2 and Cyane 2, and king over the land in the neighbourhood of Leontini (Xuthia, in Italy) [Dio.5.8.1-2].

Zacorus. A warrior in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war. He was killed by Argus 3 [Val.6.554].

Zacynthus. The first man to sail across to Zacynthos, the island opposite the coast of Elis. He was son of Dardanus 1 (son of Zeus and Electra 3, one of the PLEIADES) and perhaps Batia 1 [DH.1.50.3; Pau.8.24.3].

Zagreus (Dionysus 1). Son either of Zeus and Demeter, or of Zeus and Persephone. Zagreus or Dionysus 1 (the first of two or perhaps three Dionysus) was killed by the TITANS who destroyed him with an infernal knife, cutting him into pieces. For a time he appeared in different shapes but finally collapsed. It is also said that the TITANS boiled him, but his members were brought together by Demeter and he experienced a new birth. It is said as well that the son of Zeus and Persephone was dismembered by the TITANS and that Zeus gave his heart, torn to bits, to Semele in a drink and she was thus made pregnant [Dio.3.62.6-7, 3.64.1; Hyg. Fab.167; Nonn.5.565, 6.165ff.; Dio.3.62.6].

Zarex learned music from Apollo [Pau.1.38.4].

Zechis. See TROJANS.


Zelys. A Dolionian killed by Jason or Peleus during the battle between the Dolionians (people of northwestern Asia Minor) and the ARGONAUTS [Arg.1.1042; Val.1.152].

Zephyrus 1. See WINDS.

Zephyrus 2. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.


Zethus, whose occupation was cattle-breeding, became a powerful man in Thebes when his brother Amphion 1 seized power in the city. He was son of Zeus and Antiope 3, and was married to Thebe, daughter of Asopus (one of the RIVER GODS). He is also said to be the father of Itylus, whom he had by Pandareus' Daughter. Zethus died of a broken heart after the catastrophe of the NIOBIDS [see also Amphion 1] [Apd.3.5.5-6; Eur.Her.29; Hom.Od.19.518ff.; Pau.9.5.9].



Zeus' Seed once fell upon the ground while Zeus slept, and Agdistis was born. On another occasion Zeus chased Aphrodite but could not catch her; he then dropped his seed on the ground (instead of her bed), and the CENTAURS CYPRIAN were born [Nonn.14.193ff.; Pau.7.17.10].

ZEUS' NURSES. These have been called nurses of Zeus: Adrastia 1, Aex, Alcinoe 1, Amalthea, Cynosura, Eupheme 1, Glauce 5, Hagno, Helice 1, Ide 3, Ithome, Neda, Oenoe 1, Phrixa, and Theisoa.

Zeuxippe 1. Daughter of Eridanus (one of the RIVER GODS). She is mother, by Teleon, of Butes 1 and Eribotes (both counted among the ARGONAUTS) [Arg.1.72; Hyg.Fab.14].

Zeuxippe 2, sister of Praxithea 2, was married to Pandion 2, king of Athens. She had children by him: Procne and Philomela 1 (for these two see Tereus 1); and then Erechtheus, and Butes 2 [Apd.3.14.8].

Zeuxippe 3. Daughter of Lamedon (son of Coronus 2, son of Apollo) and Pheno. She married Sicyon and had a daughter Chthonophyle by him [Pau.2.6.5-6].

Zeuxippe 4. Daughter of Hippocoon 5. She was mother, by King Antiphates 3 of Argos, of Oicles and Amphalces [Dio.4.68.5].

Zeuxippus became king of Sicyon when Phaestus 2 migrated to Crete. He was son of Apollo and Syllis [Pau.2.6.7].

Zeuxo. See OCEANIDS.

Zoeteus. Son of Tricolonus 1 (son of Lycaon 2) and founder of Zoetia in Arcadia [Pau.8.35.6].

Zorus. See TROJANS.

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